5 June 2009

Look What the Cat Brought In Hunt...

Start Location here
You are hunting for paw prints, fish or skeleton fish.

Prize One (1 of 2) : Head to the stairs but don't go up, you can't go wrong.
Prize One (2 of 2) : I love the Fae look, its 'simply' gorgeous. Don't let the kitty cat put cat prints all over you.
Prize Two : Follow the paw prints and take a rest
Prize Three (1 of 3): Head on it to the store, can't miss it
Prize Three (2 of 3): The higher you go, the closer you are to the prize.
Prize Three (3 of 3): Head to were the dead live.
Prize Four : The Kitty Cat watches over this prize
Prize Five : Head on up to the right store.
Prize Six (1 of 2) : Lady in reeeeeeeeeeed, is dancing with me, cheek to cheek.
Prize Six (2 of 2) : Climb higher! You can't miss it.
Prize Seven : I think I may head over troubled water.
Prize Eight : Take a wander around this store, you won't miss it.
Prize Nine : Take a load off your feet
Prize Ten : Follow the paw pads, don't miss the dead fishie.
Prize Eleven : Head on up, and follow your pawpads. Time for a rebellion.
Prize Twelve : This fish has deadly desires.
Prize Thirteen: Head up to the right store, this ball is biological.
Prize Fourteen : Again head to the right store, check your LM for its name.
Prize Sixteen (1 of 2) : Take a load off
Prize Sixteen (2 of 2) : Red, red is your only hint.
Prize Seventeen : This cat clearly wanted to watch the frog as it is close by.
PrizeEighteen : A rose may point the way, velvet comfort means you will find your prize.
Prize Nineteen : Follow the paw prints, can you smell the dead fish from here?
Prize Twenty : This paw isn't a plant its a real thing i'll have you know!
Prize Twenty One: The Cat in the Hat, he has your prize.
Prize Twenty Two : Follow your paw prints to your prize.
Prize Twenty Three: Did anyone tell you that sticking your tongue out is rude!
Prize Twenty Four : I think its time these hunts leaf me alone!
Prize Twenty Five : Interesting face markings.
Prize Twenty Six : Illuminating
Prize Twenty Seven : Don't let these displays shield your desire to get your prize.


Todays Thanks go to W for helpin.