20 December 2009

~C*C~ Zombie Apocalypse Christmas Hunt

Starts : Dec 20th
Ends : Jan 2nd

Your looking for 10 journals.

Sim can be found HERE

It's Christmas Day and you've wandered to The Farm. But something is very wrong. It's Residents have gone missing, the house is a mess, and ..... is that blood? What looked to be a Christmas celebration, now looks like death.

You will need to find the journals hidden around the farm. Wear them to read them, to find out the answers to the questions below. The answers to these questions will need to be answered at the right Chest on channel 1 (/1 "answer") to open them. Buy the present inside to get the gifts! Each member of the farm has a chest with a gift inside and each has 2 journals to find (10 in total).
Annie: What did Annie wish they had to decorate the tree with? (1 word answer)

Ama: What does Ama hate most about the Holiday Season? (1 word answer)

Ryou: What does Ryou want to burn in this Holiday Season? (2 word answer)

Yuki: What did Yuki club 'Mr. Jenkins' with?
(1 word answer)

Natte: Who stole Natte's pillow stuffing?
(1 word answer)