16 June 2009

Let them Eat Cake

Start Location (This goes over 2 sims)

Your looking for pieces of cake. I wont be handing out TPs to the stores, i will give out the names and you can cam to them.

Ignition : Take a seat, have some cake.
Nova : Eat your cake off of the floor like an animal.
Balaclava! : Get to the corner, naughty!
Pink Taco : Service please.
Cas : Cake tastes good, especially when your sat down at a table to eat it.
Maloney & Hudson : Floor cake, tastes bad.
SD Wears : Don't step on me as you go in.
B&G : How the hell can people leave cake on the sidewalk, seriously!!
Battle Motors : Omg i think i ran over the cake!! Sorry
Hella Jesstures : Scan the store, you won't miss it.
FLON : Everyone loves slurpies and a view out of the window.
HellBop : Take a seat, have some brunch.
Swingbunnies : Neee Narrrr, but I can't hear the sirens!!
Versteck : Boogie on down on the dance floor with the jukeblox blaring!
Ingenue : Check the window view, nice isn't it.

Ok i found 15 cakes, I dont know if there are more or not, please let me know if I accidentally missed one.