27 October 2009

Whittenton’s Spider Hunt

Start : Oct 13th
End : Oct 31st

This is a store hunt and it can be located HERE.
Your looking for mean looking spiders. (NOTE: All are found in the courtyard area, none inside)

Spider 1 : A tree loving spider?
Spider 2 : Guarding the pumpkins outside.
Spider 3 : Close to spider 1, this one loves clothing it seems.
Spider 4 : Careful brides, he waits outside
Spider 5 : Time for a spidery manicure.
Spider 6 : I think this spider is male?
Spider 7 : Careful brides, another one waiting for you.
Spider 8 : Don't let this one choker you.
Spider 9 : Check your boots before you put them on, there may be a spider in them.
Spider 10 : Is this man loving spider a pillar of society?