2 June 2009

Bedtime Treasures Hunt

These hints are not my own, kindly donated to appease the teams of people who want hints right this moment from me :) Tomorrow i will hunt my ass off for you and get these up with LMS to the stores and everything as usually. Happy hunting until then peeps!
Start Location
#001 -- Hubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble, better find a recipe to cook kids on the double.
#002 -- Im in the mood for a teddy bears picnic
#003--Books are good for the brain..This book might make you a book head. The green Goddesses know the location!
#004-- Don't forget to check the news.
#005 -- What eats to live but never drinks?
#006-- More steps to climb, I need a rest! Look up in corners!
#007-- Go buy yourself a new hand bag
#008-- Go upstairs and have a lay down, maybe read something on the nightstand
#009-- Wow Green latex pants!
#010-- If you like 'more' Stuffz look at the joker on the wall
#011-- Palm trees should get bent!
#012-- Go Find a "Bewitched" demon girl!!
#013-- Yake a load off by the fountain
#014 -- Belly up to the bar
#015-- My mom told me always before you go to bed wash your self
#016-- Grey holes in the wall sometimes have beautiful skins hidden behind them...
#017-- Sometimes you want something cute.... like a dress called papillion?
#018-- Go house hunting... maybe for a nice shack?
#019-- Some people go searching for a nice set of large eyes, try to get head :O
#020-- In the building on the right hand side... for the nekos who love green backgrounds..
#021-- Freebies in SL make the world go round... look on the signage and the book is found.
#022 --Read the books on he table!
#022b-- a shop without a door is useless...
#023-- Look for a purple tree
#024-- The only place where a magnifying glass, cupcake and beach ball get along
#025/26-- red beds are where red books hide
#027-- NOT OPEN
#028-- Naughty kids in dress shops get sent to the corner.
#029-- Follow your feet to the stars and moon, and upstairs youll find shoes!!
#030-- Everyone has to try the playhouse, weeeeeeeeee! Time to regress!
#031--redirected to 32
#032-- Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
#033 ---"foundation and Pillars" of the community .. seems fair :-)
#034 -- Watch your feet as you go up
#035-- Head usptairs and have a wash. This huntings made me all hot and sweaty.
#036-- Walk down the garden path and find me at the door
#36B--Take a walk to the sun flowers and rest...
#037-- It's Tart!
#038 -- Seeing red? Why don't you have a lay down.
#039 -- Feeling tired? Have a seat on the stairs and relax.
#040-- wanna go fast?? buy some rocket feet.
#041 -- Sometimes, I like to sit on a big pillow to read a good book!
#042-- People love a purple teddy bear..
#043-- Going to the left building is the Right way to go..
#044-- For nekos who feel a bit restless go play with a cat scratcher..
#045-- I left my book hidden under my favortie place to nap, so leaf me alone!
#046-- Straight inside is a nice table and chairs for us weary hunters.
#047-- NOT OPEN
#048-- Walk into the large white building. Now send me a 'gift'.
#049 -- In this land, you'll find it where the minister's stand.
#050-- Everyone loves a sale.
#051-- Follow the bunny trail but be prepared for a journey.
#052-- Sometimes vendors all need a little support!
#053 -- Books belong on shelves.
#054-- Feel free to join the eye mania update group!
#055-- Head up the stairs and look for an comfy orange chair
#056 -- 1 of 2: Personally, I like to make sure I have the right size before I buy something. 2 of 2: All this hunting and new hints is making me tired. I think it's time to curl up and have a nice warm nap
#057-- Remember to hit up those midnight madness boards
#058 -- A little bird liked my book so much she took it home.
#059-- Look on the rug at tinks shop
#060-- You should check out the Cartoon boxing gloves!!
#061 -- Welcome, come on in and dream on the sofa.
#062 - NOT OUT
#063-- Shop windows are were they show off there best merchandise.
#064-- Go and make a sand castle!
#065-- Look inside the garden house "husar" 300L
#066-- Bangles are beautiful!
#067-- NOT OUT
#068-- Go to the wedding shop
#069-- This seems like a good quiet spot to sit, it was much too stuffy with those pants, and the nearby lights are so pretty and sparkly.
#070-- Don't burn yourself! Candle wax hurts you know.
#071-- The book is massive!!
#072-- Go on a bear hunt
#073-- Look for candles...
#074 -- Up the pink vine where the kitties play tiny has the book and big brother is right behind. Stay grounded though.
#075-- Wicker baskets are at the window... peek inside.
#076- Look above when you land, what you seek may be found
#077 --Up the ramp.. Not stairs peeps.
#078 -- Are you Feeling Lucky?
#079 -- Find the pillar of knowledge!
#080 -- Ask for help at the reception desk
#081 -- Head on up, and look down.
#082 -- Sit Down, relax, read the book.
#083 -- NOT OUT
#084 -- You'll find you read me best with your shoes on.
#085 -- Don't table your Dream.
#086-- Did you win?? You'll know that plus receive your prize if you look here.
#087 -- My story is very EXOTIC and STEAMY. Mmmm silky.
#088 -- Fang you, fang you very much.
#089 -- SKIP
#090 -- Cosy up to sultan.
#091 --SKIP
#092 - Cross the bridge to Cinderellas Castle (Her rides parked out front!) Go in then out through the back doors!
#093 -- Hey I can use these dummies to make a dress... Ooh or find a book!
#094 -- That book is gonna slide down that rail as if it were a childrens story or something!
#095 -- Stroll through the park and make a left at the Poster. Keep walking til you hit the shore.
#096 -- On the Top floor this book is depending on water.
#097 -- Find Free hats in the cave WOOT!
#098 -- Maybe you should take the link to the main store ... It's worth a shot!
#099 -- All these candles near a book.. isn't that a fire hazard?
#100 -- Wow this books got its back against the wall doesn't it!
#101 -- Victorians hid things all over their houses, try the back.
#102 -- A swim before I relax with my book... it's very relaxing
#103 -- Blood... ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.
#104-- I can hear the book, use your neko ears, but listen down low.
#105 -- Small books fit well in small shops.. Just ask the wall vendors
#106 -- Awsome that books huge woot woot!
#107 -- Where did Harry Potter live?
#108 -- Walk in and follow the green tiles to your left. Keep your eyes on the racks to the right (and no we don't mean the models)
#109 -- The lower level holds your prize, make sure you put your book away in the bookshelf.
#110 -- has been redirected to 111
#111 -- Where would a dragon hide her treasure? In her cave, of course, but not in plain view of the front door.
#112 --SKIP
#113 -- Have a seat at the desk and read a big book!
#114 -- Cam upstairs and have a lie down!
#115 -- Look up... I've been framed! No door, how drafty!
#116 -- Upstairs.. relax like the queen
#117 -- Find our sign in this tiny town... wow it makes even our book look big!
#118 -- Aww a book next to a beautiful queen...
#119 -- Let's read under the tree. But I don't know if we will finish this book... its so thick!
#120 -- The ring turns, as do the pages of our book
#121 -- Its on the second shelf.. and oh it reminds me... my anniversary is coming up!!
#122 -- This one is hard im giving a detailed hint... Up the Metal stairs by the landing point... past the gifts and gifts... down the green stairs by the mushrooms and find the mirror!
#123 -- SKIP
#124 -- Its neither up or down but somewhere in between and very sexy
#125 -- Feeling studious, sit at the desk.
#126 -- This is a 'sealed' book.
#127 -- In Clever Endeavors, you will explore; the hunt will lead you to the top floor. (second hint) To find the place where the book lies, checking the shelves would be very wise.
#128 -- Check your displays.
#129 -- The Gypsies love camping in the forest; green all around.
#130 -- Pull up a cusion and check the view.
#131 -- Don't forget to vote!
#132 -- "Make a wish then relax in the shade and pick a book."
#133 -- Get to the corner! Check near a sign.
#134 -- I need a lye down, buut i'm so tired I won't make it far from the door.
#135 -- Shelve your book and have a nap.
#136 -- I am so the little mermaid!!!!! Check out ma tail!
#137 -- Take a seat towards the back of the store!
#138 -- Take a seat on some wicker and rest!
#139 -- Time for another lye down zzzzzzzz
#140 --Don't sit in poppa bears chair!!
#141 -- SKIP
#142 -- The fountain whispers, drop a coin, and your wish may come true...
#143 (labelled 145) --Sexy Shopper for 10L, shes a cheap date. Top of the stairs is where you will find her.
#144 -- SKIP NOT OUT
#145 -- Head to the courtyard and admire the sky! UPPPPP
#146 -- 1. In hte junkyard itseld -Owch this book is too hot for me. 2+3. Locate the store with the sign and search there.
#147 -- Visions of sugarplums dance in their heads.. time to take some zzzzz's, well not literally but find the right picture!
#148 --Check out the view of the dock from here, look upwards, what a big doorway!
#149 -- Brown and Grey give it away.
#150 -- Follow the red carpet from end to end, you have to find it somewhere!!
#151 -- Purple dresses, my fav.
#152 --(three items) 1: Sunrises and sunsets are a good Beginning.
2: All the Pretty Horses, all in clay.
3: Lay down and enjoy the view.
#153 -- You feeling lucky? Maybe pop on the radio too!
#154 -- In the House of Green, the book can be plainly seen. Take a seat and figure it out
#155 -- Don't spill coffee on this chair while reading your book upstairs.
#157 --You feeling lucky? Make sure things don't land on your head!
#158 -- Butterflies are always free; to find the book, just locate me!
#159 --Need a website? Click here!
#160 -- Dig deep to find it. Damn now theres soil everywhere!
#161 -- 1. Free things make everyone happy! 2. You feeling lucky?
#162 -- Count on it being around. Assistance??
#163 -- I look like a 'goddess' in these shoes!
#164 -- take a seat and look for the lady in red seeking her revenge, she has the answer...
#165 -- Assitance please!
#166 --If you can't find this book you should be licking windows. (Take a peek inside, if you're lucky you'll see a pretty blue fairy!)
#167: Follow the pawprints and enjoy a nice walk through the sky. If you walk far enough, maybe the moon will tell you a story. P.S. Don't fall!
#168-- Go down the hill and in the store... find the perfect place to snuggle with your sweetheart.
#169 --Head on up and take a seat, check out the view over the sea!
#170: Check for a sign to ride the chair to your final destination.
#171:Everyone gotta love a sale!
#172A: Flowers are a pretty touch to every store. #172B: If you'd like a good place to start, go look at the body art. #172C: If you want to know what store you're at, look at the sign.
#173: Palm trees make a store feel more tropical.
#174: Up and over the threshold, red, bright and bold.
#175: Head on in a nd to the right, now go to the corner bad boy!
#176: It's time to study, so sit at your desk like a good student!
#177: Ground floor holds books and their cases!
#178: Pull up a chair, chill out.
#179: The bride always knows!
#180: Head on in and look up!
#181: I CANT LOCATE BUT THESE ARE SOME HINTS #181A: What's good about New Releases? #181B: Eyes all around me, watching me! My favourite eyes are the Glossy and Metallic Set.
#182: Big and floaty,like a book from space!
#183: Rest before leaving here.
#184A: Upstairs, Teddy protects the book. (Keeping dry in case it rains on the top floor.) #184B: In the garage, check the undercarriage. (Reading is not the kind of fun the back seat was intended for!)
#185: Second FLOOR. Make sure your in the right building!
#186: "One thing out of place and out of Rhyme, lost by space and on time. This thing you wonder what it shall be, it be the color of envy." Oh PS QUACK
#187: Ooh, cute wolf pup plush!
#188: Plant the seed of knowledge under this table.
#189:Make sure you head to the #right' part of the store.
#190: Get Lucky!
#191: What's yer bag man?
#192: OMG this lamp is nevers favourite color!
#193: NOT OPEN.
#194: Oh, you can count how many maniacs win? Look upwards and see.
#195: The head bitch is a good girl gone bad!
#196: Hidden in the attic!
#197: Lets play some games!
#198 -- SKIP.
#199: Have a drink...a really big one!
#200: Mother daughter jammies...in pink? Woot! OMG and polka dots too!
#201: Red curtains, a bit brash for my liking.
#202; Midnight, best time of the day!
#203 -- SKIP
#204 -- NOT OPEN.
#205A: Sleep like a baby. #205B:Check the tables, they hold the prize.
#206:Take a seat and read a good book
#207: Ignore Clifford and lay down for a while
#208: This book is bushy!!
#209: Take a load off, rest your weary feet.
THIS STORE MAY BE BACKING OUT. SO THERE MAY NOT BE ANY BOOKS HERE Clue one: Red on red, what an interesting combination, Hint 2: sometimes DJs need to wander off ot sleep land too
#211: "I've been framed!"
#212:Admire the long window through the store, follow it to the back and check that area. You will be in the 'right' place.
# 214 :SKIP
#215 : Under the stairs, I feel like harry potter.
#216:Beam me Up, scottie!
#217 : There are 3 here. For 2 of them, scan down low. 1 of htem, nice view from this window
#218: Warm yourself by the fire
#219: Head on up and get 'dressered'
#220:Asian slumber.
#221 : Head on up the stairs, check out the signed area mid way up
#222: Check the sign! Window views are good.
#223: Wander around the inner island, you wont miss the book.
#224: Take in some rays, ahh relaxin, how all i need is a cocktail.
#225: Ribbit.. ribbit.
#226: Pull up a chair, read a good book.
#229: I feel like Harry Potter again, :( Stuck under here!
#230: Fancy a beer? Cause I do!
#231: Take a seat at the back, read a good book
#232:Head on up, don't get stuck in a corner
#233: Head on up and get some assitance
#234: Illuminating.
#235: Look up!!!
#236: Take yet another seat and chill out.
#237: I feel like being juvanile, put me in kiddies corner!
Ok ladies and gents, another hunt bites the dust!!!! Finito, done! Story Book tomorrow, woot