14 December 2009

Down the Chimney Hunt

Starts : Dec 6th
Ends : Dec 20th

You are looking for a book

1. Must have fallen off the table.
2. So many options, what shall I read?
3. Check where your gifts will be.
4. Have a seat and enjoy the tree.
5. Strike a Pose
6. Good thing I found Heels, I'm not quite tall enough to reach this!
7. While waiting for the store to rezz, have a seat on a lovely bench.
8. it's a record!
9. Relax with Santa and the Black Pearl.
10. A Red HERRING? Throw him a BONE.
11. At the top of the revolution.
12. He was in the lineup.
13. Letters for the Holidays
15. Dont spill your coffee on the workbench.
16. Grab a giftcard.
17. I've not seen these here before! (Same clue for both male and female gifts)
18. Mmm, Frosting!
19. Round and Round you go.
20. Read the sign very closely.
21. I'm so angelic.
22. If you put your ears up to these, you can hear the ocean.
23. No hint needed.
24. Need to make a call?
25. I saw the scoop dresses and that was the end of it.
26. There's nothin like a cup of hot chocolate by the fire on a cold day.
27. See Captain Kirk.
28. I'm noticing a trend. Curl up by the fire.
29. By the fireplace, you may be caught unaware, it's ok, just sit in the chair. (literally, sit in the chair)
30. You're my best friend.
31. With a barrel for a chair, I sit here in the open air.
32. Missing
33. A downward spiral is in your future.
34. I dropped the book on my way out the backdoor.
35. [Missing]
36. just having a picnic with some of my closest friends
37. Beware the puppy guarding this book, he might love you to death.
38. Ask for help at the main desk.
39. (1 of 2) Be a joiner. (2 of 2) Not without my leggings!
40. Missing
41. You must be tired from climbing, half a seat.
42. Did you fall asleep reading again? You dropped it!
43. Purple or red? Why not both?
44. Skipped
45. Study that sign a little closer.
46. Aw look at the kitty!
47. Feeling Lucky?
48. I want to be part of the group too!
49. Pot?
50. Peeps are my favorite.
51. I'm keeping an eye on those authority figures, they're in front of me but i'm hiding down below.
52. Be sure to water the plants.
53. Ahh, naptime.
54. I've lit a candle for you, just be mindful it doesnt burn the dresses.
55. Skipped
56. I'm not fat, I'm a thin edition. A belted skirt will work fine for me.
57. No hint needed.
58. She's holding the book for you.
59. Aw Monkey guards.
60. Ah, my lucky rabbit's foot.
61. No hint needed.
62. So many books!
63.Poor headless lady.
64. Skipped
65. No hint needed, just be sure to let everything rezz.
66. Some tweezers wouldnt hurt Frida.
67. Grab the book while you admire the beautiful chandelier.
68. Shelved.
69. I goggled it. You mean google? No, GOGGLE.
70. No hint needed.
71. Read again.
72. No Hint needed.
73. If you have a seat, you just might see it.
74. No Hint needed.
75. Dont forget your hat and scarf! It's cold out.
76. Wouldnt you like updates too?
77. A wardrobe for mini people.
78. No hint needed, just be sure you're in the right store.
79. Getting back to its roots
80. Care for a drink?
81. He must have been bad for his ears to be stretched like that!
82. I know you want to go upstairs but the stairs are out right now.
83. read all about the extras this location offers!
84. The dark angel is holding your book.
85. Have to love how heels sound on cobblestone.
87. Was drawn to the feathers.
88. Misbehaving book.
89. Need a sleigh for all those gifts?
90. Guarded by the sun and the moon.
91. Ensure you're the first to know.
92. I must have bumped this book with my toe when I was closing the drawers.
93. Take a seat and rest your feet.
94. Would you like a muffin?
95. I'm telling you, this will keep your BODY WARM.
96. Poor Yorick.
97. I'm just reading while i wait for dinner.
98. Make Sure Santa has you listed as good.
99. That pattern almost reminds me of a candy cane.