24 June 2009

GLBT hunt (21st June to 30th June)

You are looking for a rainbow triangle. With the letters GLBT on it.
Start Location

Item 1 : (1 of 2) ..you'll find me admiring the view.
Item 1 : (2 of 2) .. I'm running out of time.
Item 2 : I got stuck in the wall and the pillars wont help me out.
Item 3 : I'm resting where there should be shade.
Item 4 : I needed more energy stand in the green light and youll find me.
Item 5 : I like the taste of cupcakes.
Item 6 : Skipped
Item 7 : I needed some fresh air...but the ties are a knockout...i like the pink one.
Item 8: skipped
Item 9 : I was climbing in the window...and i fell ....help!!
Item 10 : wooo hoooo!!! i'm on display just like these nice shoes.
Item 11 : I felt like flying and now I can't get down.
Item 12 : Men are such posers don't you think?
Item 13 : This Bikini makes me feel down :(
Item 14 : Follow my footprints...but remember i can change colors ...im feeling a little blue today.
Item 15 : I was so bad that Maleficent put me in corner (Charisma wrote that, don't worry I don't talk about myself in the 3rd person)
Item 16 : Do you like this bench? Time to relax those weary feet.
Item 17 : Look for my hunt sign at the right store...look up high for me..but i need to warn you no prize this time just a LM.
Item 18 : If you can find Alia you'll find me .
Item 19 :(1 of 4) I got hungry for some tuna.
Item 19 :(2 of 4) I wish I was queen like this one.
Item 19: (3 of 4) I needed to look up some rates and fees for Ascension studios.
Item 19 :(4 of 4) Too tall to fit through the door? I think this triangle was
Item 20 : Sometimes i think i'm a kite and i float upwards.
Item 21 : I like to pose with other hunt objects...i like blue and yellow tops
Item 22 : Can i have this cake for my birthday?
Item 23 : I Simply needed to rest..
Item 24 : I need new pj's and ankle socks!
Item 25 : I like the view from this window
Item 26 : Sometimes i like to live like Harry Potter.
Item 27 : I was getting tired and had to rest.
Item 28 : Take the new LM...you'll see me when you get there
Item 29 : Skipped
Item 30 : Hiding behind hunt signs is probley not a good idea, you may get stuck.
Item 31 : You might need the discovery magnifying glass to find me.
Item 32 : Follow my footprints...the party life is for me...
Item 33 : Skip
Item 34 : Time to get a bit drunk! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Item 35 : Find the correct store and observe skyward.
Item 36 : Never look a gift horse in the mouth, i tend to look up high.
Item 37 : Female Gift : Time for a spanking! Male Gift: Not found.
Item 38 : I love it when rainbows shine down upon us.
Item 39 : Follow your footsteps and "view some colourful items in the rez area"
Item 40 : But you have to stay at the same LM as 32 and go shopping for me
Item 41 : I like to point out the window
Item 42 : Look into my eyes...boxed eyes that is...in a rainbow of designs
Item 43 : I need a strong mixed drink at the bar...you can find me there
Item 44 : Caught between a ceiling and a red place!
Item 45 : It's a nice day for a white wedding.
Item 46: You'll find me at the Moon song, (Check the store over the road from the club)
Item 47 :Free womans gift AND a free hunt item, aren't you lucky.
Item 48 : Follow my footprints up the stairs and you'll find me
Item 49: I just wanted to be on the happy photo board with all the others
Item 50: Ohhh..look i fit right in with this love picture.
Item 51 : Can't beat a bit of boy on boy action
Item 52 : My heart is warm for you.
Item 53 : Wow look at the sexy bubbles...giggles
Item 54 : I think i need a job..but once i get there i'm going to hide In my little tent!
Item 55 : Wait i have to peee
Item 56 :The pirate cat captured me.
Item 57 : You can see me up high and you will have to fight tooth and claw to get to me.
Item 58 : Look up high im over here ... Is bikini season in already?
Item 59 : Look im on a t-shirt and i match...
Item 60 : Look at me i'm a rainbow clover...
Item 61 : Fairys and pigs make my days brighter.
Item 62 : Head on in from the porch.
Item 63 :Dont go in the elevator... search the room you are already in.
Item 64 : Find a seat and relax. Perhaps work from the top down this time.
Item 65 (labelled 66) : You'll find me at baby nibbles so tp there...i'm sleeping on the floor
Item 66: Lady in blue, is dancing with me.
Item 67 : As you climb higher careful where you tread.
Item 68 : I'm all boxed up
Item 69 : Post dancing, better than pole dancing but don't look 'up' my skirt while your there.
Item 70: Oh look i'm 10% off
Item 71 : (1 of 3)-- looks just like the rug (2 of 3) Lesbian Pride - might need a bath after a long day of hunting. (3 of 3) Hetero Allies - Being able to look yourself in the mirror is a matter of pride
Item 72 : I was sitting here waiting for you and looking at the magazines.
Item 73 : Hey!!! I'm back in the corner again. Baaaad girl
Item 74 : Pass me the remote, i wonder whats on.
Item 75 : I almost got put out with the trash.
Item 76 : Pierre looks good with or without shorts.
Item 77 : *puckers up her lips* You like this color?
Item 78 : Have you had your hair cut? You look like a "new" man.
Item 79 : This slave table is so cold.
Item 80 : I got dropped on the floor so i hid upwards.
Item 81 : My life is spiralling upwards!
Item 82 : This one is naughty
Item 83 : I'm the last one and i turned into a beach ball
Item 84 : All those legs. it's like A Chorus Line!
Item 85 : Those stairs at the back are freaky but they'll take you as high as you need to go.

TY to Christina Charisma