30 June 2009

Just for the Men! Hunt

Start Date: July 1st
End Date : July 31st

You are looking for fedoras :)


Start Location

Fedora 1 :
Vote for me and I'll set you free!!
Fedora 2 : G
o take a seat and get your hair lightened...
Fedora 3 :
Rez a light while admiring the view...
Fedora 4 : Mmmmm thermals keep me warm, not needed in this heat though.
Fedora 5 :
Get high on the Grunge Baby!!
Fedora 6 : To find the prize all you must do, is follow our logic in this simple clue. A 1920s fedora is what you seek That's vintage? Right?! (go take a peek!)
Fedora 7 : What a dummy, but he looks hot in that fedora.
Fedora 8 :
Gotta go-grab the hat first and don't forget to wash Ya hands....
Fedora 9 : Swirling lights and colors hide the prize.
Fedora 10 : Displayed easily, you get no hint guys!
Fedora 11 :
Angels are above the devil you know???
Fedora 12 : This fedora is sooooo fresh
Fedora 13 : Barkeep some champagne please!

Fedora 14 : H
ead west -well southeast that is..from there well it's sneaky but obvious..
Fedora 15 : Ooo fruit and cream
Fedora 16 :
Note the name-don't sleep on that fool!!!
Fedora 17 : "I came, I saw, I took the fedora"
Fedora 18 :
Take a seat and kick back-but keep your feet off the table!
Fedora 19 : Don't get all choked up and blue over this one.
Fedora 20 :
2nd time around and we'll set you up sleeping beauty...
Fedora 21 : Make sure you are looking at mens apparel, then you can wrap this one all up

Fedora 22 :
The DJ looks hot in that hat!!!
Fedora 23 : What are you lookin at, Dummy?
Fedora 24 : Right where you can see it.. see *points*
Fedora 25 : This is such an illuminating hat!
Fedora 26 : Up up up and awaaaaaaaaaaay
Fedora 27 : Take a seat and watch some TV, embrace your inner slob. (not working atm)
Fedora 28 : Men and women.... mind the gap?
Fedora 29 : Men are such dummies!
Fedora 30 :
So much of a better view up here...
Fedora 31 :
From up here I can see the whole sim..
Fedora 32 :
WOW Freebie's!! I feel faint..let me lie down for a minute.
Fedora 33 : Don't 'forget' your scarf.
Fedora 34 :
Donations are nice, especially with a drink in hand..
Fedora 35 :
I planted that hat and look what grew!!!
Fedora 36 :
Jesse stole my hat and hid it
Fedora 37 : Looking up up up will help you find your hat, check your barcode
Fedora 38 : Hey! Watch this!!
Fedora 40 : Starlight, star bright.
Fedora 41 : This one moves around a lot so not gonna hint it.
Fedora 42 : The skys the limit!
Fedora 43 : 1/3 : Hat trees, i need one! 2/3 : Can i get an invite? 3/3
Welcome to Huz's.
Fedora 44 : I think i dropped my hat, can anyone see it?
Fedora 45 : This dude looks cool in black.
Fedora 46 : Stay down low, where its safe, hats like to stay low too.
Fedora 47 :
Comrade-down with Anime!!!
Fedora 48 : Top that sweater with a nice fedora to finish your look.
(You need to be age verified)
Fedora 49 : Help, my hats stuck on the roof!
Fedora 50 :
Latex and hats... good combo.
Fedora 51 : Hole In the Ceiling, drafty!
Fedora 52 : I'm NEW!!!!
Fedora 53 : You feeling lucky?
Fedora 54 : Don't tread on me!
Fedora 55 : Anyone got any toilet paper?
Fedora 56 : Lighten up and give out some gifts!
Fedora 57 : Show your pride men ( and no it doesn't mean get your snake out)
Fedora 58 : Master's Domain
Fedora 59 : Wonder if i can clear up the signal.
Fedora 60 : Open for entertainment, but not behind doors :( I can't see it now.
Fedora 61 : Bearded lions???
Fedora 62 : Take a ride
Fedora 63 : One should never "Lust" over a hat
Fedora 64 : A man's kiss is his signature. ~Mae West
Fedora 65 :
Under not over!
Fedora 66 : More man dummies :P But this ones all broken up over the hat.
Fedora 67 : So bad to make me stand in a corner all the time.
Fedora 68 : Gotta Love a woman in bra, panties, thigh high... and oooo you can keep the hat on!
Fedora 69 : Sorry we havent got plants
Fedora 70 : Kick back and chat awhile.
Fedora 71 :Go on up and join that group...
Fedora 72: Tired again? Go ahead and grab a seat...
Fedora 73 :Can't pull the wool over your eyes!!!
Fedora 74: Look to the heavens.
Fedora 75: And we are climbing and climbing to the hall for the king-have a seat your highness..
Fedora 76 : Wire frame is your best friend and so is ctrl+ Alt...
Fedora 77: The Midnight Mania is upatairs..but grab the hat before the climb...
Fedora 78 : Surfs up dude!! (Out of action for now, skip to 79)
Fedora 79 : Those are two SAB's not Saabs...
Fedora 80 : follow the arrows!!!..then have a seat from all that walking!!!
Fedora 81 : Thins belong on shelves.
Fedora 82 :Make a good wish here and you could be done!!! (You need to be age verified)