31 July 2010

SL House & Garden Hunt

Starts : Aug 1st
Ends : Aug 7th

You are looking for

001 : Remeber to put your houses away once you're done with them
002 : Which way to the furniture?
003 : Once upon a time there was a secret hidden house
004 : Don't sit on the fence
005 : Step up before you get palmed off
006 : Hint giver as you TP in
007 : Is it for the home or the garden?
008 ; What a view!
009 : Isn't it about time you stepped down?
010 : What hunt am i on again?
011 : Time for some black tea?
012 : What mags do you like reading?
013 : Nice view
014 : Omg I got the horn, must read to distract my brain
015 : Where do you hang your wet ones?
016 : He is a very still man, is he real or fake i wonder?
017 : Pillow Fight!
018 : Hides near green
019 : An apple a day keeps the doctor away
020 : Did you bring your bucket and spade?
021 : Remember to put your house away when you're done with it
022 : This will have your heart a flutter
023 : Time to get toasty!
024 : Who planted this one here
025 : Hang up your coat and hat
026 : Big bear keeps it safe
027 : Remember to put things away before you go for a nap.
028 : Lantern or house, you decide!
029 : Careful this one may make you blinds<--- store has banned me for hunting and blogging in there store.. yet more "smart ass diva" store owners.
030 : This is toxic!
031 : Leaf me alone
032 : What store is this again?
033 : Whos hungry
034 : It thinks its a birdy?
035 : Don't medicines go in these?
036 : I'm going deeper underground... where the owl resides
037 : You light up my life
038 : Time to log on
039 : I love tiny little trees!
040 : Time for bed
041 : Look aROUND
042 : What a pretty cityscape
043 : Smile.. say cheese
044 : Time to "chill out"
045 : Does this only stand at night?
046 : I am looking for illumination
047 : Can you get splinters from a pillow fight?
048 : It's just another brick in a rather hot wall
049 : Hit the hint giver :)
050 : Who likes a Roll up?

27 July 2010

The Little Big Nam3less Hunt


Starts : July 25th
Ends : Aug 8th

Your looking for shells

Location of the hunt is here

19 July 2010

Colour Your Summer Hunt

Start : July 3rd
Finish : Aug 1st

Your looking for a rubber ring

001 : Nice view from up here
002 : Who balanced that up there?
003 : Careful it doesn't float away
004 : Virginia watches over it
005 : You may need one of these for a picnic
006 : Are you a swinger?
007 : Splish Splash it was taking a bath
008 : He's going deeper underground and hes taking his weapons with him
009 : Assistance please!
010 : Every girl should have a pair of capris
011 : Its so hot...need fresh and cold water
012 : Romp in red!
013 : Follow the suns, but which is real?
014 : (2 gifts) Bear and Penguin love splashing around
015 : Where are we again?
016 : Lady in red is dancing with me
017 : Hmmm illuminating
018 : Careful it doesn't splash you
019 : Who planted that there?
020 : She looks ripped!
021 : Always wise to put away your rubber rings!
022 : He looks a lot like Rayman
023 : This wench is all wet
024 : Splish splash it was taking a bath
025 : Follow your path to find the prize
026 : Watching through the windows i ask myself if the hunters would notice that my dear friend DD did loose her swimring in the nature, too. These two stores here seem both to be owned by dreamers...
027 : Your all lambs to the slaughter, its baaaaaaaaaaarmy
028 : Who threw it up there?
029 ; Follow the sunny path
030 : These boots were made for walking
031 : Time to relax maybe?
032 : Can i take you for a spin?
033 : Follow the sunny path
034 : It thinks its a birdy?
035 : Did you know men call us chicks
036 : You will be lucky to find this one planted here
038 : Time for a dip?
039 : So thirsty!
040 : I really need to go!
041 : Follow the sunny path
043 : Throw on some swimwear
044 : Your a naughty little monkey
045 : Time for a dip
046 : I have been hunting so hard i think its time i went to bed
047 : Time to go raving, and make sure your legs are warm!
048 : Who turfed him out?
049 : I'm here to help
050 : How does your garden grow?
051 : Poses can be heavenly
052 : Penguins need rubber tubing too
053 : Time for a nap i think
054 : Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!
055 : I wonder whats on TV
056 : We all like ceramics
057 : Bikinis look so much better in black
058 : Roses are red, and look even redder next to colour demos
059 : It's taken a dip
060 : Bikinis look so much better in black
061 : Time for a cuddle
062 : Time for a paddle
063 : No one likes dirty rags
064 : Get some sweeping done while your here
065 : Who planted this one here?
066 : Vendors sell rubber tubing?
067 : Wedge this one in your inventory
068 : Wherever water is flowing the tube will be around
069 : Time to relax we are nearly done
070 : Pearls for the ladies? But black?
071 : Fairys stole my prize!

The Summertime & The Livin’s Easy Hunt

Start : July 1st
Finish : July 31st

You are looking for a pair of flip flops

001 : Panda power!
002 : Time to relax
004 : I thought you were meant to wear flip flops not carry them
005 : Time for some saturday night fever!
006 : A girls got to accessorize
007 : You have to be skinny to wear these
008 : Amor for the ladies
009 : No hint needed
010 : Time for you to step down
011 : Robogirl has it!
012 : Very well pruned
013 : Step up hunters!
014 : Careful they don't melt

Surfs Up Hunt

Starts : July 10
Finishs: July 31st


Crazy Arse Hair Hunt 2

Start : July 15th
Finish : Aug 15th

You're looking for a crazy coloured gummy bear

001 : (1/3) The bunny can see it from here, can you? (2/3) This one prefers midnight (3/3) Women look hot in mesh right?
002 : OMG who killed mr Gummy Bear??
003 : Kina is guarding your prize
004 : In a very obvious place ;)
005 : Where would you like to go?
006 : Time to step up!
007 : Spider bear, Spider Bear, does whatever a spider bear does.
008 : Watch your step!
009 : No hint needed
010 : Naughty Bears must stand here and reflect on there bad behaviour
011 : No hint needed
012 : I wonder whats up her skirt?
013 : Love brings us together
014 : Time to stop the bullying
015 : No hint needed
016 : Girls wouldlook cute in that purple dress don't you think?
017 : Would you like a demo?
018 : AVATAR time to look harder!
019 : No hint needed
020 ; Its curtains for you
021 : Watch your step!
022 : Need a ice cool drink maybe?
023 : Time to step up
024 : Time to step up
025 : Meet me on hte veranda
026 : Time to chill out!
027 : Wow thats a lovely dress
028 : HeyBrasculkzia, don't fall behind
029 : Who planted that one there?
030 : Whatis the grid status?
031 : This one is pointed out to you
032 : No hint needed
033 : This one seems very supportive
034 : Assistance please.
035 : This one is a sin, who dropped it down there!
036 : What a lovely view
037 : He thinks hes a viking you know!
038 : I tip my hat to people who find this one
039 : I am the king of the castle
040 : Is it time for tea?
041 : No hint needed
042 : Please don't litter! Put your rubbish where it belongs
043 : Don't fall behind with grabbing landmarks
044 : No hint needed
045 : I love it when people put there gummy bears away
046 : I think its free!
047 : It's curtains for you
048 : No hint needed, just head on in, you won't miss it
049 : Where naughty bears should be!
050 : Do you need further info?
051 : The Phoenix hovers way above.

The Unknown Hunt

Start : July 7th
Finish : Aug 7th


If you want me to blog SLURLS to the stores then let me know

16 July 2010


I am currently busy running the Addiction Hunt.

I haven't forgotten anything, I just do not and have not had the time to blog.

I have already apologised for this once!

In addition... I will be resuming hunting properly and blogging on Monday the 19th of July. This will allow me time to iron out the issues in my hunt, and give me a few days to have a bit of a rest.

15 July 2010

Addiction Hunt

Started today,,,


8 July 2010


For my lack of hint blogging recently. I am working hard to get the Addiction Hunt running perfectly on the 15th. Once that has started and everythings running smoothly i can get back to blogging for you all.

Mally x

6 July 2010

Mals small mini rant...

I need to vent, sorry guys and gals.

Organsing the addiction hunt is hard to do, and it needs the cooperation of the vendors.

Now i have asked stores if they are ok, if the details for the stores are ok and if they are still taking part etc.

I take time out of hunting for you guys and gals, time i hold very dear as hunting is what i do. I took time out to label every single hunt item (so i know its right for you guys) and put in every single LM into each item (so i know i have the right order and no gaps). I then send this out one by one to each and every store owner so i know they have it personally from me.

I then get in contact with the owner of a store (which i shall not name), who when asked if she was ready to take part on the 15th. She replied with "not". Just that word, no other words.

When i delve deeper this store owner has known around 3 WEEKS about not wanting to do my hunt. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When i confront her about it, i asked her why the HELL she didn't tell me before i had taken time out to sort all the items and send them out, and that its gonna take even more work to get in contact with stand in stores, get them up to speed and to get the store infront changed over. She said I had direspected her and i should get some education. Well sorry but you and your store can go f**k yourselfs.

I have found a very awesome skin store to replace them, heres a one fingered salute from me time wasting muppets!

1 July 2010

Random Post - Slingo Hostess Jobs

I wouldn't usually put things like this here but I need to really.

I have taken over the running of a Slingo department on a (for now) all female sim.

I am looking for some slingo hostesses ( and in the future hosts) to host hour long slots throughout the week.

If you want to know further details and want to work with me on this, the PLEASE please please look me up inworld. I would love to hear from you.

Beach Loving Hunt

Starts : July 1st
Ends : Aug 1st

You are looking for a blue sun

02 : Hit the instore hint giver
04 : Hit the instore hint giver
05 : This leads downwards to crashing water
06: Don't I look hot in Jeans!
07: You will find it near the town of halloween, are you the king of the pumpkin patch?
08: Relax perhaps? (labelled 7)
09: I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICECREAM!
10: Time to join in?
11: Aviation for the nation
12: I Never Ever have fallen through railings, have you?
13: Its beach season, don't forget that girls. (labelled 12 with no next LM in the folder)
14: Join in with everyone else!
15: Girls love a bit of romance
16: Careful arrows can prove fatal
18: All ladies need a LBD
19: Hey baby your such a poser!
20: So grungey!
21: Gotta love OREOS and milk
22: This beach boy has been tangoed!
23: Are you lucky? (labelled 22)
24: She looks divine in those jewels.
25: I think she is a mommy.
26: Careful it may be poisonous!
27: Head high towards the sky
28: Heads up hunters!
32: Gestures are alive... with the sound of music.
33 : Ceramics are breakable so careful how you balance your sun
34: Time to relax everyone. (labelled 33)
35: Buy the hint giver in store (labelled 34)
36: I think i lost it while i was relaxing.
37: Anyone hungry?
38: It perches.. the guardian of the entrance
39: Who planted this one here!

Hunts I will be Blogging over the next few days....

Aim for the Game Hunt -1st Item seems to be on the poster, not set to sale, and I have no way of seeing the next store, as there is no info on the blog. If anyone has any further information on this one, please let me know.

DONE Beach Loving Hunt - Filling in the gaps, see HERE for hints/SLURLS

Can't Fight the Moonlight Hunt

Don't Fall Asleep Hunt No item at start location it seems

Mad as a Hatter Hunt

Mad Duck Hunt
Can't find the start location

There seem to be a lot of Kinks in these hunts, making starting any a real struggle for me. I have the Addiction Hunt to organise on top of doing these.
I will check tomorrow and try get them blogged asap

If you know of any more which need to be done please let me know

Texture Mania Hunt

Starts :July 1st
Ends : July 31st


Gone Fishin Hunt

Starts : July 1st
Ends : July 31st


Mellow Yellow Hunt

Starts :July 1st
Ends : July 25th

A fabulous full hint and SLURL list on the official hunt page HERE