22 June 2009

Blue Orchid Treasure Hunt

Start Location Here

15 bottles are hidden around the southern side of the island each containing a prize or two.

Treasure 1 : OOOO nice chest madam *wink wink*
Treasure 2 : Bridge over troubled water. What a sea view from here.
Treasure 3 : Polly wants a cracker.
Treasure 4 : Smells fishy to me.
Treasure 5 : I am such a mega brat! I hate getting my hands wet.
Treasure 6 : Lance is sneaky, hiding it IN the sand. (you may need wireframe)
Treasure 7 : This harlot is hiding the treasure well, she will leave you "high" and dry.
Treasure 8 : Lance wants to know if you are feeling lucky.
Treasure 9 : Are you a pillar of society?? The skeletitty may be.
Treasure 10 : Park up your Harley and head to the club, don't step on me!
Treasure 11 : Want to go paddle, don't get dragged to the bottom, those things are heavy.
Treasure 12 : I love sitting in the reeds and watching the ducks!
Treasure 13 : Floating around, i prefer to go into a shop than the water.
Treasure 14 : Time to get warm by the fire, all this looking makes me tired.
Treasure 15: Yo ho ho and a bottle of... Grog. Thats the message of the day!