1 November 2010

I'm baaaaaack baby... well almost

Well hunters, I am almost back to normal. Training is almost done and I am soon on a normal regular rota. This should help and allow me to hunt and blog again. Monday next week my rota kicks in, so expect more from me from that point onwards.

Mally xx

All Egypt Hunt

All Egypt Hunt, has been done in 3 times during this year, this time we are working already on the 4th one, this specific Hunt tries to spread over multiple themed Sims on the Egypt, Arabian, Roman, etc styles, bringing people to know and explore the sim, making traffic and potential clients.

This Hunt will be on November 1st to 7th

Your starting point:

1. Moda di Roma ( look up for 2 gifts) : Good luck everyone and happy hunt!!!
2. Lost Eden *Adult *Romantic the Friendliest lifestyle island ( 1 gift)
3. Habibi-- The Middle Eastern Oasis ( at least 1 gift for sure, but go around the shops maybe some of them already added themself)
4. Angel's cry - Little egypt (1 Gift)
5. The Hittite Empire ( if the gift in not placed around please IM to JadeReal Balazic to ask for a hint)
6. Affinity Boutique, Taliesins Tails & Ravens Wear ( 2 gift)
8. Cleo Mall and Horus Mall ( 13 gifts, hint: look all around the sim, there are 3 buildings on the ground, and use th eteleporter system to find some in the Luxuries Villa there are 12, some have gifts, not all)
9. EGYPT ( look around the several shops, not sure the number of them what are participating, but the pyramids are easy to find out )
10. --The Nubian Empire-- ( 2 gifts)