25 December 2009

Merry Xmas

Just a message to wish all the hunters of Second Life a very merry christmas. Wishing you all a peaceful and wonderful day with your loved ones. Remember to eat till you feel sick and indulge in far to much booze.

Love you all,
Mally xxxxxx

20 December 2009

~C*C~ Zombie Apocalypse Christmas Hunt

Starts : Dec 20th
Ends : Jan 2nd

Your looking for 10 journals.

Sim can be found HERE

It's Christmas Day and you've wandered to The Farm. But something is very wrong. It's Residents have gone missing, the house is a mess, and ..... is that blood? What looked to be a Christmas celebration, now looks like death.

You will need to find the journals hidden around the farm. Wear them to read them, to find out the answers to the questions below. The answers to these questions will need to be answered at the right Chest on channel 1 (/1 "answer") to open them. Buy the present inside to get the gifts! Each member of the farm has a chest with a gift inside and each has 2 journals to find (10 in total).
Annie: What did Annie wish they had to decorate the tree with? (1 word answer)

Ama: What does Ama hate most about the Holiday Season? (1 word answer)

Ryou: What does Ryou want to burn in this Holiday Season? (2 word answer)

Yuki: What did Yuki club 'Mr. Jenkins' with?
(1 word answer)

Natte: Who stole Natte's pillow stuffing?
(1 word answer)

18 December 2009

Neko Sim Hunt

Starts : Dec 7th
Ends : Dec 30th

Your looking for Brass Knuckles

Start Location can be found HERE

Missing Mile X-Mas Hunt

Starts : Dec 2nd
Ends : Dec 31st

Start location can be found HERE

1 : Under her Boobs
2 : Buy some milk
3 : Go Fish
4 : Project yourself
5 : Grab some Mashmellows
6 : Want some Fries with that?
7 : You spin me round and round..
8 : Shop and Take a Leak
9 : We don’t need no education
10 : Get Lucky
11 : Delivery or Carry out?
12 : Pray for it!

Holiday Hunt at {Frick}

Starts : Dec 12th
Ends : Jan 4th

Start location can be found HERE

There are 14 items to find

The Annual Candy Cane Hide ‘N’ Seek

Started : Dec 11th
Ends : Dec 31st

Start can be found HERE

Participating Stores
1. SD Wears
2. Maloney & Hudson
3. Pixel Dolls
4. (nova) aka 7DoA aka Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe
5. K2
6. Loser Designs
7. Silk & Satyr
8. Dangerous Cinsations
9. DragonLady Designs
10. OuTRage!
11. Thalia’s Fashion
12. !mpossible
13. Primal Arts Tattoo

12 Days of Christmas Hunt at paper.doll and noir*lily

Starts : Dec 13th
Ends : Dec 25th


Store can be found HERE

House Nishi Hunt

Started : Dec 2nd
Ends : Jan 1st

You are looking for a blue box.

Start Location is HERE. This is a sim hunt in the store and Mall.

17 December 2009

Curse of the Black Pearl Hunt

Starts : Dec 15th
Ends : Jan 15th

Your looking for a pearl in a shell.

1 Start here.... pray for help......
2 Methinks Vanessa was a Pirate in a past life, she keeps steeling the pearl and hiding it near her feet, hahaha.
3 look around the green and blue
4 The porpoise of light...
5 smell the pine and look behind the pool
6 tired of hunting, take a load off and put your feet up
7 click the HInt Board as you TP to the store
8 Search for the Black Pearl at the Treasure Island
9 SEA & ROCKS' picture this
10 had to drop out of hunt proceed from 9 to 11 please....
11 What's on TV?
12 Click the Hint Box at the Landing Point for your clue.
13 Watch out you may step on me
14 Get a hint from the greet at landing
15 Must use the teleporter and landing to shop ------hint: Beneath the moving waves
16 My Hut is my Castle {be careful when u click on pearl.....}
17 I love going on these at the fair
18 Upon a shelf I sit. Next to a hat that is a perfect fit.
19 Baby polar bears are nice
20 Find the costumes and you may get cursed
21 when pigs fly
22 search for the temple of doom and the pearl will appear!
23 Pearls are a great accessory!
24 Stay within the store and look to the trees
25 Tiss the season to give a gift?!
26 Red Sky at Night, sailor's delight.
27 "Run to the back of the ship and grab a boot to bail water with"
28 The pearl likes to take a spin on the dance floor. Waltz anyone?
29 Think Black and OH don't forget to SUBSCRIBE :)
30 "Diamonds aren't a ladies best friend, pearls are"
31 you wont fall through if you look here.
32 Come Take A Dip In The Pool
33 Come inside, head one floor up. Where does it hide? Check in a cup
34 It is all about treasure.
35 Ya pirates looking for the loot? Find the right skull to find your booty!
36 look behind the tree covered in moss
37 Look at that pearl in the window
38 Look around the corner
39 under the fish tank
40 Fenced in
41 Search near christmas colors
42 Under The Christmas Tree We Go"
43 Make a bid and find me
44 A pearl tends to stair at colorful Jewels around Midnight
45 deep in the sea, the wreckage they found, perhaps some of the treasure is still on the ground
46 Look underneath the stairs
47 Skip around for now...... to 48
48 Into the vintage store you must go, there's more treasure here than just shoes you know!"
49 An epic battle lies between you and your prize
50 The hint will be blurb, brrrr, cold, blurb
51 Who likes short shorts?
52 When lights twinkle, pearls can be found
53 Annex room of formal matey's.
54 Make sure you clam "up" so your pearl doesn't "fall" out
55 dead men tell no tales
56 " Why dont you have a sit for a spell but make sure to look around our u might miss something.
57 'Bathe and Boat and let thoughts be purged. you can Boat in a bath and then find things submerged'.
58 Having a blue Christmas?
59 Your prize is in the NW corner of the store,On the first floor. A little bookish area.
60 when you go up look down
61 yummy love a good sweet snack, If you have a sweet tooth look behind me.
62 I'm doin the pee pee dance! Where is the restroom?
63 Shining in the light of the candles
64 Up the stairs times 2 then find a tiny seat and woohoo!
65 Water runs and pearls thrive.
66 It is desparate to light up your life
67 Butterflies flutter bye but don't be distracted
68 Don't eat to many of these, they may give you wind ;) (or behind the german couple having sex cause thats what was going on when i was here... MADNESS)
69 Don't get burned!
70 Flutters
71 Hunt ye high or hunt ye low, it's to the ship you'll need to go.
72 The Curse of the Black Ornament!
73 Let us know if you need to get in shape!!
74 A Star will guide them.
75 Beware the "Shark"
76 Its neither here nor there, to reach it, you would have to stand on a chair
77 where gifts are at christmas
78 Seek the corner
79 stear your ship carefully to the third floor and find items that relate to the open waters
80 Ring the pearl
81 Where treasure if ment to be hidding...
82 Look near the bed and you will see your gift..
83 I gaze at thee thro a flowing rum the Frog has it! horning in
84 Who decided that fins were optional features?
85 Im in a bit of a spin
86 Where does a pirate hide his treasure? Crouching behind a couch perhaps?
87 The pearl will always be in the spotlight
88 Such a long hunt deserves a break ..please have a seat and look around
89 I am Cursed in True Darkness
90 In plain sight
91 Roses are red, but sometimes blue, i love weddingcakes and i want to share it with you!
92 Like to like, and round they be. What's hardly there, but all can see?"
93 Down by the boardwalk under the sea...

A HUGE thank you to Kaffe for giving me this information, much love to the Curse of the Black Pearl Hunt <3

15 December 2009

Step On It Hunt

Starts : Dec 13th
Ends : Dec 31st

Your looking for sculpted shoe laces/bows

This group have really got there act together, hats off peoples.



14 December 2009

Down the Chimney Hunt

Starts : Dec 6th
Ends : Dec 20th

You are looking for a book

1. Must have fallen off the table.
2. So many options, what shall I read?
3. Check where your gifts will be.
4. Have a seat and enjoy the tree.
5. Strike a Pose
6. Good thing I found Heels, I'm not quite tall enough to reach this!
7. While waiting for the store to rezz, have a seat on a lovely bench.
8. it's a record!
9. Relax with Santa and the Black Pearl.
10. A Red HERRING? Throw him a BONE.
11. At the top of the revolution.
12. He was in the lineup.
13. Letters for the Holidays
15. Dont spill your coffee on the workbench.
16. Grab a giftcard.
17. I've not seen these here before! (Same clue for both male and female gifts)
18. Mmm, Frosting!
19. Round and Round you go.
20. Read the sign very closely.
21. I'm so angelic.
22. If you put your ears up to these, you can hear the ocean.
23. No hint needed.
24. Need to make a call?
25. I saw the scoop dresses and that was the end of it.
26. There's nothin like a cup of hot chocolate by the fire on a cold day.
27. See Captain Kirk.
28. I'm noticing a trend. Curl up by the fire.
29. By the fireplace, you may be caught unaware, it's ok, just sit in the chair. (literally, sit in the chair)
30. You're my best friend.
31. With a barrel for a chair, I sit here in the open air.
32. Missing
33. A downward spiral is in your future.
34. I dropped the book on my way out the backdoor.
35. [Missing]
36. just having a picnic with some of my closest friends
37. Beware the puppy guarding this book, he might love you to death.
38. Ask for help at the main desk.
39. (1 of 2) Be a joiner. (2 of 2) Not without my leggings!
40. Missing
41. You must be tired from climbing, half a seat.
42. Did you fall asleep reading again? You dropped it!
43. Purple or red? Why not both?
44. Skipped
45. Study that sign a little closer.
46. Aw look at the kitty!
47. Feeling Lucky?
48. I want to be part of the group too!
49. Pot?
50. Peeps are my favorite.
51. I'm keeping an eye on those authority figures, they're in front of me but i'm hiding down below.
52. Be sure to water the plants.
53. Ahh, naptime.
54. I've lit a candle for you, just be mindful it doesnt burn the dresses.
55. Skipped
56. I'm not fat, I'm a thin edition. A belted skirt will work fine for me.
57. No hint needed.
58. She's holding the book for you.
59. Aw Monkey guards.
60. Ah, my lucky rabbit's foot.
61. No hint needed.
62. So many books!
63.Poor headless lady.
64. Skipped
65. No hint needed, just be sure to let everything rezz.
66. Some tweezers wouldnt hurt Frida.
67. Grab the book while you admire the beautiful chandelier.
68. Shelved.
69. I goggled it. You mean google? No, GOGGLE.
70. No hint needed.
71. Read again.
72. No Hint needed.
73. If you have a seat, you just might see it.
74. No Hint needed.
75. Dont forget your hat and scarf! It's cold out.
76. Wouldnt you like updates too?
77. A wardrobe for mini people.
78. No hint needed, just be sure you're in the right store.
79. Getting back to its roots
80. Care for a drink?
81. He must have been bad for his ears to be stretched like that!
82. I know you want to go upstairs but the stairs are out right now.
83. read all about the extras this location offers!
84. The dark angel is holding your book.
85. Have to love how heels sound on cobblestone.
87. Was drawn to the feathers.
88. Misbehaving book.
89. Need a sleigh for all those gifts?
90. Guarded by the sun and the moon.
91. Ensure you're the first to know.
92. I must have bumped this book with my toe when I was closing the drawers.
93. Take a seat and rest your feet.
94. Would you like a muffin?
95. I'm telling you, this will keep your BODY WARM.
96. Poor Yorick.
97. I'm just reading while i wait for dinner.
98. Make Sure Santa has you listed as good.
99. That pattern almost reminds me of a candy cane.

11 December 2009

The One Is Silver and The Other’s Gold Hunt

Start : Dec 5th
Ends : Jan 9th

001 Like the waterfall? Where's the shadow coming from?
002 Do you feel the Sensation?
003 I'm SO BRIGHT!
004 Have a seat.
005 Double check the name of the store.
006 Michelle is almost as lucky as you
007 Hunters please join in.
008 See Mr Snowman being respectful, he appreciates a good bell.
009 Cycle through, see what you can see, but dont get left behind.
010 Christmas isn't the same without one but they don't half make a mess!
011 You tired yet hunters?
012 (1/2) Oink oink little piggy (2/2) Now its winter you may need one for when you venture outside.
013 Watching from on high
014 No hint needed
015 Mieow, he watches you intently, wondering if you will find the prize
016 No hint needed
017 No hint needed
018 I think it is flashing you
019 It sparkles like crystal
020 Need fishing stuff? Look Up.
021. This is to remind you of the beautiful music they make together.
022 This room only looks empty.
023 Illuminating.
024 Very clever, at least you will never lose him now, not too tight, don't want him to choke
025 : Lets shed a little light on the matter
026 : Don't you hate it when you lose things down the back of one
027 : No hint needed
028 : I love xmas its always packed full of fun stuff to do
029 : No hint needed
030 : This big bell sits proudly on display
031 : No hint needed
032 : So many but which is real?
033 ; I think Celts may like this
034 : Made just for you, but they are rather cold.
035 ; Let me present you with the gift.
036 : You will light up when you see it
037 : Is it roosting perhaps?
038 : Do you have your chestnuts at the ready
039 : Hey daisy, where is it?
040 : Wonder what other hunts they are doing?
041 : Peace and love to all hunters
042 : I whacked too hard and it got stuck up there.
043 : One should never mix there drinks
044 : Fancy some champagne?
045 : Time to step up hunters and find your prize.
046 : Eek, I think he needs a hug
047 : Thats a sensible place for a bell.
048 : You think you can act?
049 : Relight my fire!
050 : No hint needed
051 : Careful he may crawl up the wall.
052 : This is complete baubles
053 : Each of them are indivdual, not one is the same.
054 : Lets hope it doesnt fly away
055 : This one will have you barking mad
056 : Don't smash it, its bad luck.
057 : They are both gold and silver and dangle very nicely.
060 : Admire the view from up here
061 : You best get to the root of the matter
062 : Join in why don't you
063 : TOOK ME BACK TO 43
064 : So sparkley, twinkley
065 : This will make me as mad as a hatter!
066 : Great view of the waves from here
067 : May i present you with your prize.
068 : No hint needed hunters
069 : Hoist the main sail.
070 : The star is looking down onto it.
071 : Time for some window shopping
072 : Soilder boy, hand it over.
073 : Careful it doesn't get too hot.
074 : Reguard your submissive, she has an offering of great warmth.
075 : Wonder what I get for advent?
076 : Sat safely inside, its the best place for it
077 : Brrr that looks a little cold.
078 : Hey Stevie, have you seen my bell?
079 : I do love the feel of a brush through my hair
080 : Looks lovely in leather
081 : Dru needs to dress hersef by now, shes a big girl!
082 : Black, Red or Blue, you decide.
083 : Which sign are you?
084 : Owch that gotta hurt up there
085 : Anyone for anything cold?
086 : No hint needed
087 : I am feeling very patriotic.
088 : Anna can see it, can you?
089 : (1/2) Underneath the arches (2/2) Decorating one of these can be a pain!
090 : How noble, but you do look a tad silly.
091 : Watch as it greets you
092 : May i enquire to what time it is?
093 : Give it back rudolf!
094 : I can sea it, can you?
095 : You can't see the wood for the tree!
096 : I will have my cake and eat it.
097 : We all love candy don't we?
098 : Finding this one is a piece of cake.
099 : Time to go for a ride.
100 : I'm tired hunters :(
101 : If your lucky I will post the location up here.
102 : Does it think its a birdy?
103 : I don't think i have seen this one here before?
104 : I can see the light, i can see so clearly now.
105 : I do feel bad that he can't fly :(
106 : Did Judy Garland put them there?
107 : Hold on... thats not a bell is it?
108 : God I hate needles.
109 : God must hurt getting one there, let me lean against the wall to steady myself.
110 : Hush, can you hear them chiming?
111 : Just you wait, its coming soon!
112 : No hint needed, its rather large.
113 : This one is wreathy easy to find.
114 : No Hint needed
115 : Get thinking, get those cogs turning!
116 : Careful its spikey I think. Holly hurts :(
117 : Lets shed a little light on the matter
118 : Don't put it up on a pedestal
119 : Fernaly found it, phew.
120 : What a poser!
121 : Mmm tears taste good, but of what?
122 : WOW.... erm..... no hint needed, trust me.
123 : I wonder how they stained that glass?
124 :This piercing will raise a few brows!
125 : Xmas always looks better with decoration, Judy Garland thinks so.
126 : I hope the candles don't set it on fire
127 : She is such a poser
128 : And the Sabbath bell, That over wood and wild and mountain dell Wanders so far, chasing all thoughts unholy With sounds most musical, most melancholy. The old mayor climbed the belfry tower, The ringers ran by two, by three; "Pull, if ye never pulled before; Good ringers, pull your best," quoth he
129 : Time to post those xmas cards
130 : This maiden is very cold don't you think Frieda?
131 : Say cheese
132 : Wonder which one is the real one
133 : I hate dark dreams, they scare me
134 : Look at me i'm Sandra Dee
135 : No hint needed
136 : Wonder where i should go to get help?
137 : Anyone for home made apple pie?
138 : We all love fuzzy socks.
139 : No hint needed
140 : I hope i dont sound corny but you will find it easily
141 : Santa arrives when the clock strikes midnight.
142 : Follow it sprialling up, at the top you will get your prize.
143 : God what a load of baubles
144 : Train your eye to see where the winter snow has fallen.
145 : I wonder if theres anything more than bats at the sumit of this belfry
146 :I wonder if it's ming?
147 : Anyone know any good campfire songs?
148 : No hint needed
149 : Jack says "Merry xmas"
150 : You fancy a smooch?
151 : Time to splash around hunters and relax
152 : Don't hurt your neck looking for this one.
153 : I think someone has been feeding it Absynthe
154 : No hint needed
155 : We all love a bit of pottery
156 : She watches you from above, let her ring your bell
157 : Do they know its xmas time at all?
158 : I'm pining to find the prize
159 : Christmas is a time to sit down with the whole family and eat together, turkey perhaps?
160 : No hint needed lol

Just like to voice my opinion over the group itself. Very rude people, bitching at me cause my hints are "out of date". Well no wonder with 20 odd hunts going on or more, my internet cutting out every 10mins. I work day in day out to hint hunts and get SLURLS so hunters can move on when they get stuck. Try having a bit of god damn respect!

10 December 2009

The Tarot Card Hunt

Start : Dec 7th
Ends : Jan 7th

Your looking for tarot card.

#001 - Frosty will freeze it if your not careful
#002 -Round and round they go
#003 - Your such a gentleman!
#004 -Don't forget to tp!
#005 - Home is where your rump rests!
#006 - Don't cry angel!
#007 -Look hard enough and luck may be on your side!
#009 - This will have you as mad as a hatter!
#010 - Watch your step hunters, it could be toxic.
#011- Hey doll, this one is not to hard to see.
#012 - Almost illuminating, try edging your bets.
#013 - Enjoy the warm welcome :)
#014 - Only fools like christmas
#015 - Regarding the colours of christmas, fools should only been seen in them.
#016 - Makes a good gift, a voucher!
#017 -I think its time you stepped down!
#018 -Did you know Drucilla likes to read?
#019 - Families should always eat lunch at the table!
#020 - Shes going straight to hell.
#021 - Take off that gasmask and see what you can see, combichrist perhaps?
#022 - (male+ female ) I predict a riot
#023 - (1/2) Just dance, gonna be ok! (2/2) Wear your beaming smile if you have found it.
#024 -An elephant has one too.
#025 - Anyone fancy a cuppa?
#026 - Time to pay your respects
#027 - Your in a world of fantasy
#028 - Check the sign, they dropped out but there item is infront of the store
#029 - No hint needed
#030 - Mr Potter would feel comfortable here!
#031 - Think OUTSIDE the box for this one.
#032 - What a fool, hes so damn naughty, time to be punished
#033 - Remember to put it away once your done with it
#034 - Wonder if he ate all my porridge, don't think you wanna call him a fool though.
#035 - Careful not to crush it
#036 - Wonder if this one is dicounted?
#037 - These do look good out there, make sure it doesnt melt
#038 - This one is LEDGEandary!
#039 - This one really DRAWs your attention
#040 - Don't you find this a little fishy?
#041 - The skies the limit
#042 -You would look lovely in lace!
#043 - Who doesnt love a good sale?
#044 - What would the maid do if she had done something wrong?
#045 - Perhaps its time to step up?
#046 - I can see your future!
#047 - Take in the lovely scent
#048 - Careful you don't smash it as you peep inside!
#049 -Should I call our small friend Edgar, Allen or Poe?
#050 - Don't mask your enthusiasm
#051 - Fools only appear at certain times of the day
#052 - Never arm a fool with a weapon, could end in heartbreak!
#053 -I think a dentist may be needed!
#055 - Another name for a fool perhaps?
#056 - How low can it go?
#057 - Sure hope it tastes as good as it looks
#058 - She holds it gently in the palm of her hand, but shes not too good at painting!
#059 - What has santa left for you?
#060 - Never ever stand back and watch the world go round.
#061 - Time to get to the route of the problem
#062 - You will gaga over your low priced gift
#063 - Cross my palm with silver, and i shall look to the future!
#064 - Nearly done, arent you lucky
#065 -Soldier boy has it stored away close bye
#066 - They go no where, how odd.

The Candy Cane Hunt

Another hunt thats on the ball with there own hints. As its already dont I wont be rushing to do my own hints, so, here is the link to there official blog and if i have time later in the month i will go back if needed.


9 December 2009

Santas Little Helper Hunt

Santas little helper hunt is on the ball. They have there own hints page which is pretty much up to date. I will be going along and filling the gaps and posting them here. But all in all we can use there hints

I usually go along and hint a hunt regardless of if they have a hint page or not, however, as there are so many at the moment, i prefer to do the gaps then go back and do the whole hunt if i have time.



Missing Hints not found on the official site can be found Below

5 : This one will collar you!
12 : No hint needed
13 : Twinkly lights lead the way.
14 : (boys) These boots are made for walking! (girls) Put on your party heels and do some more hunting.
16 : Wow that is so big i could fit in it!
18 : Splish splash I was taking a bath.
22 : No hint needed

8 December 2009

Jingle Bell Hunt

You are looking for a Jingle Bell.

1 Presents arent the only things here.
2 Check out what other hunts to look for awhile you're here.
3 Warm yourself.
4 What's in your future?
5 [Couldnt find]
6 You're abominable.
7 A present?! For me?!
8 Cherokee?
9 You're definitely Irish.
10 This ship has sailed.
11 What do you see when you look into my eyes?
12 Life is a rose garden.
13 Just another gear in the machine.
14 Dont you want to be part of the group too?
15 Santa's already been here obviously.
16 This bell rings high.
17 It's dark in here. Check the lightbulb?
18 The idea was shelved.
19 [Couldnt Find]
20 Dont step on me.
21 Something must be propping this up.
22 Shopping is an Indulgence.
23 And in my spare time I belly dance.
24 Check and see if Santa's been here.
25 Dont forget stocking stuffers.
26 [Missing store]
27 O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree
28 I always liked SATIN better than silk.
29 [Empty Stores]
30 Just about half I'd say.
31 [Extremely Laggy, no sign]
32 I think Valentine's might be my favorite holiday.
33 Ask Santa if you're been naughty.
34 Dont mind the polar bear, he's just keeping an eye on the bell.
35 Does Hello Kitty like Crossbones?
36 You're invited!
37 I'm a star.
38 Always on display.
39 Just chillin with Frosty.
40 [No hunt sign visible]
41 Have a seat and chat with Santa, while you're at it, check out the shoes.
42 I love your hat, Mrs Frosty.
43 Matchy Matchy, Red Squared.
44 Which to choose? Traditional or white?
45 Have a chat with Vanessa.
46 Jingle Bell, or Jingle ball?
47 Posted.
48 Bright, Shiny and NEW
49 [couldnt find]
50 [Find Collision's] White or red bow goes better?
51 In a room guarded by Soldiers and Candy Canes, Seek the nature girl.
52 Simply Tired.
53 This bell thinks it's misletoe.
54 Before climbing, choose a color. Red, Silver, blue, fuschia, or teal?
55 Ornamental
56 Feelin lucky?
57 A ring for Frosty.
58 Be sure to salute the flag.
59 I'm Gaga over you.
60 Just a paperweight.
61 Stars, balls, and candles.
62 Raising the bar.
63 :What's the store called again?
64 Teaparty anyone?
65 [Store gone]
66 Pinned!
67 A bell makes a great mantlepiece.
68 Illuminating.
69 Did you wash your hands?
70 Be sure to subscribe.
71 Pucker up!
72 Dont step on me.
73 It's almost Celestial.
74 You have my heart.
75 No woman can have enough shoes.
76 Now's a good time to lounge for a rest.
77 Share some bamboo with her, and she may give you the bell.
78 The leather squeaks, I found the bell when I was looking for the remote.
79 Gimme a quarter! I want a prize!
80 Which way do you choose at the T in the road?
81 Need to get some footwear to match this gown.
82 Sometimes the best things really are found in the basement.
83 Save your drama for the Llama!
84 Look closely, what may appear to be a ball, may really be a bell.
85 You got to keep them separated.
86 Just stocking up for December 25th.
87 Your frontdoor would be bare without one of these.
88 This bell is waiting for Santa.
89 Sharpen your pencil!
90 I'm just going to have a seat while you look.
91 Santa's gonna burn his butt.
92 Gaze into the stars.
93 Support Autism Research.
94 That's very Thomas Kincade of you.
95 Demos really can be your best friend.
96 Have you been here in the past?
97 I've called for them, they take awhile to get around, must be all the crimefighting.
98 Nothing prettier than a lit up Christmas Tree.
99 Beware of this cupid.
100 Comments? Questions?
102 Got nothing between his ears.
103 Dont discount it.
104 All Alone
105 New Round things!
106 Little sparkles of light join this bell.
107 No hint needed.
108 You need something to finish that outfit off.
109 Who doesnt want to live amongst Palms?
110 Did you remember to water the plants before you left?
111 Just like a present, waiting for Christmas Day.
112 Tell Santa what you want.
113 On the stroke of Midnight....
114 Find the fractions. (XX/XXX)
115 All bottled up.
116 (1 of 2) Meiou has what you're seeking. (2 of 2) Couldnt find.
117 Hold this.
118 Just hanging here watching the tree.
119 Plant hope and watch it grow.
120 Read about the power of submission, and see if it rings your bell.
121 Read Bethany's signs carefully.
122 Being warmed by candles and holiday spirit.
123 GO Green.
124 Boughs of Holly.
125 Read the sign closely.
126 Strung up like misletoe
127 It may be winter, but i'll still wear my shorts!
128 Trust me, pigs do fly.
129 Every girl loves Roses
130 Cant miss me, but can you find the correct one?
131 Where would you look for presents?
132 Art in Motion
133 Feeling lucky?
134 You're my heart.
135 Perfect for a sleigh ride together with you.
136 Ready for take off
137 [couldnt find]
138 Reach for the sky
139 Who's turn to set the table for dinner?
140 [Couldnt find]
141 What an adorable hat!
142 Hearts, bows, candles.
143 Bell doesnt fall far from the tree!
144 Sit here and wait for Santa to show up, watch the coals though.
145 Do you take marshmallows in your cocoa?
146 Family Tradition is to watch the Nutcracker!
147 [Also #112, repeat? Couldnt find 147]
149 [Couldnt Find]
150 Go Diving.
151 [No sign, no bell]
152 She taught him to climb, he taught her to dangle. Where?
153 [Couldnt find]
154 [No Hunt Sign]
155 Instead of watching where you step, as you climb, watch your head.
156 Climb up to the rock, and look around, cant miss the bell.
157 [Couldnt find]
158 I'll just sit here and wait for you.
159 See Helen for current hints.
160 What a view!
161 Oooo A home for the sky?
162 Set of points.
163 Tree Trimmer.
164 I'm moody with the blues.
165 Look out to see what the weather is outside
166 [Unable to access]
167 Overlooking your teleports.
168 So many presents!
169 Bathtime
170 Head on up.
171 It's not a cactus, it needs watering
172 The stockings have been stuffed.
173 Spikey
174 While you're keeping your eye out for mistletoe, ring the bell.
175 Wink at the soliders and slip past to talk to Santa.
176 Wrapped all pretty.
177 Camoflaged well,
178 Grungy
179 No one can tire of looking at Christmas trees!
180 Be part of the group!
181 Flamenco Dancing anyone?

6 December 2009

For the Trolls

If i made an error with a SURL, or a hint, then do you not think its human error. Telling me im not helpful, that my hint site is rediculous is DAMN out of order.

Also telling me your hint is better and proceed to tell me what YOUR hint is wont make me post it. I post what the store owners themselves want up, not what you deem an appropriate hint!

I do this out of my free time to help people, if you think this is rediculous then do a hunt on your own and don't visit my site. SIMPLE SOLUTION!


5 December 2009

Bitter & Sweet Frostbite Hunt

Starts : Dec 3rd
Ends : Jan 3rd

Your looking for

Frost Route
002 : I wonder if one of these are toxic?
003 : Both directions are good
004 : Watch it squirm (labelled 000)
005 : Crash....
006 : What time is it?
007 : You will find your gift where the dolphins jump
008 : Corners are not just for bad people
009 : Check by the shoes :3
010 : Thats just way to close to FREAKY!!!
011 : I'm brighter than the brightest star because of where I am hidden – but I must hope I don't melt!
012 : No hint needed
013 : For the guys look down low in the mens area you need to go...... for the girls look up high on the girls side you will find
014 : Time to chill out maybe?
015 : Stay warm and toasty with a good book with like colours
016 : Mirror Mirror on the Wall who is the best hunter of them all?
017 : Is that a snowflake on the beach?
018 : Be careful this one may go right over your head!
019 : Nice hat!
020 : Hand her a tissue for those tears!
021 : Every Insect Has These
022 : Wonder if my eyes have seen these before??
023 : If my world was turned upside down, you'd tread on me.
025 : This is the Frosted path. On the 3rd floor, I'm afraid a MOUSE ate your gift
026 : The maids didn't clean the corners good in this castle! I really hate icky spiders!
027 : Time for a touch of gardening?
028 : Over the river and through the ... woops no trees right now lol ... head over the river and take a look at the pretty jewlery in the building to the left to find the frosted flake!
029 : Brrrrrrrrrrrrr very chilly
030 : Awww have you been a good girl?
031 : This one poinsettas you in the right direction!
032 : Does santa climb down your chimnea at xmas?
033 : He is the devil don't you know!
034 : Not in this room
035 : If frost, then search for frost
036 : No hint needed
037 : Some lights, some good tunes, its all one needs for a nightclub right?
038 :

Ok i have been doing this hunt for 3 days now, continually stuck, fed up. I have no more patience for this hunt. Sorry guys and gals.

4 December 2009

Help for non english Hunters..

Just a quick reminder, if your a non english speaking hunter who struggles to understand my hints. You can always use BABELFISH to translate the page into your native language :)

Happy Holidays Hunt

Starts: Dec 1st
Ends : Jan 5th
You are looking for A Christmas Ball/Ornament/Bauble thingamy.

1. Thanks for your support.
2. Take the Climb, and watch your step.
3. Must have slipped off.
4. I'm a star!
5. Not quite midnight.
6. Round and Round I go.
7. Lovely Bells of Harmony.
8. A christmas ball in my stocking?!
9. You need one of these for your door.
10. Dont be such a square!
11. Dont forget your bags.
12. [No hunt sign, no ornament, Couldnt find store]
13 NO! This big pile is mine. GO away!
14. [no hunt sign, no ornament]
15. Hey! Dont kick me with those!
16. [No hunt sign, no ornament]
17. Let sleeping dogs lie.
18. On display.
19. Well, Where else would you expect it?
20.[no hunt sign, no ornament]
22. A witch, A witch!
23. I think this will cost you not many Lindens at all
24. I'm just going to lay down and take a little nap. [Warning: Ornament is set to buy at 10L NOT 0L]
27. Look Closer.
28. Really? You need a forklift to lift that?
29. Feelin Hot hot hot.
30. Need Some ink?
31. Right where it belongs.
32. This ornament was bad.
33. Right where you'd expect to find it.
34. [No hunt sign, no ornament]
35. Have you bought your Christmas tree yet?
36. Jingle Bells are red right?
37. [not set to buy] My favorite Chinese restuarant is Panda Heaven.
38. You're such an animal!
39. [WARNING: Set to cost 10L instead of 0L] Its so dark in here, help me out will you?
40. On Display, so check them
41. [WARNING: Set to cost 10L instead of 0L] Watch the needles.

It's on the Xmas Tree Hunt

Starts : Dec 1st
Ends : Dec 31st

You're looking for A Christmas Tree

1. Rudolph the Red- Oh, his nose is black. Frosty and I will have to rework the lyrics.
2. Did you remember to wash your hands?
3. Be on your GUARD!
4. Go retro.
5. Then the DJ played my favorite song.
6. What store is this again?
7. They hung the stockings with care.
8. Are Christmas trees flammable?
9. Bad Christmas tree
10. So illuminating.
11. Aw man, I hate spideys!
12. Mmm, Candy canes.
13. It's the climb.
14. I'm ready for liftoff.
15. Just picking out my stocking, Mom.
16. Find the correct store and what you seek will be revealed to you
17. Shhhhh my show is on.
18. [#17 gives wrong LM for 18] Find the stall you're looking for and you cant miss it.
19. Presents for ME?
20. Barrel of monkeys? Nope, just in ruins.
21. Just call me Crystal, i'll light up your life.
22 Have you stocked up on Christmasy stuff? How bout some freebies?
23. All tucked in for the night. Nothing better than a warm fireplace and a down comforter.
24. You could follow the star, or the snowflakes.
25. [couldnt find]
26. They celebrate Christmas on the Seven Seas as well, ya know.
27. Almost Midnight
28. Does Santa have a throne?
29. Still a pillar of society.
30. Have a seat and look around
31. My box, find your own!
32. You must have missed when you watered the plants.
33. Seems to mess up the pattern.
34. [no hunt sign, no tree]
35. Look Closer
36. *waves*
37. What time is it?
38. O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree......
39. [couldnt find]
40. Snapshots.
41. Ask Vanessa for some assistance.
42. Just waiting for Santa to land.
43. My boyfriend left his shirt here, mind grabbing it for me?
44. So beautiful when the sun shines through.
45. Again, look closer.
46. Walking in a winter wonderland.
47. Take care of your pets.
48. Tired from the hunt... just lounging.
49. Look Mom, I got an A!
50. Tinsel anyone?

2 December 2009

The Christmas Hunt

Starts : Dec 1st
Ends : Dec 31st

Your looking for a stocking.

001 : Natalie has it, shes keeping it safe
002 : I think i've lost weight, i'm really boney!
003 : Christmas tree... oh christmas tree. (item folder is labelled 003, item inside is labelled 004 and next LM is labelled 005)
005 : Owch i think I roasted my chestnuts on it too long.
006 : Look for the colour of snow.
007 : Light a Candle, its cold in here (someone showed me where but it just wouldn't rez for me)
008 : I think i am meant to put presents under here!
009 : Have you been a good girl, go ask santa!
010 : Santa may end up getting stuck now.
011 : I feel rather patriotic.
012 : Hmmm which one is real?
013 : When your a couple you feel 10 feet tall
014 : No hint needed
015 : Spiders, made of velvet??
016 : If your lucky you will get presents at xmas.
017 : Chestnuts roasting on an open fire....
018 : Owch, I will get neck ache looking at this!
019 : Are they chinese?
021 : Take a seat and listen to them tinkling on the ivories.
022 : No hint needed.
023 : I love night, its when the moon and stars appear.
024 : No hint needed, just go in the right direction.
025 : Twinkle twinkle little stars.
026 : It must of fallen off of a branch
027 : Wonder which is the real one?
028 : No hint needed, its hung up and you will see it.
029 : No hint needed
030 : Wonder whats past the pillar
031 : No hint needed, just shape up and find it.
032 : Pray at the altar!
033 : Hey your not a xmas tree.
034 : I am the duchess!
035 : You need a hand, make a wish, see what happens.
036 : Hung precisely where it should be!
037 : *yawns* Gosh I am so tyred.
038 : Close to the faries!
039 : Twinlke go the lights
040 : Follow your stars, its eisle!
041 : Find and follow the stars, go on hunters, join in!
042 : Owch this tree could hurt.
043 : If you visit here often you will know where this one is.
044 : It's just another brick in the wall.
045 : Hung up where it should be.
046 : Christmas isnt the same without one.
047 : Hung where it should be
048 : Is it scared living under there?
049 : This one has been naughty, sent to the corner like that.
050 : Hes away, quick grab it.
051 : Presents usually sit beneath this.
052 : Paw your way around this store to find what your looking for
053 :Look the offers & cheapest
054 : Beware the witching hour.
055 : Time to celebrate, grab your party gear!
056 : Dangling? Who stuck that there.
057 : Don't hurt your neck looking for this one.
058 : Can you see it sparkling? Aren't they meant to be green?
059 : Mmm toasty!
060 : Can anyone else hear that clucking?
061 : The Christmas Stocking is where Santa can find it
062 : No hint needed.
063 : Feeling chatty?
065 : This one is feeling quite supportive
066 : I can see all the colours of the rainbow.
067 : Do i have to kiss under it?
068 : Do you want to join in like everyone else?
069 : I think this lazy santa is trying to hide it!
070 : This one is so blingy!
071 : Hung where it should be.
072 : Every girl needs kinky undies for those cold winter nights.
073 : I am having trouble in this store, wonder if there is anyone there to assist me.
074 : Hop along the path like a good bunny.
075 : Don't they make a lovely couple?
077 : Wow this futon is so comfy
078 : Exactly where it should be at xmas time.
079 : Strung up with his friends so he doesn't get lonely
080 : I think it wants some turkey!
081 : I need someone tall to hell me get this one
083 : Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree.
084 : Time to rock a little
085 : Which one is the real one i wonder?
086 : Take a seat but don't get scratched!
087 : Not the safest place for a stocking!
088 : Presents for me?
089 : Only one is real so choose wisely.
090 : Get climbing hunters.
091 : Follow the beautiful sounds
092 : Exactly where it should be, for santa.
093 : Time for some window shopping perhaps?
094 :Christmas tree, oh christmas tree.
096 : Wonder whats on the box?
097 : Brrrrrrrr warm me up i'm blue
098 : The cuddly snowman and snowlady keep and eye on it
099 : Christmas tree, Oh christmas tree.
100 : Head inside from the snow hunters, and if you dont get it the 1st time it may get redelivered.
101 : It's xmas at the castle!
102 : This one is rather illuminating.
103 : Oooo twinkly lights
104 : I wonder which won is the real one.
105 : Take in the scent of the poinsettia
106 : With its clones, blending in.
107 : I feel like i should have a tropical cocktail in my hand.
108 : Follow your stary pathway
109 : Hung up, this one is wreathy easy.
110 : Rudolf is keeping it nice and safe
111 : WTF?!?!
112 : With the others where it should be
113 : While your here how about some bench presses?
114 : Hung ready for santa!
115 : Pillow fiiiiiiiiiiight
116 : Hung with the others.
117 : This one will have you iglooed to your seat.
118 : Make mine and eggnog.
119 : This one is quite urban, some may call it grungey
120 : Head to where it is most christmasy
121 ; Just follow your stars.
122 : On display, proudly up high.
123 : Follow your stars.
124 : Make mine a vodka and coke!
125 : Cover your eyes, they are flashing.
126 : Put where santa can get to it easily.
127 : A very victorian stocking.
128 : Wonder what santa has packed in them
129 : Gosh i'm so tired after all this hunting.
130 : Hello Kitty, your very Rockabilly
131 : Even Vampires like santa to visit.
132 : Who wants to join in?
133 : I can hear the patter of paws, wonder if its nearby?
134 : It's christmas, time to do some baking.
135 : No hint needed
136 : lolz, nice hat dude!
137 : Mmmm we all love free candy.
138 : (1/2) Mmmmmmm tastes so good (2/2) So full i best take a rest.
139 : Heads up hunters!
140 : Well camoflaged!
141 : Follow your stars
142 ; Hung up with the other xmas items.
143 : No hint needed
144 : Makes sense to put shopping in it.
145 : Oops i think it fell off.
146 : A naughty school girl has run off with it!
147 : No hint needed, just find the right store
149 ; Christmas tree, oh christmas tree
150 : Your such a bleeding heart!
151 : Warm your chestnuts here.
152 : Follow your starry path to your twinkly lights
153 : Ready and waiting for santa.
154 : Wonder whats on the Video?
155 : Follow your stars before nightfall.
156 : Presents for me?
157 : Christmas isn't right without one.
158 : Venture deep, but don't freeze, to find your prize
159 : Follow your stars hunters
160 : Mmm snack time
161 : How did that get up there?
162 : Anyone for a spot of fishing?
163 : Ahhh hes real scarey!
164 : What store is this again?
165 : Pop on your party hat and get ready for fun.
166 : Time to check out the scenary hunters.
167 : Play me a tune!
168 : Hey snowman, move!
169 : Belt up and find your prize
170 : Owch that scratches!
171 : No hint needed
172 : Illuminating!
173 : How are you soldier boy!
174 : I think it fell down!
175 : Wow this is so shiney I can see my face in it!
176 : This stocking sure loves giant bunny rabbits
177 : Eye wonder where this one is?
178 : Did you find that one, it was eisle!
179 : Aww a red nose like rudolf!
180 : Sat waiting for Santa!
181 :No hint needed
182 : They look dead to me
183 : Grab it, it's free!
184 : He may be alien but he is santa!
185 : Lets shed a little light on the situation
186 : Practice makes perfect!
187 : Mmmmmmmmmm I love candy
188 : She holds it in the palm of her hand
189 : Follow your stars and your soon to become a big fan!
190 : Find the twinkly lights, your prize is right there.
191 : How do they get snow in there?
192 : [if you follow the stars it should be in a snowmans mouth, but i personally couldn't see it]
193 : I think this one cruised too far, and got it jammed!
194 : I bet hes chilly trapped in there
195 : Wonder where I can go for help?
196 : Perched up there, watching you!
197 : Christmas tree, oh christmas tree.
198 : No Hint Needed
199 : No Hint Needed
200 : Awww it fell off!

Taaa daaaaaaaaaaa finally done