27 June 2009


Hunt dates: 26th June to 18th July

There are 10 pieces of missing candy (buy for 1L) in the store and one extra special one for 5L

Start Location

Sweetie 1 : Yarrrrr my hearty.
Sweetie 2 : I'm a spendaholic, maybe if i stand at the womens clothing door and just wait there i may find something for free!
Sweetie 3 : These new releases are hot, search high.
Sweetie 4 : These 'new' Nekos wear sweeties well
Sweetie 5 : Keep smashin open, where can you be generous?
Sweetie 6 : Display your beach babes well, they look hot.
Sweetie 7 : Put on your knee high boots and search upward.
Sweetie 8 : I think this fell off the picnic table. Don't step on me!
Sweetie 9 : Time for a picnic
Sweetie 10 : Subscribe people!!! You know you want to.
Sweetie 11 Empty on the inside but sweet on the outside
Sweetie 12 Welcome to the store. Watch your first step
Sweetie 13 Look up to thank your LUCKY stars