22 June 2009

Irresistible Heart Hunt

Start Location Here

Ends June 30th.

You are looking for small red hearts.

Gift 1 : Update your heart!
Gift 2 : I love the blingy things, they look so good around my neck.
Gift 3 : All those outfits for 3L! Now all i need to do is pick up my heart off of the floor.
Gift 4 : Can i wear this heart on my feet.
Gift 5 : Punk is the new black!
Gift 6 : If i drop this black crystal dress will it smash :O
Gift 7 : Time to pull up my winter shoes!
Gift 8 : I am a pillar of society, are you!
Gift 9 : This bling is coming soon!
Gift 10 : Feeling skinny?
Gift 11 : This window display wears its heart proudly. ( I found 2 gift 11s)
Gift 12 : Is coming soon! ;) Aww now I feel blue. ( I found 2 gift 12s)
Gift 13 : Take the stage you drama queen! ( I found 2 gift 13s)
Gift 14 : Take the stage at the back and show us your look!