27 October 2009

Wretched Hollow Pumpkin Hunt

Start : Oct 15th
End : Oct 31st

The sim can be found HERE
Your looking for smallish pumpkins.


01 : Watch for the broken fence, whoever broke that is debauched.
02 : This house is debauched, i'm going to sit on the roof away from it all
03 : Le Boheme has the answer but not within. This one is very dead and holds the prize at its base.
04 : Latticing holds the key so criss cross your way over troubled waters.
05 : Beware of occular oddities
06 : Plant it, it make grow into a blood tree plant.
07 : Do you like tea made of blood?
08 : Head behind the store you occular oddity, the lake may have your prize, so rest under the dead tree.
09 : I likka this house, so send me an olive branch and give me the pumpkin.
10: Across the water from 7seas lies your pumpkin.
11 : Need to buy a rod perhaps? The dead love to fish
12 : See above hint
13 : This one has me sick with lust
14 : Hey do you hear the black canary tweeting?
15 : Do you still not like tea made of blood?
16 : The Kraken is not that far away, but sit in the peace of the graveyard and look for a pumpkin
17 : Wedged in the dead tree, where it should be.
18 : Head to the hollow and watch out for the dead tree.
19 : Follow the steps down and look for planted pumpkins.
20 : The creepy greenhouse holds your prize.