22 June 2009

Nushru Main Store Hunt

Ends July 5th.
Start Location here
You need to locate ALL the gridwide hunt items along with 3 additional strawberries.

Cupcake : Wonder if this cupcake has a history.
Storybook Hunt : Assitance please!
Looking Glass : I wonder if these shoes taste as good as they look.
Bedtime Treasure : The green godess holds the prize.
Fun in the Sun : A ball draped in pearls is hard to throw.
Look what the Cat : Take a seat and relax
SLD : Let me use this magnifying glass to check if I am blue!
VSM (On sale for 10L) : Dress on the main floor.
Strawberry 1 : Did you know the ocean is deep!
Strawberry 2 : When you sit, don't squish it.
Strawberry 3: This strawberry is blooming lovely.