27 October 2009

Starchild Simwide Hunt

Start: Oct 11th
End : Oct 31st

Sim can be found HERE
Your looking for pumpkins.

1. I'm hiding in the vintage store, somewhere close to the floor!
2. Go to Khan's innovations and remember - an apple a day keeps the doctor away!
3. Bella's boutiques has goodies galore, make sure you look up as you browse the larger store
4. Head upstairs to Brass in Pocket - and make sure you check every corner!
5. At Primal Art you's find lots of tattoos, and make sure you get a landmark too!
6. The elegant Jairis store is where to go, make sure you peek under the stairs
7. Artful Cravings will have you thirsting for more, so take a seat and rest your weary feet.
8. At Virtual Impressions you won't need to go far, just keeps your eyes raised as you exit the store
9. Back to Bella's Boutiques (its the smaller store), I'm tiny and hidden close to the wall.
10. Its Halloween and the graves of the dead are stirring! I'm hidden in plain view but not inside - just remember you need to be a StarChild VIP to claim me!