11 October 2009

Starchild Simwide Hunt

Ten little pumpkins growing on a vine
Stuffed full with prizes - that I wish were mine!

Ten little pumpkins are hidden through the store,
And clues to each you will find HERE, as well as hints galore.

Ten little pumpkins, together we'll find them all,
And at the end, on Halloween, we'll dance at the Masquerade Ball!

Starts : Oct 11th
Ends : Oct 31st
Start Location

1. HH Pumpkin #1 (Try the vintage store!)
2. HH Pumpkin #2 (Khan's Innovations is where to go)
3. HH Pumpkin #3 (Bella's Boutiques has lots of goodies)
4. HH Pumpkin #4 (Keep your eyes peeled at "Brass in Pocket")
5. HH Pumpkin #5 (at Primal Art you'll find lots of tattoos - and maybe a pumpkin!)
6.HH Pumpkin #6 (The elegant Jairis store is where to go)
7. HH Pumpkin #7 (Artful Cravings will have you thirsting for more)
8. HH Pumpkin #8 (Take a peek in Virtual Impressions)
9. HH Pumpkin #9 (Head back to Bella's Boutiques for more goodies...hmmm...she has two stores!)
10. HH Pumpkin #10 (I'm hidden in plain view but I'm not inside...you need to be a StarChild VIP to claim me!)