1 November 2009

Changing of the Seasons Hunt

Starts : Nov 1st
Ends : Nov 15th

The Changing of the Seasons hunt has begun! STARTING POINT

#1 Heart & Sole ~ Go towards the light

#2 Magika ~ get all the info in this area, and you might find a prize!

#3 DV8 ~ if you were in your stocking feet, this one would be easy to find.

#4 LacieCakes ~ look for the leaves.....

#5 MYTH ~ look up and around...

#6 MADesigns ~ i got you, under my skin

#7 WWI ~ look for some luck, then just a bit further ;)

#8 Sassy Kitty ~ Sometimes you feel like wearing something Basic and Simple...

#9 the Plastik ~ looking for a starry gift?

#10 Kitsune Couture ~ lost in the hair of it

#11 Indyra ~ Seasons are changing & school is definitely in session this fall.

#12 ICED ~ Up and down, Up and down... weeeeeeee

#13 Nightshade ~ Behind me, I am purple, with both arms and legs..

#14 Elixer ~ one for girls one for boys... it is just that easy!

#15 Sommerfeld Designs ~ I want to lay here in this big soft square all day

#16 Silk Dreams ~ Even in the middle of winter, the calla lillies bloom.

#17 DYN ~ check near the ones wearing the designs!

#18 WoE ~ Take a seat and look behind you for some great tanks

#19 name pending ~ AW HELL YEA!

#20 Tart ~ somewhere in the middle of things

#21 Cipria Couture ~ take a seat would be the hint

#22 Virtual Insanity ~ Care to play a game?

#23 Flavor! Designs ~ In the womens section, If you get lucky and turn the corner, You will find your gift.
#24 *Seasons* ~ Summer to Summer

#25 Cobrahive ~ elevators are overrated

#26 NekoWonderland ~ everyone lives in a pig pen

#27 Tattitude ~ the perfect place for a kiss!

#28 Ema's ~ you don't need to open a can of worms to find this prize.

#29 House of Ruin You never know just what I stash in unused corners.

#30 Urban Dare Can i play with your tail?

#31 Bedlam

#32 .44 Caliber

#33 W&D ~ Between the goth creatures, your road you will find.

#34 SpellCats ~ Ready for the Urban Love ?

#35 Sweeter than Candy ~ Look for the Julie Jumpers.

#36 Maverick Designs ~ Find the hot girl you will NOT be bringing home to meet Mom.

#37 LouLou & co ~ " the cow gives it to us and we take it "

#38 FallnAngel ~ between a pumpkin and a hat

#39 GL Designs ~ Everybody loves freebies ;)

#40 Snugglicious ~ Where are all the boxes? Perhaps in the upstairs store room?