30 June 2009

Just for the Men! Hunt

Start Date: July 1st
End Date : July 31st

You are looking for fedoras :)


Start Location

Fedora 1 :
Vote for me and I'll set you free!!
Fedora 2 : G
o take a seat and get your hair lightened...
Fedora 3 :
Rez a light while admiring the view...
Fedora 4 : Mmmmm thermals keep me warm, not needed in this heat though.
Fedora 5 :
Get high on the Grunge Baby!!
Fedora 6 : To find the prize all you must do, is follow our logic in this simple clue. A 1920s fedora is what you seek That's vintage? Right?! (go take a peek!)
Fedora 7 : What a dummy, but he looks hot in that fedora.
Fedora 8 :
Gotta go-grab the hat first and don't forget to wash Ya hands....
Fedora 9 : Swirling lights and colors hide the prize.
Fedora 10 : Displayed easily, you get no hint guys!
Fedora 11 :
Angels are above the devil you know???
Fedora 12 : This fedora is sooooo fresh
Fedora 13 : Barkeep some champagne please!

Fedora 14 : H
ead west -well southeast that is..from there well it's sneaky but obvious..
Fedora 15 : Ooo fruit and cream
Fedora 16 :
Note the name-don't sleep on that fool!!!
Fedora 17 : "I came, I saw, I took the fedora"
Fedora 18 :
Take a seat and kick back-but keep your feet off the table!
Fedora 19 : Don't get all choked up and blue over this one.
Fedora 20 :
2nd time around and we'll set you up sleeping beauty...
Fedora 21 : Make sure you are looking at mens apparel, then you can wrap this one all up

Fedora 22 :
The DJ looks hot in that hat!!!
Fedora 23 : What are you lookin at, Dummy?
Fedora 24 : Right where you can see it.. see *points*
Fedora 25 : This is such an illuminating hat!
Fedora 26 : Up up up and awaaaaaaaaaaay
Fedora 27 : Take a seat and watch some TV, embrace your inner slob. (not working atm)
Fedora 28 : Men and women.... mind the gap?
Fedora 29 : Men are such dummies!
Fedora 30 :
So much of a better view up here...
Fedora 31 :
From up here I can see the whole sim..
Fedora 32 :
WOW Freebie's!! I feel faint..let me lie down for a minute.
Fedora 33 : Don't 'forget' your scarf.
Fedora 34 :
Donations are nice, especially with a drink in hand..
Fedora 35 :
I planted that hat and look what grew!!!
Fedora 36 :
Jesse stole my hat and hid it
Fedora 37 : Looking up up up will help you find your hat, check your barcode
Fedora 38 : Hey! Watch this!!
Fedora 40 : Starlight, star bright.
Fedora 41 : This one moves around a lot so not gonna hint it.
Fedora 42 : The skys the limit!
Fedora 43 : 1/3 : Hat trees, i need one! 2/3 : Can i get an invite? 3/3
Welcome to Huz's.
Fedora 44 : I think i dropped my hat, can anyone see it?
Fedora 45 : This dude looks cool in black.
Fedora 46 : Stay down low, where its safe, hats like to stay low too.
Fedora 47 :
Comrade-down with Anime!!!
Fedora 48 : Top that sweater with a nice fedora to finish your look.
(You need to be age verified)
Fedora 49 : Help, my hats stuck on the roof!
Fedora 50 :
Latex and hats... good combo.
Fedora 51 : Hole In the Ceiling, drafty!
Fedora 52 : I'm NEW!!!!
Fedora 53 : You feeling lucky?
Fedora 54 : Don't tread on me!
Fedora 55 : Anyone got any toilet paper?
Fedora 56 : Lighten up and give out some gifts!
Fedora 57 : Show your pride men ( and no it doesn't mean get your snake out)
Fedora 58 : Master's Domain
Fedora 59 : Wonder if i can clear up the signal.
Fedora 60 : Open for entertainment, but not behind doors :( I can't see it now.
Fedora 61 : Bearded lions???
Fedora 62 : Take a ride
Fedora 63 : One should never "Lust" over a hat
Fedora 64 : A man's kiss is his signature. ~Mae West
Fedora 65 :
Under not over!
Fedora 66 : More man dummies :P But this ones all broken up over the hat.
Fedora 67 : So bad to make me stand in a corner all the time.
Fedora 68 : Gotta Love a woman in bra, panties, thigh high... and oooo you can keep the hat on!
Fedora 69 : Sorry we havent got plants
Fedora 70 : Kick back and chat awhile.
Fedora 71 :Go on up and join that group...
Fedora 72: Tired again? Go ahead and grab a seat...
Fedora 73 :Can't pull the wool over your eyes!!!
Fedora 74: Look to the heavens.
Fedora 75: And we are climbing and climbing to the hall for the king-have a seat your highness..
Fedora 76 : Wire frame is your best friend and so is ctrl+ Alt...
Fedora 77: The Midnight Mania is upatairs..but grab the hat before the climb...
Fedora 78 : Surfs up dude!! (Out of action for now, skip to 79)
Fedora 79 : Those are two SAB's not Saabs...
Fedora 80 : follow the arrows!!!..then have a seat from all that walking!!!
Fedora 81 : Thins belong on shelves.
Fedora 82 :Make a good wish here and you could be done!!! (You need to be age verified)

29 June 2009

Hunts starting in July

Upcoming Gridwide Hunts

Just for the Guys! Hunt : July 1 - July 31st
Cinderellas Lost Slipper Hunt : July 1 - July 31st
Passions Grid Wide Hunt : July 1 - July 31st
Light Up the Sky Hunt (A.S.S Hunt) : July 1 - July 15th
Curious Kitty Hunt : July 1 - July 31st

Marinoco Fashion Island Hunt

Start : 27 June
Finish : 5 July

Location One
Diamond 1 : Formally cornered
Diamond 2 : Cornered again
Diamond 3 :The stockings were hung on the wall with care in hopes that hunters would soon be there...

Location Two
Diamond 4 Sit and relax a bit
Diamond 5 Stop to admire the beauty of the models
Diamond 6 Feed the ducks and fish
Diamond 7 Twinkles from the lighting
Diamond 8 "Hangin' by a thread"
Diamond 9 What an odd looking lamp!

Location Three
Diamond 10 I'm hungry...wonder if the icebox is full
Diamond 11 Awww... it is a baby diamond
Diamond 12 Head of the table is one everyone LOOKs UP to
Diamond 13 Don't forget to flush!
Diamond 14 Trees look small and might need water.

Location Four

Diamond 15 Take a moment to read the letter from the designer
Diamond 16 Rooftop photos make everyone look radiant!

Location Five

Diamond 17 Hooray for freebies

27 June 2009


Hunt dates: 26th June to 18th July

There are 10 pieces of missing candy (buy for 1L) in the store and one extra special one for 5L

Start Location

Sweetie 1 : Yarrrrr my hearty.
Sweetie 2 : I'm a spendaholic, maybe if i stand at the womens clothing door and just wait there i may find something for free!
Sweetie 3 : These new releases are hot, search high.
Sweetie 4 : These 'new' Nekos wear sweeties well
Sweetie 5 : Keep smashin open, where can you be generous?
Sweetie 6 : Display your beach babes well, they look hot.
Sweetie 7 : Put on your knee high boots and search upward.
Sweetie 8 : I think this fell off the picnic table. Don't step on me!
Sweetie 9 : Time for a picnic
Sweetie 10 : Subscribe people!!! You know you want to.
Sweetie 11 Empty on the inside but sweet on the outside
Sweetie 12 Welcome to the store. Watch your first step
Sweetie 13 Look up to thank your LUCKY stars

26 June 2009

Toastyville Hunt

The hunt ends on July 1st
You are looking for beans.

Start Location

Abnormal Ms, 1 of 2 - Looking down on the garden edge
Abnormal Ms, 2 of 2 - Now I'm craving tropical fruit
Alli&Ali Designs 1 of 2 - Curious how to make tattoos?
Alli&Ali Designs 2 of 2 - In the corner, bad bean
Butterfly Gardens 1 of 2 - Must be a bean tree overhanging this trailer
Butterfly Gardens 2 of 2 - We are like two peas in a pod
Djembtastic - Rainbow pigs can fly...especially through hoops
Eluzion - That's a big bean for being so Energetic
Ironik Kitties - Paw choker... meow!
K2 Gallery 1 of 3 - Prison Flower Holder
K2 Gallery 2 of 3 - Finding the first branch was always the hardest part of climbing trees
K2 Gallery 3 of 3 - This bean is right up there with LIFE
Kitten Caboodle 1 of 2 - Nekos have condos now
Kitten Caboodle 2 of 2 - After a long day of hunting, a nice bath sounds fantastic
Lush Chicken Farm - Do chickens eat beans?
Mystic Afterthoughts 1 of 4 - Reseller who is Authorized
Mystic Afterthoughts 2 of 4 - 5 in one buy seems like a steal
Mystic Afterthoughts 3 of 4 - Make sure the cat isn't swiping your beans
Mystic Afterthoughts 4 of 4 - Maybe join the group
Ruthless Curves 1 - Bean phone home
Ruthless Curves 2 - Well-informed beans are worth more
Shine Designs 1 of 3 - More Freebies and Beans please!
Shine Designs 2 of 3 - Namaste says...
Shine Designs 3 of 3 - I love the sound of wood chimes
SMFB 1 of 3 - Cupcake flowers smell and taste delicious
SFMB 2 of 3 - Live in a cupcake and never go hungry
SFMB 3 of 3 - Cupcake TRIFECTA!!
Swears 1 or 2 - "I go walkin' sometime 'round midnight"
Swears 2 of 2 - Boy, I hope I get lucky with this bean
Toastyville Magic Bean - Hey! Who are you calling Trailer Trash?
Toastyville Magic Bean - Free Hugs!!
Toastyville Magic Bean - Laundry? Not here too!!
Toastyville Magic Bean 1 - Flat Tire...guess we walk
Toastyville Magic Bean 2 - Red bean on white is easy to see
Toatsyville Magic Bean 6 - Lay down, but watch out for the sperm
Toastyville Magic Shemia's - Bean and freebies... life is good

A:S:S Mini Hunt

3 stars to celebrate the moving of there mainstore.

Start Location

Star 1 : Can i wear stars as shoes? May be if I slip it on I will see.
Star 2 : Fuzzballs.. they rule.
Star 3 : Stripes are not good on me, they make me look fat!

24 June 2009

GLBT hunt (21st June to 30th June)

You are looking for a rainbow triangle. With the letters GLBT on it.
Start Location

Item 1 : (1 of 2) ..you'll find me admiring the view.
Item 1 : (2 of 2) .. I'm running out of time.
Item 2 : I got stuck in the wall and the pillars wont help me out.
Item 3 : I'm resting where there should be shade.
Item 4 : I needed more energy stand in the green light and youll find me.
Item 5 : I like the taste of cupcakes.
Item 6 : Skipped
Item 7 : I needed some fresh air...but the ties are a knockout...i like the pink one.
Item 8: skipped
Item 9 : I was climbing in the window...and i fell ....help!!
Item 10 : wooo hoooo!!! i'm on display just like these nice shoes.
Item 11 : I felt like flying and now I can't get down.
Item 12 : Men are such posers don't you think?
Item 13 : This Bikini makes me feel down :(
Item 14 : Follow my footprints...but remember i can change colors ...im feeling a little blue today.
Item 15 : I was so bad that Maleficent put me in corner (Charisma wrote that, don't worry I don't talk about myself in the 3rd person)
Item 16 : Do you like this bench? Time to relax those weary feet.
Item 17 : Look for my hunt sign at the right store...look up high for me..but i need to warn you no prize this time just a LM.
Item 18 : If you can find Alia you'll find me .
Item 19 :(1 of 4) I got hungry for some tuna.
Item 19 :(2 of 4) I wish I was queen like this one.
Item 19: (3 of 4) I needed to look up some rates and fees for Ascension studios.
Item 19 :(4 of 4) Too tall to fit through the door? I think this triangle was
Item 20 : Sometimes i think i'm a kite and i float upwards.
Item 21 : I like to pose with other hunt objects...i like blue and yellow tops
Item 22 : Can i have this cake for my birthday?
Item 23 : I Simply needed to rest..
Item 24 : I need new pj's and ankle socks!
Item 25 : I like the view from this window
Item 26 : Sometimes i like to live like Harry Potter.
Item 27 : I was getting tired and had to rest.
Item 28 : Take the new LM...you'll see me when you get there
Item 29 : Skipped
Item 30 : Hiding behind hunt signs is probley not a good idea, you may get stuck.
Item 31 : You might need the discovery magnifying glass to find me.
Item 32 : Follow my footprints...the party life is for me...
Item 33 : Skip
Item 34 : Time to get a bit drunk! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Item 35 : Find the correct store and observe skyward.
Item 36 : Never look a gift horse in the mouth, i tend to look up high.
Item 37 : Female Gift : Time for a spanking! Male Gift: Not found.
Item 38 : I love it when rainbows shine down upon us.
Item 39 : Follow your footsteps and "view some colourful items in the rez area"
Item 40 : But you have to stay at the same LM as 32 and go shopping for me
Item 41 : I like to point out the window
Item 42 : Look into my eyes...boxed eyes that is...in a rainbow of designs
Item 43 : I need a strong mixed drink at the bar...you can find me there
Item 44 : Caught between a ceiling and a red place!
Item 45 : It's a nice day for a white wedding.
Item 46: You'll find me at the Moon song, (Check the store over the road from the club)
Item 47 :Free womans gift AND a free hunt item, aren't you lucky.
Item 48 : Follow my footprints up the stairs and you'll find me
Item 49: I just wanted to be on the happy photo board with all the others
Item 50: Ohhh..look i fit right in with this love picture.
Item 51 : Can't beat a bit of boy on boy action
Item 52 : My heart is warm for you.
Item 53 : Wow look at the sexy bubbles...giggles
Item 54 : I think i need a job..but once i get there i'm going to hide In my little tent!
Item 55 : Wait i have to peee
Item 56 :The pirate cat captured me.
Item 57 : You can see me up high and you will have to fight tooth and claw to get to me.
Item 58 : Look up high im over here ... Is bikini season in already?
Item 59 : Look im on a t-shirt and i match...
Item 60 : Look at me i'm a rainbow clover...
Item 61 : Fairys and pigs make my days brighter.
Item 62 : Head on in from the porch.
Item 63 :Dont go in the elevator... search the room you are already in.
Item 64 : Find a seat and relax. Perhaps work from the top down this time.
Item 65 (labelled 66) : You'll find me at baby nibbles so tp there...i'm sleeping on the floor
Item 66: Lady in blue, is dancing with me.
Item 67 : As you climb higher careful where you tread.
Item 68 : I'm all boxed up
Item 69 : Post dancing, better than pole dancing but don't look 'up' my skirt while your there.
Item 70: Oh look i'm 10% off
Item 71 : (1 of 3)-- looks just like the rug (2 of 3) Lesbian Pride - might need a bath after a long day of hunting. (3 of 3) Hetero Allies - Being able to look yourself in the mirror is a matter of pride
Item 72 : I was sitting here waiting for you and looking at the magazines.
Item 73 : Hey!!! I'm back in the corner again. Baaaad girl
Item 74 : Pass me the remote, i wonder whats on.
Item 75 : I almost got put out with the trash.
Item 76 : Pierre looks good with or without shorts.
Item 77 : *puckers up her lips* You like this color?
Item 78 : Have you had your hair cut? You look like a "new" man.
Item 79 : This slave table is so cold.
Item 80 : I got dropped on the floor so i hid upwards.
Item 81 : My life is spiralling upwards!
Item 82 : This one is naughty
Item 83 : I'm the last one and i turned into a beach ball
Item 84 : All those legs. it's like A Chorus Line!
Item 85 : Those stairs at the back are freaky but they'll take you as high as you need to go.

TY to Christina Charisma

22 June 2009

Magia June Hunt 2009

Start Location

You are looking for 8 diamonds.

Diamond 1 : Take a seat, i'm feeling dark today
Diamond 2 : ooo sexy wear "I" can see it.
Diamond 3 : Sandals are good for the beach.
Diamond 4 : Display your flowers and your diamonds for all to see.
Diamond 5 : Wear this diamond round your wrist with pride.
Diamond 6 : halfprice diamonds for sale.
Diamond 7 : Subscibe to this bling.
Diamond 8 : Bling you can wear around your neck?

Tennis Ball Hunt

Start Location Here
You are looking for 5 tennis balls. (THEY ARE SET TO BUY FOR 1L)

Ball 1 : High high up is where you will find me.
Ball 2 : Wearing tattoos, does that make me a pillar of society?
Ball 3 : Do you like my eyes :)
Ball 4 : This ball will hex you! And it will fit around your wrist.
Ball 5 : Ball in my belly button, hmm dont think this look will take off

Schismphrenic Pill Hunt

Ends June 24th
Start Location Here
You are looking for pills. WARNING 1L TO PURCHASE THE PILLS

Pill 1 : I feel so noir :(
Pill 2 : I am so disturbia, I mean disturbed, its not funny :P
Pill 3 : Mrs Hedvig loves pills to!
Pill 4 : I need to sit down, this is too insane.
Pill 5 : The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire
Pill 6 : You feeling lucky?
Pill 7 : Billie loves his pills.
Pill 8 : I love sprinkles, nomnom.

Pink Butterfly Hunt

Start Location Here

As stated, your looking for pink butterflies. Warning, they are set to 1L to purchase.

Butterfly 4 : Head through the arch, you won't miss him.
Butterfly 5: Prefers to be indoors with the clothing.
Butterfly 6 : Head through the arch, you won't miss him.
Butterfly 7 : Don't confuse him with the birdies!
Butterfly 8 : Don't get wet little butterfly
Butterfly 9 : This one lives with butterfly 8.
Butterfly 10 : COULDNT FIND IT
Butterfly 11 : Take a seat outside, maybe you will see them
Butterfly 12: This butterfly wants to tell you where the store is.
Butterfly 13 : Butterflies feel safe in the shadows, under trees
Butterfly 15 : Head to the waterfall, its where butterflies like to hover
Butterfly 16 : Lives with butterfly 15.
Butterfly 17 : Take a seat outside, maybe you will see them
Butterfly 18 : Butterflies don't like graveyards. (I found 2 18s)
Butterfly 19 : Butterflies feel safe in the shadows, under trees
Blue (shepard) butterfly) : Lives with butterfly 15.

Irresistible Heart Hunt

Start Location Here

Ends June 30th.

You are looking for small red hearts.

Gift 1 : Update your heart!
Gift 2 : I love the blingy things, they look so good around my neck.
Gift 3 : All those outfits for 3L! Now all i need to do is pick up my heart off of the floor.
Gift 4 : Can i wear this heart on my feet.
Gift 5 : Punk is the new black!
Gift 6 : If i drop this black crystal dress will it smash :O
Gift 7 : Time to pull up my winter shoes!
Gift 8 : I am a pillar of society, are you!
Gift 9 : This bling is coming soon!
Gift 10 : Feeling skinny?
Gift 11 : This window display wears its heart proudly. ( I found 2 gift 11s)
Gift 12 : Is coming soon! ;) Aww now I feel blue. ( I found 2 gift 12s)
Gift 13 : Take the stage you drama queen! ( I found 2 gift 13s)
Gift 14 : Take the stage at the back and show us your look!

Blue Orchid Treasure Hunt

Start Location Here

15 bottles are hidden around the southern side of the island each containing a prize or two.

Treasure 1 : OOOO nice chest madam *wink wink*
Treasure 2 : Bridge over troubled water. What a sea view from here.
Treasure 3 : Polly wants a cracker.
Treasure 4 : Smells fishy to me.
Treasure 5 : I am such a mega brat! I hate getting my hands wet.
Treasure 6 : Lance is sneaky, hiding it IN the sand. (you may need wireframe)
Treasure 7 : This harlot is hiding the treasure well, she will leave you "high" and dry.
Treasure 8 : Lance wants to know if you are feeling lucky.
Treasure 9 : Are you a pillar of society?? The skeletitty may be.
Treasure 10 : Park up your Harley and head to the club, don't step on me!
Treasure 11 : Want to go paddle, don't get dragged to the bottom, those things are heavy.
Treasure 12 : I love sitting in the reeds and watching the ducks!
Treasure 13 : Floating around, i prefer to go into a shop than the water.
Treasure 14 : Time to get warm by the fire, all this looking makes me tired.
Treasure 15: Yo ho ho and a bottle of... Grog. Thats the message of the day!

Nushru Main Store Hunt

Ends July 5th.
Start Location here
You need to locate ALL the gridwide hunt items along with 3 additional strawberries.

Cupcake : Wonder if this cupcake has a history.
Storybook Hunt : Assitance please!
Looking Glass : I wonder if these shoes taste as good as they look.
Bedtime Treasure : The green godess holds the prize.
Fun in the Sun : A ball draped in pearls is hard to throw.
Look what the Cat : Take a seat and relax
SLD : Let me use this magnifying glass to check if I am blue!
VSM (On sale for 10L) : Dress on the main floor.
Strawberry 1 : Did you know the ocean is deep!
Strawberry 2 : When you sit, don't squish it.
Strawberry 3: This strawberry is blooming lovely.

19 June 2009

A special Thanks...

Thanks to....

Laertes Parx

They know why, and your generosity is kind beyond words.

16 June 2009

Hamster Hunt

Start Location

Your looking for 12 escaped hamsters..lolz. (THEY ARE SOOOOOO CUTE ITS NOT FUNNY)

RGK Custom Photo Services, Alpha-Delta Designs and Rebel Fairey are the 3 stores involved and they will be hidden inside AND outside of the stores.

Hamster 1: I hope this fella has used his sun cream!
Hamster 2 : Aww this 'alpha' hamster has sent off his subscription, have you?
Hamster 3 : Bridges over troubled waters is where you will see floaty hamsters.
Hamster 4 : Aww he wants a picnic but hasn't quite made it to the table.
Hamster 5 : Why hide in the corner little fella? Your clearly not the 'alpha' hamster.
Hamster 6 : This hamster is a rebel!
Hamster 7 : This one is a member of the girl guides, lets all sing together now were warm.
Hamster 8 : I wonder if Raffi is online? How do I check?
Hamster 9 : Hamsterz thing BBQ's are nomnomnom.
Hamster 10 : This hamster is close to a serious case of BIG pins and needles!
Hamster 11 : This hamster likes a good sale! Must be a lady hamster :P
Hamster 12 : Wherever you go, you go with the flow when you messing about on the river.

Let them Eat Cake

Start Location (This goes over 2 sims)

Your looking for pieces of cake. I wont be handing out TPs to the stores, i will give out the names and you can cam to them.

Ignition : Take a seat, have some cake.
Nova : Eat your cake off of the floor like an animal.
Balaclava! : Get to the corner, naughty!
Pink Taco : Service please.
Cas : Cake tastes good, especially when your sat down at a table to eat it.
Maloney & Hudson : Floor cake, tastes bad.
SD Wears : Don't step on me as you go in.
B&G : How the hell can people leave cake on the sidewalk, seriously!!
Battle Motors : Omg i think i ran over the cake!! Sorry
Hella Jesstures : Scan the store, you won't miss it.
FLON : Everyone loves slurpies and a view out of the window.
HellBop : Take a seat, have some brunch.
Swingbunnies : Neee Narrrr, but I can't hear the sirens!!
Versteck : Boogie on down on the dance floor with the jukeblox blaring!
Ingenue : Check the window view, nice isn't it.

Ok i found 15 cakes, I dont know if there are more or not, please let me know if I accidentally missed one.

Perfect Image Hunt @ Fashonista

This hunt ends 21st June.

You are looking for hand held mirrors (similar to TTLG hunt).

Stores Participating: Glance Skins, Lady Thera, MEB, DMB Poses, Alafolie, Andra's Shapes, CB Photography.

Start Location

My advice would be to TP to each store and search them well.

Glance Skins: No hint, cam the room, you won't miss it.
Lady Thera : Vogue, strike a metallically cold pose.
MEB : Mirrors wear Prada!
DMB Poses : My world has spiralled downwards now i just wanna find a sit pose and sulk.
Alafolie (2 mirrors) : Don't let the dresses obscure your view!
Andra's Shapes : Follow it round and round, make sure your far from the ground. See it sitting on the ledge, I can.
CB Photography : Squeeze on through and get warm.

Happy hunting peeps xxx

13 June 2009

back on track...

birthday season is over for me, so as of tomorrow/monday you will get hunts galore. Hope you haven't missed me to much xxx

10 June 2009

Thank you

Thank you for suggestions of hunts for me to do and hint for you.

I won't be hunting over the next few days, it being my birthday today, I will spending time offline a lot.

But don't fret, hunts will be hinted real soon.

Mally xxx

8 June 2009

X Marks the Spot Hunt

8th June till 15th June

NOT in HUNT order yet... Hunt doesnt start till the 8th.

X -
Angelic Zepp's Clothing Creations - Look upon the walls to find the treasure that you seek.
X - Annies Attic - Divide and Conquer !
X- Argus Eyed - X Marks the spot where the gift will be, seek near the syringe and you will see.
X - Cloud 9.1 -You probably never had this much fun being drunk!
X - Fior Di Perl Skin & Shapes - Follow your Fantasy and you'll find it!
X - Firefly Fashions - Others nearby may be crying, but yours will only be tears of happiness.
X - Flowers by Wylia - "Wow! Pretty flowers, All you can see. But wait, there's even a TREE!"
X - GQ Fashions for Men - Take a load off
X - Heavenly Treasures - You have searched all across the grid, all of this work and the summer heat has you a bit sweaty, a relaxing shower is what you need now.
X - Jeaniesing's Things - Touch and climb and you will see your treasured "X," apparently
X -JLZ Designs - The Holidays are coming... UP!
X - La Galleria - Look down!
X - LC Bedding - It's better than a bank.
X - Liz's Independant Marketplace - The light will guide the way.
X - Lutricias Luxuries -
Aim high, seek low, if you are lucky you will know
X - Maloney & Hudson - Take the weight off your feet
X - Mimi Couture - You will find the X will wired for sound.
X - Muze -
At Muze the fashion comes from left field,
Where the gowns bloom like flowers,
And the Goddesses beckon.

Or it may go towards to right,
where the red head looks like candy and the blonde like ice.
Vivian lurks in the shadows,
But it's where the lady shows her gartered legs,
will you find your obscured eggs.

At Muze you will find a variety of apparel delights,
that will send you to fashionable heights.
X - Neon Frog Studios - Dont forget to clean behind the ears!
X - Peace and Titanium -
Hopefully you have to time,
To go where Kittie's like to climb,
Then underneath the 5 for Free,
You'll find that which you wish to see.
X - Pestique - ' Not just for rainy days!'
X - Prim Ministers - NO HINT YET
X - QQ Creations/Devil Girl Designs -We like to put one on the VERANDAH
X - Reiver - Taking your hunt experience to a whole other (upside down) level
X - Rival's Designs by Destiny - 'Mirror Mirror on the wall, whos the smartest hunter of them all?"
X - Second Presentations -Boots are made for walking, and doors are made to open
X - Show me on the Doll - Halfway up the stairs is a stair where I sit, there isn't any other stair quite like it
X - Tether's End Designs -So X Marks the spot, this hunt sure is hot! I needed to get cool, but don't have a pool. So I headed for the DOCK , where X Marks the spot!
X -TP Designs - "Old Mother Hubbard is taking good care of this one..."
X- Unique Needs -Take a bath!
X - Virtual Elegance - The store is small enough there wont be a need for a hint
X - Virtual Worlds Gadgets/Guides - Do not get eaten up if you can not find me
X - Vitage - Halfway of the top
X - Vmotional Animations - Once bitten, twice shy
X - Vulcania Fine Art Gallery - Been through the gallery and perused the vendors? Have a seat, relax, grab a tiki drink and enjoy the views!
X - XL Designs - "I will not ward you off although you are not wearing a robe."
X - Xtremem Desires -An x starts the way for this fairytale day
X - Yellow Brick Road - Watch out for the Flying Monkey!


I will start on this one tomorrow gals and guys. Happy Hunting.

7 June 2009


I have done all the big hunts I planned to do, if any of you hear of any more. PLEASE comment this blog post below, with the URL for the start location. Ty very much my lovelies xxxxx

6 June 2009


FOR ALL the people out there giving me a bad rep, and spouting random lies about me.

I NEVER charge to help people, this blog is free, as is my help group. Everything I do is free, no charge, to help out.

NO MONEY has every changed hands between me or anyone else in a group.

Fun In The Sun!!!

You are looking for beachballs, there are around 250 to locate.
Start Location here.

Ball One: Half man, half spider, they keep your prize.
Ball Two: You can't miss this one, scan the room :) Its biiiig
Ball Three: Again no hint. You should be able to find this one all on ya lonesome.
Ball Four : Vote!!!! You can make a difference!
Ball Five : I wanna to swimming, I think I need new swimming atire.
Ball Six : Time to get changed, what new things can I purchase. I best make sure i put my ball away while I look.
Ball Seven : Lets head to the beach, you know you love it too.
Ball Eight : NOT THERE
Ball Nine : Darn kids hiding this ball from me, your grounded!
Ball Ten: WOW... erm nice rack.
Ball 11: Beachy time too, the green lady will lend you her ball.
Ball 12: Take a load off.
Ball 13: Who will get me balloons for my birthday?
Ball 14: With all this beach time, I think I need to purchase some new sandals!
Ball 15: Very regal this shop, me clothing some match its elegance perhaps.
Ball 16. Show Kaylee your support.
Ball 17. Lots of running water makes me need a weeeeeeeeeeee. :(
Ball 18. Rest Easy hunters!!
Ball 19. Follow your balls :P They lead you "up" the right way.
Ball 20. The higher you go, the closer you are to our prize
Ball 21. NOT THERE
Ball 22. I think i need to be draped in pearls.
Ball 23. Balllll, make sure you don't stab it!
Ball 24. Make sure your in the 'Chicaholic' side of the store and check there.
Ball 25. Did you know.. a Rose is a Rose!!
Ball 26. If you pot a ball, do you grow a ball tree?
Ball 27. I am cornered by my brothers and sisters
Ball 28. This ball is SOOOO full of hot air!
Ball 29. This new item is so stylish, BeachBall in Goth
Ball 30. Everyone loves plants and flowers
Ball 31. Hop up in the stool and relax
Ball 32. Don't move, let everythin rez
Ball 33. I'm outside, inside... weirrrrd.
Ball 34. Beware of the Nekos.
Ball 35. Yoshi can see it, hes pointing up.
Ball 36. I think more beach things are needed, perhaps a lounger.
Ball 37. Indoor or outdoor, I can't decide.
Ball 38. NOT OUT
Ball 39.Who wants to go floating ?
Ball 40: This ball likes wide open spaces, don't let the signs block your view.
Ball 41. NOT OUT
Ball 42. Feels like chinese new year with all these lanterns.
Ball 43.I wanna look like Daisy Duke!
Ball 44: Who wants to go dumpstering??
Ball 45 : Don't forget to read the signs.
Ball 46. NOT OUT
Ball 47: This ones easy, its biiiiiiig.
Ball 48. Time for a bit of window shopping.
Ball 50. Make sure you have the right area, check for the signs.
Ball 51. I want to be a model. I will do my little turn on the catwalk.
Ball 52.Phew been hunting for some time, i need a break.
Ball 53.Follow your balls! :P
Ball 54. Follow the balls and look all around things.
Ball 55. Follow your balls.
Ball 56. Ball wants cupcake NOMNOM
Ball 57 Head to the store, you wont miss it, trust me.
Ball 58. Stroke my.... er... Kitty!
Ball 59. NOT OUT
Ball 60. Head on in, hey isnt that my picture instore??
Ball 61. Head to the store, you won't miss it.
Ball 62. Check your floor, make sure its right, its the one where you would sleep tight.
Ball 63. NOT OUT
Ball 64. You can't miss this one. BIG
Ball 65. Another one you cant miss, head to the white building have a search there.
Ball 66. Gosh im tired!
Ball 67. Don't climb you won't get anywhere.
Ball 68. Get to the corner!! Bad boy!
Ball 70. I want to go make sandcastles!!
Ball 71. Head in the music store, you won't miss it. Just allow everything to rez.
Ball 72. Follow your balls guys :P
Ball 73. Again follow your balls!
Ball 74.NOT OUT
Ball 75.This Clue is EGGcellent.
Ball 76. The higher you go, the closer you get.
Ball 77. Follow your balls.
Ball 78. Find Hot Stuff
Ball 79. Up.. up.. and look that way!!
Ball 80. NOT OUT
Ball 81. NOT OUT
Ball 82. Head to the smaller store and follow the beach balls.
Ball 83. Attic spaces scare me, as so cats with green glowy eyes :O
Ball 84. NOT OUT
Ball 85 Take a load off!
Ball 86 NOT OUT
Ball 87.You can't miss it!
Ball 88. Follow your balls!
Ball 89. BALL 88 IS LABELLED 89, MOVE ON TO 90
Ball 90. Show Teagan some support!
Ball 91. Splish splash i am taking a bath
Ball 92. Climb through things, you will find it.
Ball 93. NOT OUT
Ball 94. The higer you get the closer to your prize you will be.
Ball 95. Look on up
Ball 96 NOT OUT
Ball 97. I'm not up, or down, and im sitting being studious.
Bell 98. Anyone want a cuddle
Bell 99. NOT OUT
Bell 100. Head to the correct floor and follow your balls.
Bell 101.*Tweet tweet*
Bell 102.Find the right store, but admire from outside.
Bell 103. I bounced high
Bell 104. Read your signs, they will tell you all you need to know.
Bell 105. Time for the beach.
Bell 108. This ball is where i hide when I get scared.
Bell 109. Time for the beach
Bell 110. Follow your balls.
Bell 111. To many eyes in a row, eeeek
Bell 112. Don't go chasing waterfalls!
Bell 113. Rocky beaches, i lost be ball there.
Bell 114. DROPPED
Bell 116. NOT OUT
Bell 117. Head on up, and hide amongst the boxes.
Bell 118. Follow your balls and lounge around.
Bell 119. You can't miss this one.
Bell 120. Look Behind something you would like to stand on!
Bell 121. DROPPED
Bell 124. Head on in, can't miss it.
Bell 125. NOT OUT
Bell 126. Very Alien, wonder if I would sleep forever in this tube.
Bell 127. NOT OUT
Bell 128. I wonder what lives upstairs
Bell 129. Follow the balls
Bell 130. Look for something you can sign up for
Bell 131. Time for a nice relaxing soak
Bell 132. NOT OUT
Bell 133. NOT OUT
Bell 134.Follow your balls.
Bell 135. Don't go chasing waterfalls
Bell 136. Follow your balls and head on up
Bell 138. Get to the corner bad ball
Bell 139. Follow your balls!
Bell 140. Follow your balls again.
Bell 141. Head on into the store.
Bell 142. MMMMM nice coffee, but where to put it?
Ball 143. Follow your balls then Splish splash!
Ball 144. Easy to see
Ball 145. Follow your balls, splish splash!
Bell 146. NOT OUT
Bell 147. NOT OUT
Bell 148. Don't head on up!
Bell 149. Head into the store, you won't miss it.
Bell 150. Look up.
Bell 152. Follow your balls, oh the glow, its bright.
Bell 153. Are they growing a ball tree maybe?
Bell 154. NOT OUT
Bell 155. NOT OUT
Ball 156. Head on into the right store.
Ball 157. Whoooooo lives in a shipwreck on the beach... spongebob ball pants.
Ball 158. Follow your balls.
Ball 159.Prefab anyone?
Ball 161. I'm neither up nor down!
Ball 162. Take a seat, im so tired now.
Ball 163. Awww nice fishies
Ball 164. Head to the green store and go to the corner!
Ball 165. NOT OUT
Ball 166. Do you know the color of the sky? check it.
Ball 167. Has the color of the sky changed? Check again.
Ball 169. Take a seat! Buy something nice for yourself.
Ball 170. Follow your balls and take a dip.
Ball 171.Follow your balls and look up.
Ball 172. Follow your balls (nothing would rez so didn't follow this one till the end,
Ball 173. Lets play in the ball pool, weeeeeeeeee.
Ball 174. Time to chill at the beach! Again.
Ball 175. NOT OUT
Ball 176. Take a dip!
Ball 177. Sit on me!
Ball 179. Bunnies like to play ball
Ball 180. I played with my ball and it rolled, rolled over the bridge! .
A fisher kick it and it roll again until an Italian fountain .
Ball 181. NOT OUT
Ball 184. Follow your balls and take a load off.
Ball 185. Follow your balls and look up.
Ball 186. Time to curl up for some zzzz
Ball 187. The arrows point the way, now take a dip.
Ball 188. Your a pillar of society.
Ball 189. Take a load off!
Ball 190. Time for some window shopping.
Ball 192. Trench coats are sexy
Bell 193. Bikinis are very sexy! But I dont like the white bits.
Ball 194. Follow your balls to the patio furniture.
Ball 195. Time to go fishing maybe, look for the ball path.
Ball 196. Follow your balls, check under everything.
Ball 197. Follow your balls and wander skywards.
Ball 198. Illumiating ball!
Ball 199. Head to the right store and look up.
Ball 201. Time to relax on the beach, again
Ball 202. NOT OUT
Ball 203. Check the prefabs, so beautiful
Ball 204. NOT OUT
Ball 205. Follow your balls!
Ball 206. NOT OUT
Ball 207. Head on in and get to the corner!
Ball 208. My head is in the grass, and my toes are in the water. Don't you just love the sound of rustling cattails?
Ball 209. NOT OUT
Ball 210. Follow your balls and lounge around!
Ball 212. Follow the balls and check the sea front.
Ball 213. Follow the balls and check low
Ball 214. NOT OUT
Ball 215. Don't go chasing waterfalls.
Ball 217. NOT OUT
Ball 218. Illuminating
Ball 219. Follow your balls, they are watching you.
Ball 220.Look skywards
Ball 221. Follow the balls and check behind things.
Ball 222. Lady in red has it, don't get to sandy.
Ball 223. hmmmm.. that ball sure makes a funny lookin wonton!!!
Ball 228 I love cakes!
Ball 229 Head on in and take a load off
Ball 230 .I am not down and I think i'm a 'kini'
Ball 231 . Head to the right building and sit in the corner like a good boy.
Ball 232. I am an aztec!
Ball 233. Head to the right store, you wont miss it.
Ball 234. Again head to the right store, you wont miss it.
Ball 235. Head to the right store and take a look around.
Ball 236. Head to the right store AGAIN and look around.
237. Where did Harry Potter used to live?
Ball 238. NOT OUT
Ball 239. Follow your balls and take a seat.
Ball 240. Head on in to the white wedding building. Thats all I will say on the matter.
Ball 241. Head to the back, bad boy
Ball 242. Pandas know the location
Ball 243. Follow your balls and take in some fresh air.
Ball 244. Right infront of you.. see.. right there.
Ball 245. Follow your balls and get dancing.
Ball 246 : NOT OUT
Ball 247. NOT OUT
Ball 248. *points up*
Ball 249 Nemo knows where it is!


Before someone IM's me telling me im wrong, that I have my clue wrong, or that im just not right, please look.

The amount of times people have IMed me with attitude about me being wrong for me to go to the location and find it where i have blogged it!!!

5 June 2009

Tomorrow F.I.T.S

Ladies and Gentlemen, tomorrow i will be blogging the FITS hunt for you. Happy Hunting till then.

Look What the Cat Brought In Hunt...

Start Location here
You are hunting for paw prints, fish or skeleton fish.

Prize One (1 of 2) : Head to the stairs but don't go up, you can't go wrong.
Prize One (2 of 2) : I love the Fae look, its 'simply' gorgeous. Don't let the kitty cat put cat prints all over you.
Prize Two : Follow the paw prints and take a rest
Prize Three (1 of 3): Head on it to the store, can't miss it
Prize Three (2 of 3): The higher you go, the closer you are to the prize.
Prize Three (3 of 3): Head to were the dead live.
Prize Four : The Kitty Cat watches over this prize
Prize Five : Head on up to the right store.
Prize Six (1 of 2) : Lady in reeeeeeeeeeed, is dancing with me, cheek to cheek.
Prize Six (2 of 2) : Climb higher! You can't miss it.
Prize Seven : I think I may head over troubled water.
Prize Eight : Take a wander around this store, you won't miss it.
Prize Nine : Take a load off your feet
Prize Ten : Follow the paw pads, don't miss the dead fishie.
Prize Eleven : Head on up, and follow your pawpads. Time for a rebellion.
Prize Twelve : This fish has deadly desires.
Prize Thirteen: Head up to the right store, this ball is biological.
Prize Fourteen : Again head to the right store, check your LM for its name.
Prize Sixteen (1 of 2) : Take a load off
Prize Sixteen (2 of 2) : Red, red is your only hint.
Prize Seventeen : This cat clearly wanted to watch the frog as it is close by.
PrizeEighteen : A rose may point the way, velvet comfort means you will find your prize.
Prize Nineteen : Follow the paw prints, can you smell the dead fish from here?
Prize Twenty : This paw isn't a plant its a real thing i'll have you know!
Prize Twenty One: The Cat in the Hat, he has your prize.
Prize Twenty Two : Follow your paw prints to your prize.
Prize Twenty Three: Did anyone tell you that sticking your tongue out is rude!
Prize Twenty Four : I think its time these hunts leaf me alone!
Prize Twenty Five : Interesting face markings.
Prize Twenty Six : Illuminating
Prize Twenty Seven : Don't let these displays shield your desire to get your prize.


Todays Thanks go to W for helpin.

4 June 2009

Next hunts to be blogged...

F.I.T.S and what the Cat Dragged In.

:) Happy hunting my loverlies!

3 June 2009

Storybook Hunt (OPEN BOOK ITEM)

You are looking for OPEN books.
1st June -30th June
Start Location is HERE

Book 1: Check the ground, see if you can see it.
Book 2: Wow who glued a book up there!
Book 3
: Follow the bunny prints to find your prize.
Book 4: This book wont do well up there, far to hot!
Book 5:Take a seat at the back, such lovely things to see.
Book 6: Climb to the very top, see what you can find.
Book 7: These books defy gravity, stuck to walls like glue... magic.
Book 8: Head to the correct store, follow the arrows. No need to try break in, someones already done it for you.
BOOK 9: I wonder where i could set down this heavy pile of books
Book 10: Take a seat, read a good book
Book 11: This books kinda bushy!
Book 12: Assitance please!
Book 13: Time for a teaparty, take a seat! But sitting in a teacup? surely thats insane!
Book 14: I feel like lounging around up here.
Book 15: Naked ladies point the way!
Book 16:Subscribe to this book, don't get the spiders get you!
Book 17: Assitance Please!
Book 18: Illuminating!
Book 19: How do I get out of here, rememeber to look up.
Book 20: Nobody likes to listen to bears because they are talking nonsense.
Book 21: Go to the corner, bad book!
Book 22: I'm going to sit here and write my memoirs.
Book 23:Steal the book! She wont notice
Book 24: Bunnies love stories!
Book 25:I think I need makeup! Damn I dropped something, wonder if it rolled under a display.
Book 26: I love collars, do you?
Book 27: The display island holds your prize.
Book 28:Lets climb the rigging, see what we can see from the crows nest!
Book 29:Plants reading books? freaky!
Book 30:Summer is coming so sit on top of this cupboard and watch it arrive.
Book 31: Roxie has it, go steal it from her!
Book 32:Books like to hide up high
Book 33:Time to get inked!
Book 34:Your a bad student, sit at your desk and study!
Book 35: Put guitar hero into practice!
Book 36: I bet you think this book is hidden on the ground... (look up )
Book 37: Sexual Harrassment wont be tolerated.. ok well maybe a little! The sign sez so!
Book 38: This tiny book likes to perch on things! Think black!
Book 39: This book is made to custom order
Book 40: Rabbits can read ya know
Book 41: I have flower on my book, anyone got a cloth.
Book 43:Locate a downward spiral!
Book 43:Have you 'got eyes?'
Book 44: Who wants to go camping?
Book 45:Dont' stray far from the door, its pretty rustic!
Book 46: Check on top of things
Book 47: Got to be quiet or we will wake the dead!
Book 48: Etch this book at the very back of the store.
Book 49:Feeling studious, im going to read up on some books at ma desk.
Book 50:Boots... BOOOOOOOOOTS i love them!
Book 51
: Head to the right store and look down
Book 52: Eeeeeeveryone loves freebies
Book 53: I feel a bit 'ramp'ant!
Book 54: Get to the corner!
Book 55:Take a seat, take in a good book.
Book 56: Let me sit on this lovely sofa and take a minute
Book 57:You need to put your book away properly on its self! Not thrown down on the floor
Book 58: Head to the correct store and take a seat again, lazy buggers!
Book 59: Relax under a tree with a good book.
Book 60: Check the doorways, they hold the way in, out and a prize.
Book 61: Head on in you can't miss it!
Book 62: Check behind the store, it likes to hide from the public.
Book 63: Assitance please!
Book 64: Head to the corner, bad book!
Book 65: How on earth did that van get through the wall!
Book 66: Time to get your photo taken in a booth.
Book 67: Time to get cooking upstairs
Book 68: Head to the correct store and sit in the forest for a while.
Book 69: Rocket feet, sounds painful to me.
Book 70:I fancy some lucky dip soap, don't you.
Book 71: Head on up, big eyes keep it hidden on the ground,
Book 72: Everyone loves a good freebie
Book 73: Wouldn't a priest stand here??
Book 74: Have a nice read under a tree :)
Book 75: Head on up, check the beams.
Book 76: How many visitors have we got today?
Book 77: How structured!?
Book 78:Head on up, i 'love' this wall display
Book 79: Midnight is my favourite time of day!
Book 80: Walk in, and look!
Book 81: I feel rather camp ;)
Book 82: A very 'casual' book
Book 83:Find the right store on the main road, you can't miss it inside.
Book 84: Find the tails and check things that go over troubled waters.
Book 85: Head on past assitance, near the gallery, aww pretty pictures:
Book 86: Find the right store then find some assitance
Book 87: Tortoise can read??? ReallY???
Book 88: Get to the corner bad book!
Book 89:Stay on the ground floor and look up
Book 90:Assitance please.
Book 91:Take a seat under the tree and relax
Book 92: Go take a seat at the back
Book 93:Head up to the next floor, I think i need a new eisle.
Book 94:Everyone wants to roll around in cash!!!! I do.
Book 95: Assistance please
Book 96:Assitance please... again.
Book 97: Take a chair but not the lucky one.
Book 98: Head to the correct store, you can't miss it.
Book 99:We all love silks.
Book 100: Take a seat on the sofas! Nice and relaxing

BIIIIG thanks for my special helpers Clarissa Zhao and Sommer Andel