30 May 2009

OMG! It's another hunt HUNT!

You are looking for the nice little cupcake things :) NOMNOM

Start Location
Cupcake One
Cupcake Two(Dulce Secrets): Smell the pretty flowers.
Cupcake Three (A Piece of Candy) : If you can't see it, your blind.
Cupcake Four (Pema in Pieces) : Look up to the sky
Cupcake Five (Couture Chapeau ) : I am so the little mermaid, where's my red hair!
Cupcake Six (Dstinct Designs) : Again if you can't see it, get some glasses
Cupcake Seven (LeeZu) : Take a seat under the tree.
Cupcake Eight (caLLiefornia) : Click to join this cupcake, I best go back to looking at the plant.
Cupcake Nine (B&T Atelier Main Store ) : These are the funkiest boots ever!! Cupcake loves em too.
Cupcake Ten (Sugar Mills) : Take a seat by the sofa, or swing on a pillar, I can't decide.
Cupcake Eleven (passionate Neko) : Can I get some assistance please!
Cupcake Twelve (ORAGE) : Lady in Reeeeeeeeed, is dancing with me
Cupcake Thirteen (MM) : Do you think I will get a tan up here?
Cupcake Fourteen (Freyas) : All girls need a new handbag? Am I right or am I right?
Cupcake Fifteen (Susanti) : Are you feeling Lucky?
Cupcake Sixteen (Lapointe) :Don't move a muscle!
Cupcake Seventeen (Etoile) : A roll around in the hay perhaps?
Cupcake Eighteen (Freda's) : Look up
Cupcake Nineteen (Wetherbys) : 3 floors up, check out the shooooooes
Cupcake Twenty (Cilian'gel) : Ok I'm tired of dancing, time for a sit down.
Cupcake 21 (Petal Meg) : I love random cupcake givers!
Cupcake 22 (Loka Design) :Relax under the tree with a tray of cupcakes, but don't eat the wrong one.
Cupcake 23 (Trip with Tink) : Up up.... I can see the sky
Cupcake 24 (.::NOSOTR@S::.) : I feel like an angel, well a water angel. Remember to always check behind things.
Cupcake 25 (Clover) : This cupcake is a pillar of strength.
Cupcake 26 (Donna Flora): What a stunning picture, hold on, why is there a cake nearby??
Cupcake 27 (KS Creations) : I wish people would pick up there rubbish.
Cupcake 28 (Trinity Moon Designs) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 29 (Nishi Designs) : Look by the fire and see your prize.
Cupcake 30 (KK"s Designshi morena) : We all love plants by now in hunts!
Cupcake 31 (Shouted Couture) : Pretty in pink.
Cupcake 32 (Steam Bound) : Time to go tipping again!
Cupcake 33 (Special Jewells) : OOOOOO pretty, who paints with cupcakes?
Cupcake 34 (Naughty Furniture) :Time to chill out on the decking!
Cupcake 35 (Catbird Studios) : It's nice to see people putting away there cupcakes, they belong on the shelf.
Cupcake 36 (Holiday Bliss) : The love bunny can see it, can you?
Cupcake 37 (Wistful Pathways): NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 38 (Eolandes) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 39 (Ambermyst) : The most awesome cupcake I have ever seen.
Cupcake 40 (Shabo Houses) : Going up is the best idea I have had in ages. I need a new door!
Cupcake 41 (TempT) : He is biiiiiig and yellow *droooools*
Cupcake 42 (Kastle Rock) : The table, the best place for cakes.
Cupcake 43 (Dragon Lady) : Don't forget to take a card.
Cupcake 44 (Genesis) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 45 (G&N) : Take a seat, break some bread.
Cupcake 46 (RPE Love Gen): Eek I broke my bed, ate too many cupcakes, lets go choose another.
Cupcake 47 (RHA!) : Midnight, my favourite time, its when I get sent lots of goodies.
Cupcake 48 (Eluzion) : Pick up your cupcakes litter bugs!
Cupcake 49 (Lemania): Kiss this cupcake quick!
Cupcake 50 (Wet Dreams) : Sings 'Briiiiiidge over troubled water'
Cupcake 51 (Sam's Secret) : Man overboard, I mean cupcake overboard!!!! All men on deck.
Cupcake 52 (Electrix Pixels) : Cupcakes, the final fronteir, these are the voyages of the Star Ship Cupcake, to boldly go where no confection has gone before.
Cupcake 53 (Agent Orange) : Make sure you dry your cupcake properly, damn its raining.
Cupcake 54 (Maynards) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 55 (Lighthouse) : Sit, enjoy your fruit and drinks, it comes with a free cupcake.
Cupcake 56 (Heaven) : Sings 'Briiiiiidge over troubled aiiiiir*
Cupcake 57 (Great Royal Wife) : Take a seat
Cupcake 58 (Garden Oasis) : I love the great outdoors, but I don't want to stray from the path.
Cupcake 59 (VM) : Warm muffins and fresh cupcakes, nomnom
Cupcake 60 (Vibrant Eden): (fem)I wonder if you plant a cupcake, a cupcake tree will grow?(Male) unknown for now
Cupcake 61 (Tweakers) : Get toasty warm with your cupcake.
Cupcake 62 (Troubled Rebel): Cupcakes, Fragile, do not drop.
Cupcake 63 (Remembering Memorial) :NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 64 (Straight Up) : How tall is your cupcake?
Cupcake 65 (Kittenish) : SHOOO birds, MY cupcake!
Cupcake 66 (Pappilions) : Cupcakes are like me, they lurve gold.
Cupcake 67 (K.Aeon) : So many bangles, so little time!
Cupcake 68 (Federschneider Millinery) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 69 (Eclectic Apparel) : Mmmm i love pillow talk.
Cupcake 70 (RTD) :NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 71 (Dunhallow): NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 72 (DeCuir) : A sea view to calm the nerves after all this hunting.
Cupcake 73 (Cafe Casablanca) : Picnic time.
Cupcake 74 (XTC) : Make way for the VIP.
Cupcake 75 (Apple Blossom) : I love twilight, best time of the day.
Cupcake 76 (Ac Designs) : Take a seat.
Cupcake 77 (Seasonal Creations) : Very Illuminating (please wait for rez, it takes forever to appear)
Cupcake 78 (Tigerclaw) :It's freeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Cupcake 79 (Slow Rez) : Free food is my favourite kind.
Cupcake 80 (V&F) : Archways, don't you love there archetecture.
Cupcake 81 (Troublegum) : Retrooooo, i wanna sit on it.
Cupcake 82 (La Galleria) : Fine dining anyone?
Cupcake 83 (Calia's) Kellogs, keeps you regular.
Cupcake 84 (C'est Ca Furniture) NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 85 (MM Tinies) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 86 (Kiku) : Rope, harpoons and cupcakes???? WEEEEIRD
Cupcake 87 (In A Nutshell): Awww ktties in dresses!!
Cupcake 88 (Moonwisher) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 89 (Fabu) : Shoes, but don't confuse yourself with demo ones.
Cupcake 90 (Afflicted Clothing): NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 91 (Kakoue Shoes) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 92 (Chenille) :Who fancies a garden party?
Cupcake 93 (Rhiamon's Realm) : Im so tired I may hide under a table.
Cupcake 94 (Duh!) - All hail the daddy of the cupcakes.
Cupcake 95 (Salamanders Mall) : Check out the runway
Cupcake 97 (Forgotten Earth) : Perch like a birdy on a ledge!(says 97 on the cupcake though)
Cupcake 98 (Charmed) : Take a chair, check out the furniture.
Cupcake 99 (DW Designs) : Take a seat at my desk, just ignore the bats.
Cupcake 101 (Heavenly Treasures) : You'll find it in the kitchen, just hope the squirrel doesn't eat it first
Cupcake 102 (Coull Creations) : Docklands hold the location.
Cupcake 103 (Burning Chrome) : Whats your lucky letter?
Cupcake 104 (July) : Time for another food break! This hunts gonna make me fat.
Cupcake 105 (AFD) : This one has me stumped!
Cupcake 106 (Seasonal Creations) :Tartan, defo not my color!
Cupcake 107 (Katrena Creations) : Behold the giant kitty
Cupcake 108 (Euphoria) : This is illumiating!
Cupcake 109 (Frock You) : Time for the schroom show.
Cupcake 110 (C & D Designs) : Always check behind those pasky vendors.
Cupcake 111 (C & D Fashions) : Mini Dresses, my fav!
Cupcake 112 (Babies R Us) : Cupcakes are the building blocks of life!
Cupcake 113 (Cluck a Lot) : I'm a maniac, maniac on the floor!
Cupcake 114 (Thrifty) : Bad cupcake, go to the corner!
Cupcake 115 (Sirens Song) : Lovely sea view to go with this tea house.
Cupcake 116 (Holiday Central) : Don't climb up them, look under them.
Cupcake 117 (Enzo's Freehold) : The damsel of the sea has it. I think shes drunk!
Cupcake 118 (Marvela's) : Cupcakes and teleportation, not a good mix, I may get spliced in a malcake!
Cupcake 119 (Dangerously Sweet) : I need a new sofa after all this walking!
Cupcake 120 (The Hatter Is Mad): This cupcake has gone up in the world.
Cupcake 121 (Echo) : Bangles, I love them.
Cupcake 122 (Daini Ken Designs): NO SIGN OUT, COULDN'T LOCATE CUPCAKE
Cupcake 123 (ZE Designs) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 124 (Kalloni Mall) : Take a window seat and chill out.
Cupcake 125 (Sweeter than Candy) : Signs show you the way. Very easy.
Cupcake 126 (Eye mania) : Take a seat
Cupcake 127 (Demani) : Indoor golden trees? Ive seen everything now.
Cupcake 128 (Elements Inc) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 129 (Deviant Designs) : SHOOOOES, I would like assitance in buying them all!
Cupcake 130 (Nushru) : Maybe you should subscribe to the group and get a free gift
Cupcake 131 (Chez Gabrielle) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 132 (Sugar) : Take a seat, again!
Cupcake 133 (Evaki) : *Waves through the window*
Cupcake 134 (Lacie Days) :NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 135 (ICED) : Subscribe to this cupcake.
Cupcake 136 (Hopscotch) : Look up.
Cupcake 137 (Escapade Zoo) : Yummy cake for the kiddies tea party on the beach!
Cupcake 138 (Dionysia) : Take a seat, read about the grid wide hunt.
Cupcake 139 (Down to Earth) : Warm your hands but don't get burnt!
Cupcake 140 (Jena-ration x) : NOT NOR EVER WILL BE OUT
Cupcake 141 (Maggs and Albert) : Look Up.
Cupcake 142 (SWEET!) : Mattie looks after it, shes a good girl.
Cupcake 143 (Second Shapes) : Climb the stairway to heaven.
Cupcake 144 (Tango) : Get to the corner, its what you get for staring at Party Pumps,
Cupcake 145 (The Peapod) : This is a largish cupcake, if you dont see it for shame!
Cupcake 146 (Tree House Treasures): NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 147 (Black Pearl) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 148 (Teagan and Scorpy's) : Get to the corner you camoflaged cupcake!
Cupcake 149 (Tegan's) : You feeling lucky?
Cupcake 150 (Sea Maine): Panda bear welcomes you.
Cupcake 151 (Yellow Submarine) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 152 (Corner of Revolving Time) : Find the sign, it's not far behind.
Cupcake 153 (Riki Palace) : BAD LM, SOMEONES HOME.
Cupcake 154 (POZ Romantic Moment's Gifts) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 155 (Cat Tracks) : Assistance please!
Cupcake 156 (M!ine) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 157 (Angel Dessous) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 158 (ClubRLC) : Pick the right one!
Cupcake 159 (eXtreme Make over) : Take a seat
Cupcake 160 (Holli Pocket) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 161 (Hectic Moon) : Choose your drink! make sure its enchanted!
Cupcake 162 (Flirts) : We all love trees by now!
Cupcake 163 (Lithium) : Aww baby cupcake with its mommy!
Cupcake 164 (Kastle Rock Couture) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 165 (R&R) : Check the orange area!
Cupcake 166 (Bound BDSM Art Gallery) : Walk the red carpet
Cupcake 167 (Cattiva) :Big, easy to see, no clue for you.
Cupcake 168 (Pestique) : I need a lay down now.
Cupcake 169 (R&R) : Not hidden, think light blue.
Cupcake 170 (Relaxation Street) : Check out the beach view
Cupcake 171 (Small Fry Tiny Kiosk) : Look up.
Cupcake 172 (Totally Awesome Fashions) : You can stand under my umbrella.. ella.. ella. Well sit in my vase at least!
Cupcake 173 (Gumi's Bad Box) :Awww a gift table, make sure you get the right cupcake, the others mine!
Cupcake 174 (Jugg and Jinja's) :Bad cupcake, get to the corner.
Cupcake 175 (Moulliez): NOT FOUND
Cupcake 176 (Poof Mania) : Join this cupcakes group, and see his booky and bally friend there too.
Cupcake 177 (Magia) : I love sparkley things, especially ones that go around my neck.
Cupcake 178 (Azelle) : I like to store things in attics, it saves space.
Cupcake 179 (Intrigue) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 180 (Tempsations) : Step into my office.
Cupcake 181 (Nantucket Marina) : Take a seat, admire the boats.
Cupcake 182 (Nantucket Square) : Bombs awwaaaaaaaaaaay
Cupcake 183 (Nantucket Barn) : Is this crystal krptonite? I feel weaker :P
Cupcake 184 (Nantucket Theatre) : Take a seat again, boy aren't we lazy!
Cupcake 185 (Shaft Suites) : Read the signs, they keep your prize safe and sound,
Cupcake 186 (New York Couture) : Go inside, look all around, its not hard to see.
Cupcake 187 (New York Couture) : Go inside and look up.
Cupcake 188 (New York Decor) : Look for furniture then have a shower!
Cupcake 189 (Sexy Threads) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 190 (Designs by Chocolate) :Look inside things to find your prize
Cupcake 191 (Chocolates Garden Centre) : Sings *briiiiiiidge over troubled water*
Cupcake 192 (PdCreations) : Check the sign
Cupcake 193 (Street Dermatology) : Don't forget to wash your hands.
Cupcake 194 (Stud Puppy): NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 195 (Superstar! shapes)
: Take a seat with mummy and baby cupcake.
Cupcake 196 (Minas oddities) : Join this cupcakes group.
Cupcake 197 (Kiko Life) : Don't try 'palm' me off with a rubbish clue..
Cupcake 198 (Glitterati by Sapphire) :Take a seat, don't squish anything!
Cupcake 199 (Mz Shoes) : SHOOOES, check the displays
Cupcake 200 (Tutorials 2 Go) :NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 201 (Sinuous Shapes) NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 202 (Bodies by Blake) NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 203 (SteelnKisses) NOT OUT YET

29 May 2009

All upcoming Hunts and Start Locations.

OMG! its another Hunt hunt : Starts May 30th Ending June 20th
Bedtime Treasures : Starting 1st June Ending June 30th
StoryBook Hunt : Starting 1st Junt (Number of things to find 100 approx)
Mystical Shores : Starting 1st Junt Ending June 30th (Number of things to find 250)
Make him Over Grid Wide Hunt : Starting June 1st
Passions Gridwide Hunt : Starting July 1st Ending July 30th
Cinderella's Lost Slipper : Starting July 1st Ending July 31st
Fall Frenzy SLGW Hunt : Starting August 1st Ending August 31st.

PASCH-Design Mainstore Hunt 17th May - 17th June

You need to find the Gears.

Main Location starts here.

Gear 1 : I'm stuck at the base of the stair way to heaven :( Someone fit an escalator.
Gear 2 : This beach loving gear feels lonely over there.
Gear 3 : External walls eat gears!! I hope I don't get eaten too.
Gear 4: *Cough* Wireframe *cough* Check out the pillars!
Gear 5 : Now I am stuck half way up the stairs! Damn I'm like Peter Griffin when he forgot how to sit down!
Gear 6 : This beach loving gear feels lonely over there too.
Gear 7 : Get in the store, before you do, don't forget to look up!
Gear 8 : Stay on the ground floor, men in pink?? Not hot :P
Gear 9 : Advertise your gear here.
Gear 10 : Go tree hugging
Gear 11: Go find your scuba gear!
Gear 12 : Vote!
Gear 13 : This is a high up Gear, Its watching the stairs to throw out naughty people
Gear 14 : I need a pillar, I mean Pillow!
Gear 15 : Dollerbies!!! LUSH
Gear 16 : Put a cap on this gear!

26 May 2009

Through the Looking Glass Hunt

25th May to the 1st of July.

You are hunting for looking glass mirrors type things, an example is at the start location here.

Photos of the prizes WILL be coming soon

Mirror 1- Andem Fashions - Take a seat, maybe sitting under it will make things easier to see.s
Mirror 2 - Miasma - Before you step up to the elephants level make sure you check down below.
Mirror 3 - Heavenly Treasures - Take a seat, red is a hint!
Mirror 4 - Urban Dysfunction - This well camoflaged mirror is one good looking outfit, i'd "Tap That"
Mirror 5 - Salamander Paradise - Time to take flight, but be careful across the runway
Mirror 6 - WoE - Take a seat, the key is near.
Mirror 7 - Secrets of Gaia - Wow, i love it in summer when the big flowers bloom.
Mirror 8 - DW Designs - Are you feeling lucky, punk!
Mirror 9 - Trinity Moon Designs - Illuminating Mirror, look up.
Mirror 10- Tootsie - NOT OUT...move on to 11
Mirror 11 - Vextra Messing Design- This key thinks its a tshirt, stick near the till you can't go wrong
Mirror 12 - [42] - This Mirror is Newness :)
Mirror 13 - ~*The Hatter Is Mad*~ - Take a seat at the desk, I will be with you in a moment.
Mirror 14 - eXtreme Makeover Shapes - Check your height but remember to look up
Mirror 15 - Fukmi Clothing - The caterpillar knows where the mirror is.
Mirror 16 - Pretties By JB - Dropped from the hunt, move on to next spot
Mirror 17 - Euphoria House Of Fashion- Mannequin: Not just an 80's movie."
Mirror 18 -Prims 4 U- Sings the song "like a bridge over troubled water"
Mirror 19 -Boutique Giada - Change your Lindens
Mirror 20 -Second Shapes - Not hidden, check the windows.
Mirror 21 - **MEM** - Summer is there, come sit outside, but stay out of the sun, maybe joyride in the nearby car.
Mirror 22 -Gairdin Na Sidhe - I wonder if this tree will give me a woody hand!
Mirror 23 - Troubled Rebel - Check the post, might be something for you!
Mirror 24 - Teagan's - Listen to the walking talking stickman he holds the hint, and think Dark:)!
Mirror 25 - Squeakster's Clifftop Cabin -Remember EXACTLY what Alice said. "Did I see a white rabbit, behind that bush, over there?".
Mirror 26 -
@rte Dieu - Take a seat and admire the art
Mirr0r 27 -TempT - A place to buy your gifts
Mirror 28 - Palm Tree Gardens - Merry go rounds go round and round :P
Mirror 29 -Sweet! - This guard mirror protects the door!
Mirror 30 - Kamikaze - What a plane crash, I don't think anyone survived!
Mirror 31 - Fhang Candy - BOOBIES!!!!
Mirror 32 - Dionysia Designs - This Key is such a sweetheart,
Mirror 33 - Kaotik Industries - Floaty mirrors, wonder if it hangs by wires like David Copperfield!
Mirror 34 - Tutorials 2 Go -More hunts at the moment, check the Discovery sign and around !
Mirror 35 -Seduction, Inc. - This will have you 'beaming'
Mirror 36 -Remembering our Friends Memorial - Look at the stone flooring , near the sign that points you in the direction of the stores.
Mirror 37 - MaXeyes Creations - Take a seat and grab a chocolate
Mirror 38 -DragonLady Designs - The mirror wants to look at tattoos but has clearly got distracted!
Mirror 39 - Milestone Creations - Theres a mirror on the moon?? Wow you learn something new every day.
Mirror 40 -Kittykat's Kreations - It's a long walk to the Tea lounge but once you get there you wanna look under everything. Read the store hint for further help.
Mirror 41 - Silk & Satyr - Make a wish, don't get wet like the mirror!
Mirror 42 - Fire GOOD!! - This mirror will set you a BLAZE
Mirror 43 - ::NOSOTR@S::. Designs: The further you go up the more danger you will find.
Mirror 44 - Sugar Mill - Make a suggestion
Mirror 45 -Angel Dessous - You might need the starter mirror or you might not.
Mirror 46 -
Sweeter Than Candy- Floating Text tell lies!!!
Mirror 47 - Juice .:. Fresh Menswear - Milk anyone??
Mirror 48 -Roxie's Home Decor - Check this bed, it comes with a fitted mirror.
Mirror 49 - Nushru -Shoes and Strawberrys in one, I think I've died and gone to heaven!
Mirror 50 - Nishi Designs: Find the spot to throw a coin and make a wish, check the shelves to see if it came true.
Mirror 51 - Teagan's & Scorpy's A bit Goth/ Emo arent you ?? And whats that in your hand ??
Mirror 52 - DAHaus Modern Designs You need to rest your eyes.. go to the third floor and take a nap in this bed.
Mirror 53 - Trip With Tink - Wall fairies keep it safe!
Mirror 54 - Cilian'gel -You were caught looking at the lady in black.. Now go to the corner !! Remain near the entrance.
Mirror 55 - Loka Design - Time to go fly 'tipping'
Mirror 56 - [Not Without You] - Spiral around and around but don't miss the top step
Mirror 57 - Under The Sun Feeling LUCKY?
Mirror 58 - Cat Tracks BIIIIG MIRROR, can't miss it.
Mirror 59 Quarter Alley on Ohana Isle- Whats that on the TLLG sign
Mirror 60 - Kerryth Tarantal Studio - There's a flower in the "meadow"
Mirror 61 - Enzo's Freehold Follow the footsteps, the lead the way, but don't follow them till the end.
Mirror 62 -Wistful Pathways Mesha is feeling Mystical in the corner.
Mirror 63 -YeeVoo Designs - Whats that on your head, and get out of the corner !
Mirror 64- Lisa marie's
-Relaxing in a tree is always nice. hanging by the heart.
Mirror 65 -*~*Hopscotch*~* The good cause holds a gift for you
Mirror 66 - Honeybear Behold the giant shoe
Mirror 67 - Fear & Clothing You still feeling lucky?
Mirror 68 -Siren's Song Seaside Nice bunny
Mirror 69- Sugar- Come relax near the water... and tree outside.
Mirror 70 -Coull Creations Follow the bunny hops.
Mirror 71 - *Hogwash* - Relax and have some beer
Mirror 72 - Valentino's Cards, Gifts & Flowers If YOU find it .. unpack it.. .its surrounded by boxes and ribbons. Check Gift boxes area.
Mirror 73 - Tree House Treasures Ask one of the Queen of Hearts where the mirror is!
Mirror 74 -Lemania Indigo Designs - Vogue, strike a pose with your model looks.
Mirror 75 -**AFD** Wild horse's couldn't tear me away from this hunt.
Mirror 76 - Rasetsukoku 1 of 2. This Mirror makes my 'skin' crawl. 2 of 2 Jewellry hold the answer
Mirror 77 - The French Farm This mirror is sugary sweet!
Mirror 78 - Rhiamon's Realm Jewellry, they can't hide the HUGE mirror.
Mirror 79 - Absentia Go and check the floor of 3, there you will see a bumble bee.
Mirror 80 - ~Flowers by Sylvie~ (1)Do you like BEARS ? (2) Go admire the fishies
Mirror 81 -Roawenwood - Get Lucky at Midnight .. you know you like tree's by now.
Mirror 82 - Frop! - Check your makeup
Mirror 83 -Intrigue Designs Radiance.. Sure green Radiance...
Mirror 84 -CS Fandango - Rest your tired hunting feet.
Mirror 85 - Ethereal Nature Collaborative - Giant rock hugging mirrors... ah run, hide.
Mirror 86 - Lowenstark Design - Window loving, what a show off!
Mirror 87 - Quality - I hate it when people masquerade as something else!
Mirror 88 - Purrrlesque Read the signs, the big kitty shows the way.
Mirror 89 -Accessories by Eolande Take a seat, rest your weary feet.
Mirror 90 - Elimourn - Locate the other Alice sign on sim.
Mirror 91 - Forest Floor Gardens & Dreamscapes - Don't look a golden dragon in the mouth, it might bite yah
Mirror 92 - +DV8+ - Designed For Living, the doorway is designed for hiding things. COULD BE Pretty Lights, they move it a lot
Mirror 93 -Designs By Anna Careful where you tread, don't move!
Mirror 94 -Dysfunctional Dolly Designs Cushions, furniture and Fire, water and a looking glass. Sounds like a good night in.
Mirror 95 - Home @ Honey's You've been bad, go to your corner.
Mirror 96 -~~**Fusion Furniture**~~ Find the wooden star, it will guide you.
Mirror 97 -*ICED* This is a v naughty mirror, standing in the corner!
Mirror 98 -!XTC! Designs This mirror is 'new'
Mirror 99 -Raggedy Annie's Wanna cuddle you under the stars.. you wanna cuddle me too?
Mirror 100 - Lacey Cakes
: This Ghostly Flower is very lonely.
Mirror 101 - Nefertiti's Landscaping Time to top up your makeup, again.
Mirror 102 -Rainbow's End The big bunny guards his home for the mirror.
Mirror 103 - Pretense Model Shapes : Nothing like being on top of a warrior women.
Mirror 104 - Obsidian Desires : The Chesire Neko outfit it smiling.
Mirror 105 - J-Taste - The big cusion holds the answers!
Mirror 106 - Vel's - Caught staring at the ladies clothing? Stand in the corner.
Mirror 107 - Romady Fine Furniture Time for a nap, let me store my things in my bedside table.
Mirror 108 - .:VDI:. Tayla is crazy about hair!
Mirror 109:
Junk In The Trunk: Feeling Lucky
Mirror 110: Forgotten Earth Design -Are you feeling charitable.Teleportation
Mirror 111 -~Sa-eela~ Teleportation, not my favourite mode of transport.
Mirror 112 : HJS Designs Vendors hide things well.
Mirror 113 : ~Savoir Faire Shapes~ Aww who broke the beam??
Mirror 114 -Color Me Chaos You'll have a shroomin good time.
Mirror 115: Hectic Moon - Ponys love mirrors too
Mirror 116 : AZE Designs Avast me hearties, put out the main sail..
Mirror 117 : Something Wycked Tapestry, so 17th Century, yet so useful
Mirror 118 : Dysfunctional Dolly Clothing The stump keeps it safe.
Mirror 119 : ~Lantian~ Make a wish
Mirror 120 : [AV] Princess's have tails??? WTF
Mirror 121 : Green and Wild Garden Centre Teleportation, check it out
Mirror 122 : Perversions Demo girls love mirrors
Mirror 123 : Loveville Plaza Very illuminating on a dark night!
Mirror 124 : Passionate Neko We all love trees by now!
Mirror 125 : ~*Crossroad Dreams*~ Take a seat, upstairs
Mirror 126 : DL's Dream Designs Secluding off yourself with dividers, thats just rude!
Mirror 127 : AC Designs - Too easy peeps, its massive!
Mirror 128 : Dulce Secrets Take a seat, read a book
Mirror 129 : Neko Wonderland Excersizing creatures point out the right place.
Mirror 130 : Adora Shapes and Skins - Go ask the receptionist, HUGE can't miss it
Mirror 131 : Jinx'd VooDoo 131 A and B. Are you feeling lucky?
Mirror 132 : Ideal Illusion Its a mirror in sheeps clothing.
Mirror 133 : AmberMyst Botanical Designs 'Never Miss Out!' on Lucky Chairs
Mirror 134 :Petals and Pixels Gallery and Creations Toss a coin and make a wish
Mirror 135 : Escapade Zoo Stop Monkeying around!!
Mirror 136 :Shabby Chic This lady in Blue will SCHOOL you!
Mirror 137 :Maynard's Low Prim Designs Take a load off, put ya feet up.
Mirror 138 :TroubleGum Big Bear huuuugz
Mirror 139 :Bellatryx Neko I'm such a Hooka with my shrooms.
Mirror 140 : HeX No hint, if you can't see it, you need your eyes testing. Just make sure your in the correct store.
Mirror 141 :Twisted & Spoiled RAWR this mirror feels blue. I think it's why it doesn't stray to far from where you arrive.
Mirror 142 -SheSkull Designs -It sits below the floating tip jar. Take a seat and try find it.
Mirror 143 : Porcelain Decay - look UNDER new items
Mirror 144 : Petal Meg - The wind makes me even prettier, can you hear it?
Mirror 145 : Donetta's Discoveries Like sand through the hour glass, so are the days of our life.
Mirror 146 :CalleCo Say hello to the peeping mouse.
Mirror 147 :*FS* JEWELRY Im a tartan not a titan on this ring you find the bling. Slip it on your finger.
Mirror 148 : SL Cheerleading Squad I need a pillar, erm i mean Pillow.
Mirror 149 :Arctic Design - Desteny's Corner Naughty, you have detention!
Mirror 150 :Robbish Owch I tripped, darn uneaven flooring!
Mirror 151 :Scruffy Gora This panda needs a wash, its scruffy.
Mirror 152 :SB Designs Walk on back to find the gift it seems we wear it on the lip.
Mirror 153 :Aurora Borealis Do you remember playing Zelda?
Mirror 154 :Store With No Name Pay for your goods, like a good customer!
Mirror 155:Never Ever Check out the Catalog
Mirror 156 - Crys Garden Creations - Don't go chasing water falls
Mirror 157 - PWF Creations I wanna be a bartender, I will get to meet hot... drunks. Hmmm maybe this isn't a good idea after all.
Mirror 158 -Epic Kidz & Teens Don't forget to note down this fab store.
Mirror 159 - Canucci Style - This mirror is a free gift.. weeeeeeeeeee happy
Mirror 160 -Vibrant Eden - In the signed area feed the canaries
Mirror 161 -Bubblefish - Cookie Monster nomnom not far from tp spot
Mirror 162 -Lethality Designs This mirror will have you "beaming"
Mirror 163 -
Monolith - Not out, move on
Mirror 164 -Kittenish - This is one Gothic school i go to, so hogwarts!
Mirror 165 -Dream Weddings Read the sign!
Mirror 166: Smooth Designs: Through the main door and up the stairs, to the right the queens they like to scare.
Mirror 167 : BedlaM Inc. I feel uplifted by this mirror.
Mirror 168 -Sinuous Shapes - No mirror or sign, please move to the next spot.
Mirror 169 : Sunshine Design - A womans work is never done!
Mirror 170 :Neko Wonderland Mall - Watch your step
Mirror 171 :Ali Couture & Surrounding Shops -A: Ali Couture: Are you a member? get your gift!! Group number one, take the landmark to get number 2 gift.
B Karnal Rage: She Stares at you with Venom, take the landmark to gift 3.
171C Divaliscious: you truely are a heart of gold
Mirror 172 :Magically Aluring Nice view!
Mirror 173 :Reasonable Desires Cheshire cat smiles on down, he does look good in that mirror.
Mirror 174 : B-D Neko Am i hiding by an entrance? Go ask mr welcome sunshine.
Mirror 175 :La Galleria BIIIIIIG mirror, don't let the sign obscure you!
Mirror 176 :Follow the Rabbit - Follow the rabbit, DONT get lost in Tulgy wood! Stay underground.

19 May 2009

Adored Clothing and Hair Hunt (One Week Hunt)

40 Items to find around both sims, in the main stores and in the surrounding mall. You are looking for flowers, two together that are purple and pink. When you find them, just left click on them to receive your gift!

Start Location

Gift 1: Lets start at the very beginning, its a very good place to start!
contents: Purple Shoes
Gift 2: If your feeling lucky, perhaps look around for the bunny girls
contents: colour changing hair
Gift 3: Joyce has nice hair! She is close to where your rezzed in.
contents: underwear set
Gift 4: The signs will show you the way!
contents: Jacket
Gift 5: School girls tease, shocking!!
contents: tight jeans
Gift 6: I dub thee the birdy flower, it likes to perch and admire the clothing.
contents: Dress
Gift 7: This flower was made for you!
contents: High hat and glasses
Gift 8 : This is some blinging flowers, it looks good amongst the Jewels!
contents: Diamond earrings
Gift 9: Can you hear it growling?? This flower is too fierce!
contents: An item called "hello dave", ive not opened it so not got a clue!
Gift 10: I've only moved next door and I can still hear that fierce flower!
contents: black outfit
Gift 12 : This flower is crazed!
contents: ribbon ring
Gift 13: This gift is AWESOME!!!!
contents: Tank
Gift 15: Sheild your eyes, this flower is scandalust
contents: Sunshine outfit
Gift 16: This flower is like me, naughty but nice ;)
contents: Bad girl tattoo
Gift 17 : This flower needs to back off, i want to get sintimate with its neighbour!
content: corsages
Gift 18 : Time to get sintimate with this flower... mmmm
content: Latex outfit
Gift 22: This flower is an outrage!
contents: Eyes
Gift 23: This flower is a rose... and its purple. I may sit at the steps and admire the irony!
contents: Purple earrings.
Gift 24: This gift is for boys and girls!
contents: Sun glasses (4 styles)
Gift 25 : This kitty is evil!
contents: Limited Edition Item
Gift 26: This flower is indiginous to this sim.
contents: outfit
Gift 27 : Mix and Match me my inky kinky friends!
contents: Serpent tattoo
Gift 28 : This flower is feeling lucky!
contents: tattoo
Gift 29: Flowers hidden in flowers!! That is so clever, can i use the water tank water to water them perhaps?
contents: Tattoo
Gift 30: This guard flower can see the water tank!
contents: biker babe dress
Gift 31: This inky flower has been naughty, send it to the corner
contents: Dress
Gift 32 : This flower is from the UK
contents: untucked tshirt
Gift 33: This flower fell from the sky to the earth and here it is, its quite big!
contents: unknown, not rezzed yet
Gift 34: This flower wants to be a kitty! No flower you will never look good Neko!
contents: striped skirt
Gift 35 : You have NOva chance of finding this flower.
contents: Short skirt
Gift 36: These sexy adult outfits are too much for this flower, it has to sit outside the store.
contents: Breeze outfit
Gift 37: Heidi holds the clue infront of her Ad
contents: braclet and sweater
Gift 38 : This flower wants you to teleport, but you will only find him outside!
contents: Tee shirt
Gift 39 : Getting these flowers, is BUCKETS of fun, Oh my i can see formal wear, lush!
contents: Cami and Sweater
Gift 40 : The perfect thing to clean your pixel home, a French Maid ;)
contents: Sexy Sailor outfit
Missing. 11, 14, 19, 20, 21

Ohana Isle Hunt - May 15th - May 24th

The Ohana Isle Hunt start location can be found here .

These guys have a very clever script to help you locate the items.

The items your looking for are small pieces of Sushi.
They have hover text over them so they aren't hard to spot

I am not doing hints for this hunt, as I want to see if the script helps.

It tells you store name and if there are multiple keys in that location.

Please go enjoy this hunt and the technology they have made. Please give me feedback on opinion.

House of Ruin Hunt -14th of May to the 30th of May

This hunt can be located here

Your looking for very small snail shells around store, this stretches across both buildings.

1 of 6 - White - This snail likes to watch the bubbles from below.
content - Toxic Eyes (Asphyxia) set of 2
2 of 6 - Cream - This snail loves gemstones.
content-Toxic Eyes (blister) Set of 2
3 if 16 - Purple - Subcribo Snail
content - Toxic eyes (burn) Set of 2
4 of 16 - Light blue - Celebrate this strange snail
content - Toxic eyes (coma) Set of 2
5 of 16 - Blue - Lupin snail, careful it bites.
content - Toxic eyes (fever) set of 2
6 of 16 - Yellow- This snail likes eye shadow, must be a girly like me.
content - Toxic eyes (hemorrhage) set of 2
7 of 16 - Yellow - This snail is a gift, spend it to buy things :)
content- Toxic eyes (Nausea) set of 2
8 of 16 -Purple - This snail sits ontop of rocks, but only the larger ones.
content- Toxic eyes (Blister) set of 2
9 of 16 - Green -This Snail doesn't want to be instore, let it climb, pillars are the clue
content - Toxic eyes (rash) Set of 2
10 of 16 - Yellow - This snail lost its way into the store, "Oi Snail, you wont buy anything on the outside of the store!"
content - Toxic eyes (seizure) Set 2
11 of 16 - Pink - Wireframe the pillars outside the nearly empty store, they are wedged inside
content- Dahlia and Prismatic eyes (set one)
12 of 16 - Green - Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles.
content- Dahlia and Prismatic eyes (set 2)
13 of 16 - Purple - This is an outdoor snail too, I found this one hard to find. Lives between a rock and a hard place (another rock)
content- Dahlia and Prismatic eyes (set 3)
14 of 15 - Light Blue - Another Snail outside, this prefers to be on the sand, check near the other store building.
content- Dahlia and Prismatic eyes (set 4)
15 of 16 - Red - Its the best way to see people come and go, sit on a rock and watch the octopus pass on by.
content - Dahlia and Prismatic Eyes (Set 5)
16 of 16 - Light Blue - This Snail doesn't want to be instore, let it climb, pillars are the clue
content - Dahlia and Prismatic Eyes (Set 6)

Extra Snail from Eyelab - Read the sign!
content - swimming horses.
Extra Snail from Eyelab - This is a sandy snail
content - Swimming horses
Extra Snail from Eyelab - This snail love doorways, but not doors, it kicked this one down!
content - plummy (set of 2)
Extra Snail from Eyelab - This snail likes the view from the balcony.
content - Starlight eyes (set of 2)
Extra Snail from AET - This big snail likes the outdoors, lives near snail 15
content - Golden Eyes ( set of 2)
Extra Snail From AET - This snail likes biohazards!
content- Feral eyes
Extra Snail from AET - This snail likes t he undergrowth
content - Shadow eyes
Extra Snail from AET - This rock loving snail doesn't like to be too far from the store
content - Mars eyes

18 May 2009

Apologies about no updates..

As some know I had an accident in RL, and i'm a bit busted up. Although feeling a lot better than I did when it actually happened, I don't feel well enough to go running around a hunt . I will get back into the swing of things over the next few days.

I hope you all understand..

Mal xx

14 May 2009

Witchy Womans Designs Furniture hunt..

In this hunt your searching for small different coloured roses to get a selection of different furniture.. most of the items are copy.

Location of the store

Pink Rose - I feel very Arabian, perhaps I should pull up some pillows
gift- Box of flowers
Red Rose - Time to get a bite to eat.. nom nom
gift - Picnic basket and rug.
Blue Rose - I am so tired from hunting i need to slob out on a sofa.
gift - Garden Lantern
Green Rose : Feeling sensual, head on down, but mind the cot.
gift - cool looking tree
Purple Rose - This rose thinks its a cactus, but careful it's about to get burnt.
gift- An 8 prim, 20x20m skybox, with small round hut and surrounding garden.
Pink Rose 2 - I feel safer up than down, so I can take a seat and admire the illuminating scene.
gift - A stunning rose sofa, omg LUSH!!!
Red Rose 2 - Time for a tan, wheres the garden?
gift - Basket of flowers
Purple Rose 2 - Sandy teleportation makes me see clearly, now I just need my partner to cuddle with.
gift - pot plant
Blue rose 2 - Time to get cosy, by the fire, perhaps slip into bed? I'm not sure.
gift - swing
Final Rose - Time for me to get my hair done
gift- waterfall

Upcoming Hunt..

The storybook Hunt.

Starting June 1st ending June 25th

There will be around 100 stores participating.

My services...

If any organisers of hunts or store owners are interested in my services, which range from...

  • Blogging your hunt officially as I have done for the Keys for VIP hunt.
  • Moderating the hints on your official website (for when item locations are changed)
  • Moderating groups to ensure there is no foul play.
Please contact Maleficent Benoir inworld either via IM or notecard.

13 May 2009

Cinderella and Petal Hunt @Inga

Inga's Location is here
I don't know when this hunt ends, the owner stated a week, maybe a bit more, so get in there while you can

Cinderella Hunt

You will find the the pieces to make a beautiful dress within acorns in store.

Petal Hunt
There are 43 pieces to find hidden within petals all over the store to make 5 full outfits.

Acorn One : This acorn loves to parade like a 'peacock'.
Acorn Two: This acorn wants to adjust itself, how vain. But it does love Jewellry.
Acorn Three : This acorn wants to make sure your nice and clean
Acorn Four : This acorn just luuurves shoes.
Acorn Five : This acorn didn't fall far from its mommy.
Acorn Six : I get a distinct smell of Jasmine, such a zen acorn.
Acorn Seven : This is one hungry acorn, nomnomnom.
Acorn Eight : This acorn loves weddings
Acorn Nine : This acron loves formal dresses but prefers large posters than the ads.

PETAL HUNT (I only have 30 out of 43 :( )
Petal: This petal wants to surf the net,techno petal!!
Petal : This petal is the guard petal, make sure you don't upset it on the way in.
Petal: This petal loves dresses, seems to be friends with the Little Mermaid.
Petal : This petal also loves formal dresses.
Petal : This petal wants to give you some information, it wants to make you "smart"
Petal : This petal wants to lead you to your own wedding ladies :)
Petal : This petal is scared of the wedding petal and is cowering away from wedding dresses and wedding petals.
Petal : This petal loves the great outdoors, but doesn't want a tan.
Petal : This petal likes to greet you as you TP in.
Petal : Why does this petal want to hide behind a plant? Don't hide little petal your so pretty.
Petal : This petal wants to change its look, the causally dressed petal!
Petals x3 : These petal wants to make sure your nice and clean.
Petals : This petal wants to lend you 50L, treat yourself to something nice
Petals x2 : These giant petal loves jewellry.
Petals x2 : This petal prefers to hide underground
Petal : This petal is rocking!!!
Petal : This petal likes to point out the sign to you.
Petal : This petal thinks its a pair of shoes.
Petal : This petal needs a sleep, let it curl up with the acorn.
Petal : This wedding petal feels safer in the pot.
Petal : This wedding petal has its back against the wall.
Petal x4 : A roof petal, how did it get up there?
Petal : This petal wants to tell you about the cinderella hunt.

Please contact me if you locate more than 30 petals, I went petal bozz eyed and had to take a break