11 October 2009

Vampire Hunt

Start : Oct 1st
End : Oct 31st

You are looking for red coffins (i think)

01. Go Swimming.
02. Skips to #3
03. Take a ride in a coffin.
04. All plants need a little water.
05 . Just checking to see if there's a basement
06. Watch that your heels dont get caught in the grates
07. Take a seat and rest your feet.
08. Check out the new place to lay and kiss
09. Who doesnt like freebies?
10. So very illuminating
11. Skip to 12
12. Spidy Chairs!
13. [Dropped out]
14. Everything is o"K" even from the back
15. A coffin made of brick
16. Hats and coffins, perfect pair
17. Just hanging out with the red man.
18. Dont forget to take your coffin with you on vacation, it's near the desks.
19. Dont worry, i have it in my belt for safekeeping
20. Time for a rest
21. Where else would it be?
22. Bad coffin, went up high and got put in the corner for it.
24. Ring around the rosey...
25. When in doubt, go back to the basics
26. Wine anyone?
27. Is it Midnight yet?
28. Hidden with the herbs.
29. It's been abducted.
30. Just dont spill your coffee on the table, it'll get into the coffin and that's all kinds of bad.
31. Careful not to get blood on your hands
32. Such a fitting cake for the season.
33. Do you feel lucky?
34. A witch a witch, where's my hat?
35. Such a tangled web we weave.
36. Playing Dead
37. Not far from the other one.
38. As the Clock strikes twelve
39. Everyone wants to be part of a group
40. In the crypt, where's vampires sleep.. that's not a pillow you see
41. I know why the caged bird sings.
42. I'm just going to take a seat for a little to rest.... chair is lumpy though, must be the coffin..
43. Cant Miss it
44. The Trolls stole it!
45. Butterfly Wings
46. Care for some light reading?
47. Belongs to my Uncle
48. Store is closed go to 49
49. Look up High, Not down low, follow the dummy clues
50. Beware the Temple Of Doom
51. Coffins are made by vampires... for vampires...
52. [No Coffin - skip]
53. Beware the Saw's Edge... Flirt with danger if you feel lucky
54. Dont Fear the Reaper
55. It's ok to hunt in a bikini right?
56. Poor Alice had nightmares (make sure you're in the right store)
57. [No Coffin - skip]
58. Hey, that tree has a BIG berry.
59. Seriously, Cant miss it.
60. Swimming with the fishes
61. This one isnt swimming with the fishes, instead it's with another marine animal.
62. It's time for another rest.
63. Coffins are waterproof, right?
64. Just waiting for my letter to be called.
65. Everyone can use a snuggle from time to time
66. [Coffin Missing - skip]
67. [Coffin Missing - skip]
68. Ever feel like you were being watched?
69. [Coffin Missing - skip]
70. THis Coffin has a watery grave.
71. Watch your head.
72. be sure to water the plants on your way through
73. [Couldnt Find]
74. X always marks the spot
75. Use your cam and wireframe. This coffin is where it belongs, six feet under.
76. Find a spot to watch the dancers from above
77. Dont worry, the skull is keeping an eye on the coffin
78. Cant Miss it
79. Fallen leaves cover it, well, they should.
80. They replaced the moat guards with vampires.
81. Take a close look at the walls, cant miss it
82. Ride the rail.
83. NEW!!
84. Hidden in a heap of pumpkins
86. I know why the caged bird sings
87. Pull a pillow up to the fire and grab a drink while you search
88. Dont step on it
89. Champagne anyone?
90. Dont forget to subscribe
91. The music will lead the way.
92. Buried in an oasis
93. Great view of the Walkway
94. Beware the shack of tentacles.
95. Online or Offline? ;) Take a look.
96. Are you MISSING something?
97. Just keep your hands and feet away from his mouth when you're reaching for the coffin.
98. I'm just FINE AND DANDY, thank you.