16 June 2009

Hamster Hunt

Start Location

Your looking for 12 escaped hamsters..lolz. (THEY ARE SOOOOOO CUTE ITS NOT FUNNY)

RGK Custom Photo Services, Alpha-Delta Designs and Rebel Fairey are the 3 stores involved and they will be hidden inside AND outside of the stores.

Hamster 1: I hope this fella has used his sun cream!
Hamster 2 : Aww this 'alpha' hamster has sent off his subscription, have you?
Hamster 3 : Bridges over troubled waters is where you will see floaty hamsters.
Hamster 4 : Aww he wants a picnic but hasn't quite made it to the table.
Hamster 5 : Why hide in the corner little fella? Your clearly not the 'alpha' hamster.
Hamster 6 : This hamster is a rebel!
Hamster 7 : This one is a member of the girl guides, lets all sing together now were warm.
Hamster 8 : I wonder if Raffi is online? How do I check?
Hamster 9 : Hamsterz thing BBQ's are nomnomnom.
Hamster 10 : This hamster is close to a serious case of BIG pins and needles!
Hamster 11 : This hamster likes a good sale! Must be a lady hamster :P
Hamster 12 : Wherever you go, you go with the flow when you messing about on the river.