27 November 2009

Get the Poison Hunt at KatzE

Starts : Nov 15th
Ends : Nov 29th

Your looking for 7 Fragrance Bottles
Sim can be found HERE

1 : When they go flat you have to change them
2 : Wonder what was carried in them
3 : Toxic maybe?
4 : Are they fragile?
5 : This one lit me up
6 : (labelled Boo 001) This one doesnt like the great outdoors
7 : (labelled boo 002) With its clones

Holly-Days Hunt at Maluhia

Starts : Nov 14th
Ends : Dec 31st

Your looking for 10 stockings

Start Location can be found HERE

1 : No hint needed
2 : Make mine a double!
3 : Find adirondack!
4 : I can't wait for summer!
5 : No hint needed
6 : I'm forever blowing bubbles
7 : Anyone want a cup of tea?
8 : How very elegant
9 : No hint needed
10 : No hint needed

Glitterati Disco Ball Hunt

Start : Nov 26th
End : Dec 2nd

Your start location is HERE

Your looking for 6 Disco balls. Because there are only 6 I wont be hinting. Sorry guys.

1-3 is indoors
4-6 can be found outdoors.

21 November 2009

Snowflake Gridwide Hunt

Start : Nov 21st
End : Jan 9th

Your looking for snowflakes

01 : Your hidden in here? Your pulling my tail!
02 : Follow your snowflakes!
03 : Butterflies like to party too!
04 : Wanna meet?
05 : This place is simply seasonal *claps*
06 : VERY well hidden, look where you see the effects of winter.
07 : No hint needed, you will see it.
08 : Oh how camp!
09 : Wish you a merry Xmas.
10 : Time to keep your legs warm?
11 : Everyone loves a bit of Roleplay [next lm is labelled 13 but the store is number 12]
12 : I love to feel the skin of a dead animal beneath me.
13 : Your such a star
14 : No hint needed
15 : It thinks its a birdy.
16 : I love how all snowflakes are individual.
17 : Twinkly where stars should be.
18 : Time for some window shopping?
19 : Follow the Snowflakes for a swinging good time!!
20 : Does this horse go neigh?
21 : "I" can see it can you?
22 : Grab the new LM then go chill amongst the box people!
23 : Masters sit proudly upon them.
24 : Where it should be!
25 : Oh dear my doggy is poorly.
26 : Aleila best hand it over!
27 : Tables are made for glasses not snowflakes.
28 : What a rebel!
29 : Watched over by the bunnies
30 : Compose yourself hunter!
31 : Who dropped that there?
32 : Nothing is real so focus on what is before you.
33 : "I" see it do you.
34 : BRRRRRRRR I think this one is cold.
35 : Mmmmm toasty warm
36 : I love the view, don't you?
37 : What do you put in your stockings at xmas?
38 : I love watching snow fall.
39 : No hint needed
40 : Are you a pillar of society?
41 : This one raises from the ashes.
42 : This one struck a chord with me.
43 : No hint needed
44 : Take a seat, you shall see it
45 : Things are looking up hunters.
46 : Take all your portals and you won't miss it.
48 : He looks very sad :( Give him a hug.
49 : Click it to recive your prize.
50 : Don't leaf without grabbing this one.
51 : Ask the pale girl
52 : I think I have hunted to hard, time to rest.
53 : No hint needed
54 : Just relax, you won't miss it.
55 : No hint needed
56 : Pucker up and give me a kiss
57 : It's new you know, if you need any pointers theres one in store.
60 : Weather the storm and find this one.
61 : The LIGHT is bright and its snowing
63 : There it is! Can you see it yet?
64 : Things are looking up
65 : No hint needed
66 : If your an egg, don't fall off one of these
67 : Behind every great pair of jeans are great legs.....or a snowflake.
69 : I wonder if they are good on the piano?
70 : I don't have prescriptions. I have subscriptions
71 : No store at this LM
72 : My heart feels quite sick.
73 : No hint needed
74 : No store at this LM
75 : Could not find the store at this LM
79 : Hush, don't tell anyone where this is!
80 : Splish splash its taking a bath
81 : I wonder whats on SALE here
82 : Anyone for a fruit cocktail?
85 : Relax hunters
86 : Assistance perhaps?
87 : This box is magic!
88 : No hint needed
90 : Did you know its christmas angel
92 : Mmmmm this one is delicious
93 : Gothic, has a certain charm don't you think?
94 : No hint needed, its rather large. Just wander around, you won't miss it.
95 : I am feeling chocolatey, are you?
96 : Ice ice baby!
97 : I love it when it snows, so pretty
98 : Blame it on the sunshine, not the boogie!
100 : Is this one part of a set?
101 : Can you hear that ringing?
102 : Pueblo lives here perhaps??
103 : Ahhhhhh its so cold, lets fight with it.
105 : No hint needed, just head on in to see it sat there.
106 : Wonder where the best place is to sit in here?
107 : The skies the limit!
108 : Time for some window shopping hunters
109 : I can almost smell the pretty flowers from here.
110 : Are you the member of a lucky tribe?
111 : Snow is laying all around, xmas is truely here
112 : To stop the snowflake from melting keep it under an umbrella.
113 : Running water always makes me need the bathroom
114 : Shes a pretty girl, i'm envious.
115 : Lean on me if you can't find this one
116 : Santa baby... she hides it well.
117 : Heads up hunters
118 : No hint needed
119 : This looks rather gothic, no twinkly lights here.
120 : Splish splash i was taking a bath
122 : What a hollywood diva
124 : Watching over Anubis.
125 : This should be very illuminating for you
127 : Time to play in the snow :)
128 : Time to get dressed up!
129 : Perched like a birdy
130 : Strut your stuff on the dancefloor
132 : Shes pure, for her man.
133 : Who dropped that there?
134 : I can hear the distant sound of birds, and whoever made that has a lot of time on there hands.
135 : Twinkle twinkle little star, how i wonder what you are.
136 : This one was eisle to find.
137 : I think this one is only a half-blood
138 : No hint needed
139 : That tree must feel very cold!
140 : Princess you like shorts?
141 : Don't get too close your eyes will go square!
142 : we WISH you a merry winter!
143 : Frosty has it, hes a hoarder
144 : No hint needed weary hunters
145 : (1/2) Winter kitty wants to wish you a merry xmas (2/2) MMMM andy canes are yummy
146 : Are you a lucky hunter?
147 : What a load of baubles!
148 : One of them has to be the real one!!
149 : Surely it would of melted by now
150 : Follow your snowflakes
152 : This one is definately for the ladies
154: I need iceeeeeeee
155 : Time to shed a little light on the subject.
156 : Time to get toasty!
157 : Take a moment to take in the lovely scent.
158 : Your in the doghouse you know!
159 : This teddy is just like you!
160 : Have a very silky xmas!
161 : No hint needed
163 : Need a pointer perhaps? There are a couple instore
164 : This will bridge the gap between you and I
165 : I do hope they were emptied before they were strung up *hick*
166 : Follow your snoeflakey path
167 : Don't leaf without picking this one up.
168 : No hint needed
169 : Mmmm this tastes so good.
170 : Please see the hunt hint sign on arrival.
173 : I think this may be fragile
174 : The best i can draw is a stickman :(
176 : Lets make a man! Together!
177 : They go this way up! So be careful
179 : Smell the Allium , it feels cold, wonder if theres a snowflake nearby?
180 : Wonder what its top speed is?
181 : Hey angel its over here!
182 : This one is blooming lovely
184 : Bikinis is winter??!?!?!
185 : Twinkle Twinkle!
186 ; Shhhh i'm going to have to whisper, its over here!
187 : No hint needed
188 : Is it 1L?
189 : Careful they are fragile!
190 : These dummies sure lost their heads!
192 : Brrr its so cold in here I need something warm to keep me ok
193 : Diamonds are a girls best friend!
194 : It's within this galaxy.
196 : They fall from up above, but a hint really isn't needed. :-)
197 : Up the colored light goes, like a snake. Will it soon meet the flake?
198 : It's a long climb, but worth your time. Take a rest after climbing all those stairs!
199 : The skies the limit!
200 : (takes you back to the start location)

Thank you Olivia Hennah for getting 190-198 for me, my SL was crashing like a mad thing yesterday. Every TP was booting me out of world.

20 November 2009

Changes to XLStreet

Ok ladies and gentlemen, I feel the need to post something that will effect me and my business in SL.

The following is a statement direct from Linden Labs.

"The Roadmap:
We will enact the following new controls for the Xstreet SL Marketplace within 90 days, with at least two weeks' notice, in order to improve the shopping experience:

Monthly Listing Fee for Freebies of L$99:
  • Listings for free items will now be treated as a marketing/promotional tool and thus will have a price.
  • L$99 is the price of our least expensive listing enhancement and so we will start there.
  • Depending upon desire for this marketing opportunity and perceived value given such demand, we will adjust the price as necessary to maximize this value and keep the freebie listings from becoming bloated again.
  • Expected Delivery: 30 - 60 days
Minimum Commission of L$3 on all items priced L$1 or greater:
  • We will enact a minimum commission of L$3 on all sales of non-freebie listings.
  • Since Freebie listings are now considered marketing and are charged as such, they will not incur this fee.
  • A L$3 commission will raise the commission on all listings under L$50. This was a range suggested by residents, but it turns out that this is the price range where there is a very high transaction volume and low commission income which combine to cover the costs of those transactions.
  • We may adjust this minimum commission as we see its effects on the marketplace. L$3 does not cover the full cost of a transaction, but the goal here is first to manage freebie growth first.
  • Expected Delivery: 30 - 60 days
Monthly Listing Fee of L$10 for all items L$1 or greater:
  • All non-freebie listings will now be charged L$10 per month to remain listed in the Xstreet SL Marketplace
  • Currently, less than 20% of Xstreet SL listings make at least one sale per month. This displays just how much clutter of unsold items exists on Xstreet SL.
  • Doing this will provide an incentive for merchants to remove listings which are not selling, while keeping this fee low enough to have a minimal effect on listings which are selling and are desired by shoppers.
  • By reducing the overall number of listings on Xstreet SL, the shopping experience will drastically improve which will please our shoppers and be a boon to the business of all of our merchants.
  • Expected Delivery: 60 - 90 days
Separate freebies into their own category:
  • There is already a freebie section on Xstreet SL. This section will become the place to browse for new freebies.
  • We will remove free listings from the browsable categories and keyword search results on Xstreet SL.
  • Expected Delivery: 60 - 90 days
  • We will provide at least 2 weeks notice before releasing any of these changes.
  • We expect to enact these controls within the time window 30 - 90 days following this roadmap announcement."
So in summary for those of you like me who shudder at the sight of a lot of words.

If you put a FREEBIE on XLStreet as a vendor LL is going to charge us 99L (per item), per month, as they class it as a promotional tool (ignoring the poor people who just make things to give away to people).
Linden Labs will also be taking 3L from us out of every sale as commission.
LL will charge us 10L PER ITEM, monthly, to even advertise it over 1L.

Now for a small busniess like me this is an impossibility. Now i would have to suddenly magic linden out of thin air to cover this additional costing. Thinking of all the new merchants wanting a start, they have zero chance unless they want to lump a hell of a lot of money into this. And in the worlds current financial climate I don't think anyone is willing to do that.

Personally, and this is just my own personal opinion, that LL is trying to make XStreet elitist. Only the finest of them all, who make enough money can now afford to keep going on XStreet without feeling the pinch. What happened to the freedom and creativity in SL that I loved when i joined. The fact I could make whatever I wanted and attempt to turn a small profit.

Now don't get me wrong, XLStreet is full of stuff, and some of it isnt always top notch, i'm no godess at making things, however surely I shouldn't be taxed for this. I know that XLstreet needs a clean up, making the shopping experience a bit more pleasant. However I feel that LL have done this completely the wrong way.

What about altering the filtering process. so that you can set it to not even show freebies and stuff below a certain pricing. Them looking over XLStreet more carefully, getting rid of mulitple copied items would be a good thing too.

What I would like to know is what gave LL the right to decide what is good and bad stuff to be on XLstreet. Who made them the lords over standards in creativity. One mans shit is another mans gold. Noobs rely on that site to get a handle on looking vaguely human at the start of there Second Life.

I know its another POLL but i really wanna see everyone elses view on this. So to the right -----------> Please let me know if you think this change is going to be a good or a bad thing.

I am off to sit and grump in a group i joined called "Former Xchange Shopkeepers". They are there trying to sort out a solution/alternative to this mess LL has decided to throw vendors in. If you want to join us in there please do.

Hear endeth the rant, the book of Mal, chapter 1 verse 3.

Mally xx

18 November 2009

Chasing the Stax

Starts : Nov 1st
Ends :Nov 30th

Your looking for stacks of cash

1. What was this store called again?
2. (F) To the left to the left (M) To the right to the right
3. Time to make the donuts.
4. (1 of 3) Balcony seats are the best in the place. (2 of 3) Feelin Lucky? (3 of 3) What girl in her right mind would turn down shoes?
5. Round and round and round.. it's hypnotising....
6. What's in your shopping bags?
7. I need a new pair of heels.
8. Close my laptop for me, will ya?
9. Polo anyone?
10. Grab the papers off my desk for me?
11. I'll take a blueberry Muffin please.
12. Joe's Ink
13. Money is never left on the floor
14. This stack must have fallen out of your pocket when you sat down.
15. Keep your eyes low, cant miss it.
16. Kneel and Pray, maybe you'll come into money
17. Put your feet up, take a break
18. Flirts
19. Let these light your way to the Stax.
20. Like Jenga with boxes
21. A little bit Rock N Roll...
22. Watch where you step, this must have been dropped.
23. Ooooo Blue Square Seats.
24. Hm, Hat, bag or bracelets? I'll take them all, and this stack of cash. Thank you!
25. I am BLUE, someone rescue me from the DARKNESS.
26. (1 of 2) Enjoy the arts. (2 of 2) Whoops, fell off the table again.
27. That stone would be PERFECT for my engagement ring.
28. What's wrong SUNSHINE?
29. A little of COLUMN A....
30 (1 of 2) Pumpkin Pie anyone? (2 of 2) Custom is the way to go.
31. Are you a joiner?
32. The sound of the waves is so soothing.
33. No hint needed [Stax doesnt work]
34. Thigh highs or tights?
35. [No Hunt Sign, No Stax]
36. Decisions Decisions... Rings or Bracelets....
37. Dont be a hater.
38. I saved up for the new releases, just waiting for them to come out.
39. Have a seat.
40. Gold, Red, Gold, Fushia, Teal
41. Big Ole Pile of Chop Zuey
42. I have a date with the Mad Hatter for tea.
43. Is it 420?
44. No Hint Needed

JFTG Poster Competition

Now guys and gals i know its not a hunt hint thing right here BUT the Just For the Guys hunt is BACK. The organiser, the lovely Josephine Winslet has made the poster for the hunt into a competition, rather than have it done professionally.

Please support this hunt and the lovely people who have taken time to make a poster.

The competition can be found HERE . It costs nothing to vote :)

17 November 2009

Hunt at the Slow Rezz Cafe

Starts : Nov 15th
Ends : Feb 4th

You are looking for 10 stars. The sim can be found HERE

As theres only 10 stars and its on for ages i wont be hinting :)

16 November 2009

Cosmic Love Hunt

Start : 15th Nov
End : 5th Dec

You are looking for a heart


01 : Read the signs
02 : Don't worry I think this one is free.
03 : Take a seat hunters.
04 : No hint needed, just peer in and ye shall find.
05 : Its cosy in here, perhaps for a cuddle?
06 : Make a wish hunters.
07 : No hint needed
08 : Tired yet?
09 : Step up and find me
10 : Time to strut your stuff disco divas
11 : I wonder where my xmas presents come from
12 : Do you like to dance?
13 : This is not done in malice.
14 : Break your chains to locate this one.
15 : Stop.... Hammock time.
16 : This one may leave your divided.
17 : Hear the clock chime 12 times?
18 : I really gotta go!
19 : She looks rosey :)
20 : Surely it should go in not on.
21 : Take time to take in there pretty scent.
22 : No hint cause its cute!
23 : Need a broom lady?
24 : Your my rock, my strength.
25 : Lets get to the root of the problem here.
26 : How lucky are you?
27 : Help i'm stuck in the 80's
28 : No hint needed
30 : Don't broadcast where this one is.
31 : Angel you will find this one easily.
32 : This store moves its items a lot so won't be giving out a hint.
33 : Its all in the genes.
34 : These things move fast!
35 : It thinks its a bird maybe?
36 : Careful it is well blended in.
37 : Want to tinkle the ivories?
38 : Not all that glitters is gold
39 : Only one is true, look for a sign from up above to point you to your true answer
40 : Things are looking up hunters.
41 : Should you climb or stay down below?
42 : Perhaps some assistance will help me find it.
43 : Remember to put things away when your done with them
44 : Splish splash they were taking a bath
45 : Everyone likes to keep updated
46 : No hint needed
47 : Yarrrr... i be hiding my treasure in something that can be locked.
48 : It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes ;)
49 : This hunt Rocks!
50 : No hint needed
51 : This one is eisle to find.
52 : Hidden down low, come on this is the last one :)


14 November 2009


Starts: Nov 13th
Ends : Nov 16th

This is a SIM hunt, it starts HERE
Amount of items to find : 20

Your looking for small gift boxes.

1 : I reside outside dudes.
2 : Very close to number 16
3 : Doesn't Valerie suit Emerald?
4 : Time to go potty, like this potted plant.
5: We all love gifts.
6: Rest your feet, and see if you can see me.
7 : Its all in the genes.
8: I live outdoors, but will you find me?
9 : Sit up above and relax.
10: Walk like an egyptian.
11 : Hey don't step on me.
12 : Take a seat and readjust the "do"
13 : This one has such beauty.
14 : This one is illuminating
15 : Mmmmm Cyber fun
16 : Take a seat its coming soon!
17 : If you corner me i will go all formal on you!
18 : Are you a Virgo?
19 : I'm leaning at the lampost at the corner of the street incase a certain little lady comes by.
20 : Don't STEP on me.

9 November 2009

Frosty Resolutions Application

Designers can create something to encourage people to be good angels and stick with their plans or be little devils and stray away from their promises.

If you want further detail IM Maryjane Candour

The application is long so wont be posting it up. If your interested in becoming a vendor please let me know and ill pass along the application OR check the notices in my group. I sent it out there.

Mally xx

6 November 2009

The Great Turkey Treasure Hunt

Start :Nov 1st
End : Nov 30th

You are looking for a Turkey

1. Right where it belongs.
2. Hidden where children usually hide their chewed gum.
3. Keep your eyes low, I dropped it somewhere.
4. This turkey is napping near the suspension.
5. Served up on a platter just for you.
6. I won this one for bowling, and this one for being the fastest turkey eater.
7. Read Closely
8. The Turkey was drawn to warmth, so it's attraction to the red walls only makes sense.
9. (1 of 4) Under a tree is the perfect place for a picnic. (2 of 4) Gravy is body wear for a Turkey.
(3 of 4) [Could Not Find] (4 of 4) Sarah, Is that a mole on your skin?
10. [Turkey Not Out Yet]
11. Could be the great pumpkin hunt.
12. Maybe Grandma decided to make MONSTER CHERRY Pie instead of pumpkin this year.
13. Turkey wanted to go fishing to replace himself for dinner. (You're looking for a Turkey Cube)
14. All Out of Cheese to go with the wine.. How's some turkey instead?
15. Out of Turkey?! I hope you're just TEASING me.
16. Look at the sign REALLY closely (Looking for a Turkey Cube)
17. Everyone enjoys a good novelty shirt.
18. [Couldnt Find, No Hunt Sign]
19. If you're only half dressed nd you take 50% off.. are ya naked?
20. Be sure to clean your turkey properly.
21. [ Landmark from #20 will eject you from the land }THe puppy did it! He broke the pumkpin, it wasnt me!
22. Skipped
23. (You're looking for a turkey cube) It's not polite to spit, you know.
24. Taking Baby Turkey for a stroll?
25. [Empty Store, No Sign or Turkey]
26. Fresh Out of the Oven!
27. WOO HOO Free Surf Lessons! (You're looking for a cube)
28. Roast Turkey Anyone?
29. [HUGE Store. no turkey found]
31. Stick a fork in him, this turkey is done.
32. Beware the mob.
33. !!!!
34. Find Your Inner Godzilla
35. The best music is on record, trust me.
36. [Couldnt Find]
37. Watch your step
38. [No hunt sign, no turkey]
39. One kitty is great, but two are better.
40. This turkey was XTREMELY BAD.
41. We're all LAID BACK here.
42. No Hint Needed.
43. Faye may have information regarding the missing turkey.
44. This turkey is doing it's best star imitation.
45. I wonder if the astronauts east Turkey in Space.
46. Need a Shower?
47. I've heard of a bird bath, but i think this may be overdoing it.
48. [No Hunt Sign, No Turkey]
49. Served up with a glass of wine
50. Turkey Man is a TOP DESIGNER.
51. Take a slide and gaze upward.
52. Sticks and STONES may break my bones but SPIDERWEBS scare me.

Invite Only Hunt

Starts : Nov 5th
Ends : Dec 5th

You're looking for envelopes.
Y = Yellow Envelope (Unisex Prize)
P = Pink Envelope (Female Prize)
B = Blue Envelope (Male Prize)

1. (Y)
2. (Y)
3. (P)(B)
4. (B) (P)
5. (Y)
6. (Y)
7. (P) (B)
8. (P) (B)
9. (B) (P)
10. (Y)
11. (Y)
12. (Y)
13. (Y)
14. (Y)
15. (Y)
16. (P) (B)
17. (Y)
17b. (Y)
18. (Y)
19. (Y)
20. (B) (P)
21. (P) (B)
22. (Y)



5 November 2009

Bitter + Sweet Hunt

Start : Oct 30th
Ends : Nov 30th

Your looking for pumpkins. There are 2 paths, the bitter and the sweet. Bitter has more adult items and sweet is more for everyone.


Bitter Path
000: This one you will find in the PALM of your hand.
001 : Can I be your boy toy?
002 : This seems a bit burnt.
003 : Time for tea?
004 : With the rest of the family up there.
005 : This looks an interesting magazine to a goddess like me
006 : Careful where you park it!
007 : Heads up hunters!
008 : At the back like a naughty pumpkin.
009: Lady J is well camoflaged
010 : Careful where you sit.
011 : Oh look its like a little hat!
012 : Drink barkeep!
013 : Pumpkin and chrome, tasty.
014 : Mmm shrooms!
015 : Wow i can see a tropical island from here.
016 : Head down to the depths, its with its brothers.
017 : SKIP
018 : Head on in you wont miss it
019 : Head on up and have a nice meal
020 : Burn baby burn.
021 : Fell from the top of a tall tree
022 : Time for a rest already?
023 : [Could not find]
024 : [Could not find]
025 : Head on up to the corner you bad pumpkin
026 : Only when you head upwards do you see your icey prize.
027 : Did my photos come out well?
028 : Does she have one on her head?
029 : See it bubble
030: [could not find the store]
031 : [could not find the store]
032 : Owch hot !
033 : With its bigger brothers and sisters.
034 : Wow mighty strong glue stuck him up there!
035: Read the signs
036: [not in the hunt]
037 : [not in the hunt]
038 : Count the legs, he has 8.
039 : Green eggs and ham?
040 : Join the syndicate
041 : Light the sky
042 : Woo this is pumpkin o matic
043 : Where the winged things live [couldnt buy this prize]
044 : Ahhh don't feed me to the spiders
045 : Join in here.
046 : Its big brother keeps him safe guys.
047 : Does it think its a birdy?
048 : Time to prepare dinner on this?
049 : Put the lime in the cocnut and drink it all up
050 : No hint needed
051 : I wonder if this is your lucky day?
052 : Don't feel all dark and black, the prize is inside.
053 : How sad, its dead :(
054 : I see it.
055 : Nomnom apples are yummy.
056 : Time for slumber, ive been hunting too hard recently
057 : (1/2 ) So fun being hidden by my bro & daddy ! (2/2) What about that Jewelry set ?
059 : (1 of 2) Will this shut me up? (2 of 2) Well camoflaged if i do say so myself
060 : I think it fell out of my pouch.
061 : Frosty has it :) Silly Frosty.
063 : Wanna catch some rays?
064 : I would just like to warn you hunters... love hurts.
065 : No hint needed
066 : Look for the patch, your prize is within.
067 : I wonder if I can update my pumpkin
068: This pumpkins red, but see the "hot" ladies they know that smoke rises!
069 :What a cheeky little elf.
070 : [skipped]
071 : [skipped]
072 : Beware the witching hour!
073 : Time for a bit of a boogie!
074 : What month is this?
075 : Look up dont look down & the boys have thier own bit of ground!
076 : Do you have much luck?
077 : This sub is so basic!
078 : Silks are so sexy, but they sometimes make me feel green.
079 : What a tasty magic elixor, pumpkin flavoured!
080 : With its brothers and sisters.
081 : Parle vous Francais?
082 : Beware the witching hour!
083 : Perched like a birdy!
084 : Heads up!
085 : Eye spy three pumpkins in a dark creepy room
086 : Donate generously perhaps?
087 : The darkness I seek, At the moving figures I peek, In a corner I will wait, you'll miss the popcorn if you're late.
088 : Drink anyone while I am at the bar?
089 : You have a TP location in mind?
090 : Check out those weird angled windows!
091 : Where would you like to TP too?
092 : Quick i need an ATM
093 : Do you need to exchange a LM
094 : Ooooo fishies!
095 : (1/2) Who cages apples? (2/2) Hold it tight in the palm of your hand.
096 : I LOVE a sea view.
097 : In the topmost bedchamber of the house he found her. He had stepped over sleeping chambermaids and valets, and, breathing the dust and damp of the place, he finally stood in the door of her sanctuary...
098 : Toxic waste?
099 : When leaves fall off tree's it's time for halloween!!

Sweet Path

000: [could only find 113]
001: Please don't squish me behind the door!
002 : We all love peace!
003 : Time for a cuppa?
004 : Santa may leave you things in these, so hang yours, but I think you pumpkin fell out.
005 : Rest, prepare yourself for this next part of the hunt.
006 : [could only find the bitter one]
007 : [found 2, both are bitter pumpkins]
008 : If your good you may just get laid.
009 : Your getting warmer
010 : It perches, its easy to find.
011 : You best step up cause no hint is needed.
012 : Look lovingly to your partner to find your prize.
013 ; Look Up by the Couture Girls
014 : No hint needed
015 : Careful it rots your teeth.... and dress?
016 :
017 : Yar... he be a pirate.
018 : Rest your weary feet.
019 : No hint needed
020 : Heads up hunters.
021 : Take a moment to smell the lillies.
022 : No hint needed
023 : No hint needed
024 : This one is just standard.
025 : Follow the white rabbit you queen of hearts!
026 : [could not find]
027 : [could not find, only number 001]
028 : No hunt needed, just keep climbing.
029 : Xmas is never the same without one.
030 : Wonder whos around tonight!
031 : Go hunter... its your birthday!
032 : [could not find the store]
033 : [Took me to a store where the prize was 110]
034 : This is one skilled hunter.
035 : There are so many, but don't step on this one
036 : I play for the NFL you know!
037 : Very hard to find, in mid air beyond where the land stops.
038 : [could not find ]
039 : [could not find the store]
040 ; [LM takes you to a empty parcel]
041 : Your such a sweetheart.
042 : Nesting up there perhaps?
043 : [could not find store]
044 : (should be one of hte many pumpkins in store, i couldnt locate it after ages, sorry)
045 : [could not find store, no LM in store befores item]
046 : [could not find store, no LM in store befores item]
047: No hint needed.
048 : [skipped ]
049 : Wicker and windchime, just what you need to decorate the outdoors.
050 : Find the right store, from there you won't go wrong.
051 : Stuff your bag to the brim in this store, pumpkins could take up a lot of room.
052 : I have high hopes for this one.
053 : [could not find, no sign of hunt in this store]
054 : No hint needed
055 : Owch her parts look painful
056 : Meiow, time to go sleep :)
057 : [could not find]
058 : Is this 0L by any chance?
059 : [skipped]
060 : Chives make a great addition to any meal.
061 : Grrr he loves Halloween
062 : When fishing its always nice to have something to put your catch in right?
063 : It prefers its own kind
064 : Would a 4 leaf clover help you get what you want?
065 : How would glass get stained like that?
066 : Demo or real? You decide.
067 : [could not find]
068 : I think its a bit too cold for the beach now.
069 : Oooo eye see it.
070 : Climb under not up
071 : This one is a round somewhere
072 : Nom Nom CANDY!
073 : Watch you step
074 : Between fire and water
075 : [could not find]
076 : (1/2) TV time ! (2/2) I'm between cottons !
077 : Take a seat hunters
078 : [could not find]
079 : Very 50's retro!
080 : [could not find ]
081 : Oooo they look scary all stacked up
082 : It's checking out some sneakers!
083 : Oh my, a line of them, i wonder which one it is.
084 : [Skipped]
085 : The great space pumpkin.
086 : [could not find ]
087 : Beware the witching hour!
088 : No hint needed
089 : Shed a little light on the matter here.
090 : Is this pumpkin commonly said to be ming?
091 : Faeron guards your prize
092 : Free pumpkin anyone?
093 : Nestled in its patch, wonder whats through the tiny door.
094 : Adelle has fairys? Awesome!
095 : Hay, its here with some others.
096 : [could not find ]
097 : I have a flat, could you help?
098 : Relax hunters, you must be tired.
099 : Is this leash broken?
100 : [Store no longer exists]
101 : I wish i had eyes like laserbeams!
102 : Are you new to second life?
103 : Please don't do anything silly to yourself.
104 : Islands? Any to buy?
105 : [could not find store]
106 : A jeweler's wares are best displayed in plain view
107 : [could not find]
108 : Take a nap!
109 : [could not find store]
110 : [could not find]
111 : Monochromatic floor decoration has a certain charm.
112 : OMG which one is it!!
113 : Keeping its neck warm.

4 November 2009

Top Hat Hunt

Start : Nov 1st
End : Nov 31st

1. Ready to start?
2. Do Angels wear hats?
3. Got distracted checking out the new outfits, I may have placed my tophat somewhere nearby.
4. Sat the hat down on my way to the picnic.
5. Have a seat and warm yourself.
6. [no hat]
7. No Hint Needed
8. Hey, Jack! Can i have my hat back?
9. Halloween is my favorite Holiday to decorate for!
10. Skipped
11. Was getting all nice and cozy by the fire and fell asleep. Whoops!
12. Turn on the lamp to help you find what you seek.
13. Have you checked the directory?
14. Well, I couldnt bathe with the hat on...
15. Jack stole my hat again!
16. You need a hat if you really want that Castle.
17. We already have dessert, why dont you bring some bubbly?
18. Dining Alfresco tonight?
19. Feeling Lucky?
20. I stumbled on my way to the shape dept. I think that's where I may have lost the hat
21. By the stroke of twelve...
22. Stroll on in, cant miss it.
23. Was playing with the frogs, and I think I got stuck
24. No Hint needed.
25. Need some shoes to match my hat!
26. Now, how did that get up there?
27. So, was resting my feet and noticed the STRIPES! Love it!
28. What color pants go best with a tophat?
29. No Hint needed
30. No Hint Needed
31. So many top hats, one got stuck in a spidey web!
32. Reach out and touch the Orient
33. (1 of 2) Lacey borrowed it. She said it went with her new dress.
(2 of 2) Heating up my hat so it keeps my head even warmer!
34. Hints provided in the shop
35. Hat was too heavy, It knocked him down.
36. Those shoes will go with the hat. Dont trust me? Try the Demo, you'll see.
37. Find the correct store and you cant miss the hat.
38. Remember to subscribe to the group while you're hunting.
39. Aw Everyone loves a cute puppy!
40. This hat does a trick, to find the prizes it has in store, you may want to check below the floor.
41. First Jack, now the bartender stole it!
42. Phew! I need a rest after all that walking!
43. A Shadow came over the place, how'd that happen?
44. Was tryin to find the basement, but cant find any down stairs...
45. I was bad, they made me stand in the corner.
46.That darn Jack - always stealin my hat!
47. Decided a picnic would be nice. Care to join us?
48. Avoiding the mob.
49. no hint needed
50. I saw this thing that looked like a piano keyboard, and followed it.
51. Have I told you I used to be a Magician? See the bunny?
52. Look at little closer where you got your info for the hunt.
53. There's that darn shadow again. (Check the hint board when you land)
54. Without flesh I NEED this hat to keep me warm.
55.Find the corrct store and you cant miss it.
56. Seems like as good a place as any to rest.
57. Got Caught bein naughty again.
58. Take off your hat when you salute your flag!
59. Get Comfy
60. [No Hat]
61. [Couldnt find]
62. Dont be blinded by bright colors, try things on first.
63. I have a date with the Queen of the Butterflies!
64. No hint needed.
65. [No Hat]
66. Skipped
67. The flies are annoying huh? Just swat at them.
68. Follow the little box's instructions, then ask Zhakiri for the rest of the way.
69. Thank You, Captain Kirk!
70. Can you build too?
71. Aw man, There's claw marks in my hat now!
72. You know what to do if you want group updates.
73. Oh, Thank Goodness, it didnt get wet!
74. Caution: Slippery when wet.
75. First, make sure you're in the right store then... HEY! Is that a giraffe?
76. Looks empty except for the purple spermies, but take a closer look.
77. Decided on taking a little nap
78. I've always been afraid of winged things.
79. No Hint Needed
80. You hold me up, Baby.
81. I can see all the world outside from here!
82. She's keeping an eye on the blood.
83. [Couldnt Find]
84. Ever used a bow and arrow to hunt?
85. I love this hunt, how many naps have i taken so far?
86. Dont get ashes on my hat!
87. Poor Hat is confused... Thinks it's a bat.
88. No Hint Needed
89. A Home is somewhere to rest your hat.. I mean head.
90. You Feel Lucky?
91. It said for sale.... so i took it.
92. [No Hat]
93. Well where would you expect to find a top hat?
94. Hang on, I need to jot this down quick
95. Diesel or Gasoline
96. Nice kitty.
97. [No Hat]
98. Look into my beautiful Red eyes
99. Sorry, you need a top hat to get into the bar area.
100. I dont care if the invite said casual or not, i'm wearing my hat!
101. [Missing Hat]
102. Hello, Kitty.
103. No Hint Needed
104. Have a seat, hunting is tiring.
105. I was undercover but had to move. Dont worry, i didnt go far.
106. Ask the Shadow Man.
107. Dont forget to water the plant while you're hunting
108. I may just be a City Chick but i love my hat!
109. [Couldnt Find]
110. Dont worry, top hats dont melt.
111. A tophat can be the cornerstone of the perfect formal outfit.

3 November 2009

Falling Leaves Hunt

Start : Nov 1st
End : Dec 1st

Your looking for orangey brown leaves.

01 : The well heeled diva knows the prize is just a giant Heartbeat away
02 : You feeling camp?
03 : Climb the stairs perhaps?
04 : Fancy joining the merchants?
05 : Get seasonal but no one likes a failed delivery
07 : Everyone loves autumn right?
08 : Do you like Ballet?
09 : Autumn leaves fall from trees!
10 : Who dropped that under there?
11 : Xmas is coming, so decorate your tree
12 : I think i've been framed!
13 : I dont think he has a taste for leaves so it should still be at his feet
14 : Am i the devil or am I am angel?
15 : Got to love a nice cup of tea
16 : Time for a touch of window shopping
17 : (1/5) Take a seat hunters (2/5) Take a seat and see if the owners online (3/5) Hey i've been framed!(4/5) Pay attention to your breasts. (5/5) Stop paying attention to your breasts and look up
18 : Get to the corner you naughty leaf!
19 : Jack likes his custom prizes!
20 : The luck of the irish is on your side
21 :Who wants to play the elven congas?
22 : Who loves the state of Ohio?
23 : Don't be such a dummy!
24 : Shirts should be open boys.
25 : These are uber baggy
26 : The angel watches over her prize
27 : Take a seat hunters
29 : Careful it doesn't slip back downstairs
30 : I feel like a slave? Don't you
31 : Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i love swinging!
32 : Mmm vegetables
33 : I'm getting married in the morning, ding dong the leaves are gonna chime.
34 : Take a seat and daydream hunters.
35 : X marks the spot
36 : (girls) Is that a replacement nipple? (boys) Who left this patch here?
37 : Check the signs hunters (seems to be only a LM in the leaf)
38 : Don't get wet fishing it out
39 : Don't be such a drama llama!
40 : Sit and relax hunters
41 : Relax on the beach, and look skyward, but sit where you wont get sandy.
42 : Sit on and look under.
43 : Rosa feels a little blue
44 : I wonder whats at the root of this problem!
45 : Anyone want a fight?
46 : These items are new did you say?
47 : Sugar and Spice and all things nice is what leaves are made of.
48 : Pop on your naughty bikini girls
49 : Watch your step!
50 : This pile of leaves looks cozy!
51 : These holemess honeez are new right?
52 : How formal
53 : Follow the path of leaves.
54 : Is this an outlet, wonder whats on flickr?
55 : Put your feet up hunters
56 : Is it the end of the world, maybe i should relax and watch this little river of blood!
57 : Everyone loves xmas time!
58 : Lets cuddle and listen to some tunes.
59 : Assistance please?
60 : Get to the corner you bad leaf
61 : Time for a changeable snooze
62 : Hello? Is it me your wanting to speak too?
65 : Anyone want information?
66 : Take a seat, mind you don't squash it
67 : Take time to smell the pretty flowers
68 : Go shopping on Xstreet!
70 : Search high not low
71 : Time to come out of the closet
72 : Blend in well you top designer!
73 : The docks hide your prize, don't slip in off of the edge
74 : It's just another brick in the wall.
75 : Need a drink?
76 : Sticking around where it originally came from.
77 : Head on up, don't get red in the face, I am behind not infront.
79 : Take time to smell the pretty flowers.
80 : Are you lucky?
81 : Find the store, it maymake you green.
82 : I think my belly could do with decorating
83 : Time to relax hunters, this is hard work
84 : Damn I got icing on my leaf.
85 : Oh no its the witching hour.
86 : Fancy a kiss under the mistletoe?
87 : We all love gold in our ears!
88 : Heads up hunters
89 : I am so vain, and I look so good.
90 : Time to learn about leaves so take a seat
91 : Careful, don't smash this.
92 : Try not to splash too much
93 : Follow your leafy path then have a rest
94 : Strut proudly like a peacock.
95 : Do you feel lucky
96 : Make sure you read the signs
97 : Follow your leafy pathway
98 : Ahhh a peeping pumpkin.
99 : Make a wish!
100 : Discounted is a womans favourite thing to hear.
101 : Oh my its the witching hour
102 : The sign shows the way
103 : Straight from the mouth of devils
104 : What a poser!
105 : New items anyone?
106 : Need updates?
107 : It looks on your from above, the nosey leaf.
108 : Take a rest in woodland.
109 : Mother nature loves her leaves.
110 : This leaf is new
113 : Pop your leaf on the shelf.
114 : Keep it under your hat.
115 : Take a seat hunters and relax
116 : Glowing eyes protect this prize.
117 : Whatever you do don't pop them.
118 : Need an LM to the mainstore?
120: Admire the interior of the lodge
121 : Head down to the docks and admire the birds here.
122 : At the base of what it should be under
123 : Careful not to burn your leaf
124 : (3 on sim i found 2) (2) Need a sleep? (3) Where the wild roses grow, RIP.
125 : This bear is so grim
126 : Shove your face in the green to spot your prize
127 : This leaf is where it should be.
128 : Is the ground alive?
129 : These tendrils are covering her lady parts ooooooo
130 : Is your soul immortal?
131 : Go strolling in the Meadow.
132 : This prize is really camp.
133 : Time for a deep think
134 : How lukcy do you think you are?
135 : I need to take a seat i'm feeling green
137 : Sale!!! woot
138 : Relax hunters, curl up on some pillows
139 : See the shiney :) Oooooooo
140 : Pearls are a girls best friend
141 :Read the signs hunters
142 : At the base of where it belongs
143 : (Male+Female Leaves) Climb under not over.
144 : Check your signs hunters
145 : Eww! This leaf is stuck to those stairs like tape!
146 : Heads up hunters!
147 : Who left this grass here?
148 : Who needs a xmas tin? I do I do
149 : Who slipped that in my bag.
150 : I simply stated this is where it is.
151 : Careful you don't cut your hand on this sword.
152 : We all need prim sleeves at some point hunters
153 : Welcome to this store!
154 : Heads up this leaf is feeling pretty tropical.
155 : My mood is uplifted, this one is new :)
156 : (1 of 2) Shelved away somewhere safe (2 of 2) I can't hear you?!?
157 : Mind your step hunters, you may slip through the cracks
158 : Lets all sit around and toast some marshmallows
159 : Take a seat, fruit anyone?
160 : Resting in the patch
161 : Who dropped there item down there?
162 : Read the sign, i have good vibrations ;)
163 : Aww this giraffe is a babydoll
164 : (1/4) Get to the corner bad boy (2/4) Fruit anyone? (3/4) Whats the time Mr Leaf? (4/4) Lost amongst the gems.
165 : O you best look after your baby
166 : Check out those asses, so stripey!
167 : My first day at school was a flirty one.
168 : Follow your leafy pathway
169 : Guys dress well in this store, but leaves tend to hide with there own kind.
170 : No hint needed
171 : Take a nice sit to get relaxing to read that book !
172 : Follow a westerly wind, and deep underground you find your prize.
173 : I find holidays are bliss, so leave me a gift!
174 : Relax hunters nearly done.
175 : That is one f****d up spider! Quick grab his box and run
176 : Hay get animated
177 : Careful I'm good with a bow and arrow.
178 : I wanna play with Santas sack ;)
179 : Sit on your box seat and relax.
180 : What a strange set of trees.
181 : I think i've been framed!
182 : Need a pillow cuddle?
183 : Beware the witching hour!
184 : At this time of night i may turn into a pumpkin.
185 : Follow the path of leaves where you will find one that gently floats upon the waves of beauty. There you will find something original, something painted, something that is covered in fire.
186 : My heart goes out for this leaf
189 : Relax in front of the fire.
190 : Stuck to where it came from
191 : Need a group invite?
192 : Can never have too many jeans! But no need to flash!
193 : Finally there's an end to this Madness! :)