16 June 2009

Perfect Image Hunt @ Fashonista

This hunt ends 21st June.

You are looking for hand held mirrors (similar to TTLG hunt).

Stores Participating: Glance Skins, Lady Thera, MEB, DMB Poses, Alafolie, Andra's Shapes, CB Photography.

Start Location

My advice would be to TP to each store and search them well.

Glance Skins: No hint, cam the room, you won't miss it.
Lady Thera : Vogue, strike a metallically cold pose.
MEB : Mirrors wear Prada!
DMB Poses : My world has spiralled downwards now i just wanna find a sit pose and sulk.
Alafolie (2 mirrors) : Don't let the dresses obscure your view!
Andra's Shapes : Follow it round and round, make sure your far from the ground. See it sitting on the ledge, I can.
CB Photography : Squeeze on through and get warm.

Happy hunting peeps xxx