4 December 2009

It's on the Xmas Tree Hunt

Starts : Dec 1st
Ends : Dec 31st

You're looking for A Christmas Tree

1. Rudolph the Red- Oh, his nose is black. Frosty and I will have to rework the lyrics.
2. Did you remember to wash your hands?
3. Be on your GUARD!
4. Go retro.
5. Then the DJ played my favorite song.
6. What store is this again?
7. They hung the stockings with care.
8. Are Christmas trees flammable?
9. Bad Christmas tree
10. So illuminating.
11. Aw man, I hate spideys!
12. Mmm, Candy canes.
13. It's the climb.
14. I'm ready for liftoff.
15. Just picking out my stocking, Mom.
16. Find the correct store and what you seek will be revealed to you
17. Shhhhh my show is on.
18. [#17 gives wrong LM for 18] Find the stall you're looking for and you cant miss it.
19. Presents for ME?
20. Barrel of monkeys? Nope, just in ruins.
21. Just call me Crystal, i'll light up your life.
22 Have you stocked up on Christmasy stuff? How bout some freebies?
23. All tucked in for the night. Nothing better than a warm fireplace and a down comforter.
24. You could follow the star, or the snowflakes.
25. [couldnt find]
26. They celebrate Christmas on the Seven Seas as well, ya know.
27. Almost Midnight
28. Does Santa have a throne?
29. Still a pillar of society.
30. Have a seat and look around
31. My box, find your own!
32. You must have missed when you watered the plants.
33. Seems to mess up the pattern.
34. [no hunt sign, no tree]
35. Look Closer
36. *waves*
37. What time is it?
38. O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree......
39. [couldnt find]
40. Snapshots.
41. Ask Vanessa for some assistance.
42. Just waiting for Santa to land.
43. My boyfriend left his shirt here, mind grabbing it for me?
44. So beautiful when the sun shines through.
45. Again, look closer.
46. Walking in a winter wonderland.
47. Take care of your pets.
48. Tired from the hunt... just lounging.
49. Look Mom, I got an A!
50. Tinsel anyone?