1 June 2009

Make Him Over

You are looking for orange male symbols

Start Location (Kmadd): Vote for this symbol! Maybe it will make you a VIP. Think up not down.
Symbol 2 (BeReal) : I feel to hairy, time for a shave.
Symbol 3 (Hoorenbeck) : Take a seat
Symbol 4 (Color me Chaos) : Have a seat - may be it fell
Symbol 5 (MaxEyes) : There is a sign of it somewhere. Perhaps a set of eyes designed just for you would help you see
Symbol 6 (Nuvolino) : The higher you go the closer you are.
Symbol 7 (Made For You) : Head to the back, sit at the table
Symbol 8 (Alphamale) : Anyone need a polo shirt?
Symbol 9 (BooPerFunk) : Take a seat at the table
Symbol 10 (LINE) : Put your best foot forwards.
Symbol 11 (A bomb) : Walk like a ... cow?
Symbol 12 (Fierce) : Naked guys while shopping, woot, ty for your 'private' symbol!
Symbol 13 (Bryce Designs) : That best not land on my head!
Symbol 14 (Karnal Rage) : Look up!
Symbol 15 (Trixxy's) : This item is a must for every man, a special sock! Head up.
Symbol 16 (SF Design) : This symbol suits me.
Symbol 17 (KIWI) : Make sure your in menswear!
Symbol 18 (Santero's) : Time to get inked!
Symbol 19 (DuckNipple) : Time to look for a new pullover.
Symbol 20 (Bower Bird) : Eye can see you. (This was set to buy for 1L not free)
Symbol 21 (Young Urban) : Look up!
Symbol 22 (SS Design) : Check the rigging
Symbol 23 (Laciecakes) : Make sure you are in the male area.
Symbol 24 (B&F Poseworxs) : Choose a chair, strike a pose!
Symbol 25 (EROS) : Locate the mens department.
Symbol 26(Ephemeral) : Chill out, outside, lean on a wall, nice pond!
Symbol 27 (F.A.T) : Take a seat, put your feet up.
Symbol 28 (DYN) : Make sure your in the right department, and buy a new cardigan.
Symbol 29 (Jeckalicious) : Assitance please!
Symbol 30 (SHIKI) : I hate it when people leave there symbol just lying there.
Symbol 31 (Koi Ink) : The symbol gets under your skin here.
Symbol 32(ASS) :
Don't be a DUMMY!
Symbol 33 (Kumaki) : Remember to always look behind things.
Symbol 34 (CONCRETE) : It seems to want to play in the sand...
Symbol 35 (filigreemotion) : Peace and Love is the way, go where the hippies might be.
Symbol 36 (mustang) : I am a magpie, love things that shine.
Symbol 37 (Essential Soul) : If you want your gift, find a mate, maybe he will help you.
Symbol 38 (INDI) : Go to the mens department
Symbol 39 (MK Fashions) : We all love plants by now. Go hug one see what you find.
Symbol 40 (Fools Fate) : Big, not hidden, no hint for this one.
Symbol 41 (Subtle Submission) : Make sure you have not 'left' the right area, ladies clothing may confuse, and pick up your prize.
Symbol 42 (Vposes) : Find the sign.
Symbol 43 (Shapes by Zada) : Baldur keeps it safe. Be a pillar of strength for him.
Symbol 44 (HIM Fashions) : Time to take in a movie
Symbol 45 (English Element) : Go to the corner, bad boy!
Symbol 46 (Zoobong) : More plant lovin!
Symbol 47 (CriCri) : Make sure you shelve your things away when you are done with them.
Symbol 48 (Watch Shop) : So inside and hunt there.
Symbol 49 (s'LADE) : Check out ma new jeans.
Symbol 50 (millage) : Go rocking out with your guitar, i think a change of skin is in order too.
Symbol 51 (Whippet & Buck) : What a show off, on such a big display!
Symbol 52 (Crash Couture) : Hmm don't forget to search "high" and low, you may be going "round" for some time.
Symbol 53 (Trashtastic) : You behind the with the signs! *looks behind*
Symbol 54 (Signature Skin Lab) : In the centre of one of these pods you will locate our prize.
Symbol 55 (S.LOVES) : SIM seems to be entirely gone. Last night, the store was half-demolished, no merchandise, no floor, no back wall. No idea what's up there. MHO considers "temporarily out - may return".
Symbol 56 (Smooth Designs) : Magpie time, shiney things make me happy.
Symbol 57 (Hepatitis C) : I don't know if i want to sit, it looks a bit dirty!
Symbol 58 (AC) : Stand in the corner, you've been bad yet again.
Symbol 59 (Hell Bop) : This is a garage, where would you place work tools?
Symbol 60 (BALACLAVA) : Nice window view i gots here.
Symbol 61 (Brutal) : NOT IN THE STORE
Symbol 62 (NoaR) : Oooo backpacks!!!
Symbol 63 (H.S.C.C) : Stuffed inside, it looks so wrong!, I bet it smells!
Symbol 64 ( Sassy Kitty Designs) : Take a seat.
Symbol 65 (Dark Heaven) : Why not stage a performance while you're here?
Symbol 66 (5ifth Order) : Wide open spaces!
Symbol 67 (WildCatz) : Baggies, my fav!
Symbol 68 (C.Smit) : I'm feeling pretty grey! Time for a sit down.
Symbol 69 (Thalia) : Upstairs you will find what you seek.
Symbol 70 (NOSTROS) :'Boys', Britney would be pleased!
Symbol 71 (*NLimbo* Custom Poses) : If you look to the skies in all that glitters, you will find your prize
Symbol 72 (GR!): Don't climb, you won't find anything. I don't like being Harry Potter under here.
Symbol 73 (Delicatto) : Don't go chasing waterfalls!
Symbol 74 (Tequila Tattoo) :Store is closed - owner confirmed with notice to group - no longer participating.
Symbol 75 (Robbish) :Look down low!
Symbol 76 (Maverick Shapes) : Find the right department then check the signs!
Symbol 77 (Kabuki) : Go to the back, you wont miss it.
Symbol 78 (Mire) : 2nd floor, men in red ;)
Symbol 79 (blink) : You feeling lucky?
Symbol 80 (Bette Noir) : Nice underpants ;)
Symbol 81 (Vitamen) : I need a coffee, lets take a seat upstairs.
Symbol 82 (X'ed) : Read the signs!
Symbol 83 (IC Designs) : Congratulations on your new home :P
Symbol 84 (DV8) : A skull is a bit thin even for a model.
Symbol 85 (REBEL) : Time for a sleep, hand me a pillar! :P
Symbol 86 (Nichtmusik) : Mmmmm absynthe
Symbol 87 (TS Designs) :Careful where you land! If you can't see it, then for shame!!!
Symbol 88 (KA Designs) : Feeling studious, check the desks!
Symbol 89 (ipop): Time for a tea party!
Symbol 90 (Adjunct) : Pringle patterning, the height of fashion!
Symbol 91 (Dissident Rock) : Tee shirts! Lovely
Symbol 92 (Sweetest Goodbye) : Don't get wet!
Symbol 93 (unique mega store) : Time to get changed - be inspired by art!
Symbol 94 (Don Hosho) : I'm such a tree hugger!
Symbol 95 (Wicked Fashion) : Take a seat!
Symbol 96 (NSD) : Take a seat again, how lazy are we!
Symbol 97 (Impossible) : Symbols feel safer at higher ground
Symbol 98 (Shop141) : Go into the store with the bike out front, look up then look down
Symbol 99 (Wild Style) : "Come on baby light my fire"
Symbol 100 (Excess) :More naked men, I can't cope. Hold on I think this is just a boy!
Symbol 101 (Eruption): Men in kilts, shocking! Avoid the trash!
Symbol 102 (Ell's Wedding Creations) : OUT OF THE HUNT
Symbol 103 (Exile) : Mind the step!
Symbol 104 (Passionate Neko): Check the bowl, think pink.
Symbol 105 - Perfectionist - Illuminating
Symbol 106 (PLUG-in the Plastic Planet) : Pillow fiiiiight!
Symbol 107 (Treads) : This one is a 'barrel' of laughs, find the huge boots!
Symbol 108 (Emery) : Head upstairs.. BIG letters guard this symbol.
Symbol 109 (Knockout Ties) : Stay outside!
Symbol 110 (Rhiamon's Realm) : Sparkley things!! Wooo
Symbol 111 (Shine) : Take a seat but careful, its guarded!
Symbol 112 (Scottish Unicorn) : Formal Tartan!!
Symbol 113 (Sable Rose Jewelry) : Go in and look up.
Symbol 114 (Stylissimo) : Vogue... strike a pose!
Symbol 115 (Fine Jewellry) : Head inside you cant miss it!
Symbol 116 (Demise): OOOOO Glowy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Symbol 117 (Corrupted Innocence) : I'm not comfortable in my own skin, who wants to buy me another!
Symbol 118 ( Afterlove tattoos and piercings) :Is my name Lily? No its Mal
Symbol 119 (Animations Rising) : Time to exercise, time to get fit!
Symbol 120 (The Cat Shapes) :Find the mall, then the store, can't miss it.
Symbol 121 (BalAni) : The BalAni box will take you to the store, then what a dummy that I didn't see it right off.
Symbol 122 (Sensual Mistery) : Head on up! You wont miss it
Symbol 123 (Moonshine) : Info boards are very informative.
Symbol 124 (Stud Puppy): Who you calling trash cause I do not put garbage out front.
Symbol 125 (Peeps Fashion) : I'm a knight of camelot. Owch that goota hurt.
Symbol 126 (*ICED*): Mens clothing holds the prize.
Symbol 127 (Howl) : Look for things that howl.
Symbol 128 (Dionysa Design) : 'Men', make sure you can see them
Symbol 129 (NebuchadNezzar) : Time for a toxic bath
Symbol 130 (Casey's Creations) : Head on in, can't miss it.
Symbol 131 (JLZ) :Mind the steps, and look up!
Symbol 132 (Bull and Bear) : High high, wow its cloudy!
Symbol 133 (MEGA store) : Head to the sign then look on the displays.
Symbol 134 (Bliesen) : Wonder why this symbol wanted to end it all.
Symbol 135 (Ali and Ali) : Check the floors above, the walkways sheild your prize.
Symbol 136 (Jungle Wear) : Shouldn't be so formal in this hunt! 2nd floor
Symbol 137 (R&S Designs) :1 Take a seat 2 : Aww i love Valentines! 3: Get to the corner!
Symbol 138 (Tesoro) : Go to the corner... again!
Symbol 139 (RGK) : Get to the corner.. AGAIN!!
Symbol 140 (Gothico) : Pipes, i feel like mario!
Symbol 141 (ALPHA-DELTA DESIGNS) - Head on up
Symbol 142 (:=- momomuller -=:) :Take a seat, put ya feet up.
Symbol 143 (Toxic Tiger) : Head on it in and look up.
Symbol 144 (AITUI) : Head to the locker room, no towel whipping now boys :P
Symbol 145 (FROCK YOU) : Take a seat!
Symbol 146 (Reek) : Head to the corner and get off that perch you pesky symbol!
Symbol 147 (42) : What a balancer, don't fall down from up there.
Symbol 148 (Sartori) : Take a seat, chill, you've been hunting hard.
Symbol 149 (Prim & Pixels) : Head to the mens department and pull up a chair up there.
Symbol 150 (GQ Designs) : Pull up yet another chair!
Symbol 151 (KOSH) : The mezzanine holds the answer.

Thanks to Miro C who is keeping me updated with moved or shut down stores and symbols