29 June 2009

Marinoco Fashion Island Hunt

Start : 27 June
Finish : 5 July

Location One
Diamond 1 : Formally cornered
Diamond 2 : Cornered again
Diamond 3 :The stockings were hung on the wall with care in hopes that hunters would soon be there...

Location Two
Diamond 4 Sit and relax a bit
Diamond 5 Stop to admire the beauty of the models
Diamond 6 Feed the ducks and fish
Diamond 7 Twinkles from the lighting
Diamond 8 "Hangin' by a thread"
Diamond 9 What an odd looking lamp!

Location Three
Diamond 10 I'm hungry...wonder if the icebox is full
Diamond 11 Awww... it is a baby diamond
Diamond 12 Head of the table is one everyone LOOKs UP to
Diamond 13 Don't forget to flush!
Diamond 14 Trees look small and might need water.

Location Four

Diamond 15 Take a moment to read the letter from the designer
Diamond 16 Rooftop photos make everyone look radiant!

Location Five

Diamond 17 Hooray for freebies