4 December 2009

Happy Holidays Hunt

Starts: Dec 1st
Ends : Jan 5th
You are looking for A Christmas Ball/Ornament/Bauble thingamy.

1. Thanks for your support.
2. Take the Climb, and watch your step.
3. Must have slipped off.
4. I'm a star!
5. Not quite midnight.
6. Round and Round I go.
7. Lovely Bells of Harmony.
8. A christmas ball in my stocking?!
9. You need one of these for your door.
10. Dont be such a square!
11. Dont forget your bags.
12. [No hunt sign, no ornament, Couldnt find store]
13 NO! This big pile is mine. GO away!
14. [no hunt sign, no ornament]
15. Hey! Dont kick me with those!
16. [No hunt sign, no ornament]
17. Let sleeping dogs lie.
18. On display.
19. Well, Where else would you expect it?
20.[no hunt sign, no ornament]
22. A witch, A witch!
23. I think this will cost you not many Lindens at all
24. I'm just going to lay down and take a little nap. [Warning: Ornament is set to buy at 10L NOT 0L]
27. Look Closer.
28. Really? You need a forklift to lift that?
29. Feelin Hot hot hot.
30. Need Some ink?
31. Right where it belongs.
32. This ornament was bad.
33. Right where you'd expect to find it.
34. [No hunt sign, no ornament]
35. Have you bought your Christmas tree yet?
36. Jingle Bells are red right?
37. [not set to buy] My favorite Chinese restuarant is Panda Heaven.
38. You're such an animal!
39. [WARNING: Set to cost 10L instead of 0L] Its so dark in here, help me out will you?
40. On Display, so check them
41. [WARNING: Set to cost 10L instead of 0L] Watch the needles.