6 November 2009

The Great Turkey Treasure Hunt

Start :Nov 1st
End : Nov 30th

You are looking for a Turkey

1. Right where it belongs.
2. Hidden where children usually hide their chewed gum.
3. Keep your eyes low, I dropped it somewhere.
4. This turkey is napping near the suspension.
5. Served up on a platter just for you.
6. I won this one for bowling, and this one for being the fastest turkey eater.
7. Read Closely
8. The Turkey was drawn to warmth, so it's attraction to the red walls only makes sense.
9. (1 of 4) Under a tree is the perfect place for a picnic. (2 of 4) Gravy is body wear for a Turkey.
(3 of 4) [Could Not Find] (4 of 4) Sarah, Is that a mole on your skin?
10. [Turkey Not Out Yet]
11. Could be the great pumpkin hunt.
12. Maybe Grandma decided to make MONSTER CHERRY Pie instead of pumpkin this year.
13. Turkey wanted to go fishing to replace himself for dinner. (You're looking for a Turkey Cube)
14. All Out of Cheese to go with the wine.. How's some turkey instead?
15. Out of Turkey?! I hope you're just TEASING me.
16. Look at the sign REALLY closely (Looking for a Turkey Cube)
17. Everyone enjoys a good novelty shirt.
18. [Couldnt Find, No Hunt Sign]
19. If you're only half dressed nd you take 50% off.. are ya naked?
20. Be sure to clean your turkey properly.
21. [ Landmark from #20 will eject you from the land }THe puppy did it! He broke the pumkpin, it wasnt me!
22. Skipped
23. (You're looking for a turkey cube) It's not polite to spit, you know.
24. Taking Baby Turkey for a stroll?
25. [Empty Store, No Sign or Turkey]
26. Fresh Out of the Oven!
27. WOO HOO Free Surf Lessons! (You're looking for a cube)
28. Roast Turkey Anyone?
29. [HUGE Store. no turkey found]
31. Stick a fork in him, this turkey is done.
32. Beware the mob.
33. !!!!
34. Find Your Inner Godzilla
35. The best music is on record, trust me.
36. [Couldnt Find]
37. Watch your step
38. [No hunt sign, no turkey]
39. One kitty is great, but two are better.
40. This turkey was XTREMELY BAD.
41. We're all LAID BACK here.
42. No Hint Needed.
43. Faye may have information regarding the missing turkey.
44. This turkey is doing it's best star imitation.
45. I wonder if the astronauts east Turkey in Space.
46. Need a Shower?
47. I've heard of a bird bath, but i think this may be overdoing it.
48. [No Hunt Sign, No Turkey]
49. Served up with a glass of wine
50. Turkey Man is a TOP DESIGNER.
51. Take a slide and gaze upward.
52. Sticks and STONES may break my bones but SPIDERWEBS scare me.