3 June 2009

Storybook Hunt (OPEN BOOK ITEM)

You are looking for OPEN books.
1st June -30th June
Start Location is HERE

Book 1: Check the ground, see if you can see it.
Book 2: Wow who glued a book up there!
Book 3
: Follow the bunny prints to find your prize.
Book 4: This book wont do well up there, far to hot!
Book 5:Take a seat at the back, such lovely things to see.
Book 6: Climb to the very top, see what you can find.
Book 7: These books defy gravity, stuck to walls like glue... magic.
Book 8: Head to the correct store, follow the arrows. No need to try break in, someones already done it for you.
BOOK 9: I wonder where i could set down this heavy pile of books
Book 10: Take a seat, read a good book
Book 11: This books kinda bushy!
Book 12: Assitance please!
Book 13: Time for a teaparty, take a seat! But sitting in a teacup? surely thats insane!
Book 14: I feel like lounging around up here.
Book 15: Naked ladies point the way!
Book 16:Subscribe to this book, don't get the spiders get you!
Book 17: Assitance Please!
Book 18: Illuminating!
Book 19: How do I get out of here, rememeber to look up.
Book 20: Nobody likes to listen to bears because they are talking nonsense.
Book 21: Go to the corner, bad book!
Book 22: I'm going to sit here and write my memoirs.
Book 23:Steal the book! She wont notice
Book 24: Bunnies love stories!
Book 25:I think I need makeup! Damn I dropped something, wonder if it rolled under a display.
Book 26: I love collars, do you?
Book 27: The display island holds your prize.
Book 28:Lets climb the rigging, see what we can see from the crows nest!
Book 29:Plants reading books? freaky!
Book 30:Summer is coming so sit on top of this cupboard and watch it arrive.
Book 31: Roxie has it, go steal it from her!
Book 32:Books like to hide up high
Book 33:Time to get inked!
Book 34:Your a bad student, sit at your desk and study!
Book 35: Put guitar hero into practice!
Book 36: I bet you think this book is hidden on the ground... (look up )
Book 37: Sexual Harrassment wont be tolerated.. ok well maybe a little! The sign sez so!
Book 38: This tiny book likes to perch on things! Think black!
Book 39: This book is made to custom order
Book 40: Rabbits can read ya know
Book 41: I have flower on my book, anyone got a cloth.
Book 43:Locate a downward spiral!
Book 43:Have you 'got eyes?'
Book 44: Who wants to go camping?
Book 45:Dont' stray far from the door, its pretty rustic!
Book 46: Check on top of things
Book 47: Got to be quiet or we will wake the dead!
Book 48: Etch this book at the very back of the store.
Book 49:Feeling studious, im going to read up on some books at ma desk.
Book 50:Boots... BOOOOOOOOOTS i love them!
Book 51
: Head to the right store and look down
Book 52: Eeeeeeveryone loves freebies
Book 53: I feel a bit 'ramp'ant!
Book 54: Get to the corner!
Book 55:Take a seat, take in a good book.
Book 56: Let me sit on this lovely sofa and take a minute
Book 57:You need to put your book away properly on its self! Not thrown down on the floor
Book 58: Head to the correct store and take a seat again, lazy buggers!
Book 59: Relax under a tree with a good book.
Book 60: Check the doorways, they hold the way in, out and a prize.
Book 61: Head on in you can't miss it!
Book 62: Check behind the store, it likes to hide from the public.
Book 63: Assitance please!
Book 64: Head to the corner, bad book!
Book 65: How on earth did that van get through the wall!
Book 66: Time to get your photo taken in a booth.
Book 67: Time to get cooking upstairs
Book 68: Head to the correct store and sit in the forest for a while.
Book 69: Rocket feet, sounds painful to me.
Book 70:I fancy some lucky dip soap, don't you.
Book 71: Head on up, big eyes keep it hidden on the ground,
Book 72: Everyone loves a good freebie
Book 73: Wouldn't a priest stand here??
Book 74: Have a nice read under a tree :)
Book 75: Head on up, check the beams.
Book 76: How many visitors have we got today?
Book 77: How structured!?
Book 78:Head on up, i 'love' this wall display
Book 79: Midnight is my favourite time of day!
Book 80: Walk in, and look!
Book 81: I feel rather camp ;)
Book 82: A very 'casual' book
Book 83:Find the right store on the main road, you can't miss it inside.
Book 84: Find the tails and check things that go over troubled waters.
Book 85: Head on past assitance, near the gallery, aww pretty pictures:
Book 86: Find the right store then find some assitance
Book 87: Tortoise can read??? ReallY???
Book 88: Get to the corner bad book!
Book 89:Stay on the ground floor and look up
Book 90:Assitance please.
Book 91:Take a seat under the tree and relax
Book 92: Go take a seat at the back
Book 93:Head up to the next floor, I think i need a new eisle.
Book 94:Everyone wants to roll around in cash!!!! I do.
Book 95: Assistance please
Book 96:Assitance please... again.
Book 97: Take a chair but not the lucky one.
Book 98: Head to the correct store, you can't miss it.
Book 99:We all love silks.
Book 100: Take a seat on the sofas! Nice and relaxing

BIIIIG thanks for my special helpers Clarissa Zhao and Sommer Andel