31 July 2009

Fall Fun Hunt

Your looking for leaves.

Start : 1st August
End : 31st August

1 : wwwwweeeeeeee escalators are fun
2 : Every girl needs a little black dress
3 : Up, up and away by the waters that meet
4 : Over the bridge and thru the woods. (also in a red and yellow leaf
5 : Every Master Vamp should have one of these...Spikes or Torches?? Which will it be?
6 : Assitance please.
7 : Leaves and beautiful dresses, go together well :)
8 : Follow the boat through Emerald Bay
9 : A view by the sea
10: Ok, it's a little dusty up here but she wanted to wear the latest in fall fashion.
11 : Tattoos are so sexy, don't you think, wearing one makes me fly ceiling high.
12 : Hunt high and Low <========= MY STORE WOOOOOOOOOOOO 13 : Look under the desk, or rather, behind and under the desk! Easy!
14 : It rests above the glow of a globe.
15 : Admire the statuary...she's a little shy, that's all
16 : Take the stairs and be sure to open your EYES!
17 :You can have your cake...and hunt prize too:)
18 : Go and sit in the corner!
19 : Custom photos and custom leaves.
20 : Don't let this elephant obscure your view.
21 : Take the weight off your bones...
22 : I have a 'rocky' relationship with this leaf, so I think i may sit on the stairs.
23 : You feeling lucky? PUNK?
24 : Find the correct store look around the roses and you will find the gift
25 : Bear, wheres your hat?
26 : Your impending demise lies just inches from your prize.
27 : Study hard hunters, you may just find it.
28 : Orange on orange, sit and admire.
29 : Leaves are attracted to other leaves , Look around its nearby
30 : Turn on the lights...don't walk in the dark
31 : On edge
32 : You will have to FALL to find this leaf!
33 : Works of Art
34 : Watch your paws
35 : Check high and LOW
36 : Take a load off your weary feet.
37 : Make a wish!
38 : Take a drink of my leaf everyone.
39 : Need a TP?
40 : Don't forget to flush
41 : Look for the room with the neons and see there the canadian leaf
42 : Illuminating!
43 : It is time to feed the Swan
44 : It's a little fishy
45 : A leaf is a part of a plant, right?
46 : If you feel like they are falling down...The suspenders will hold them up
47 : You never know what you'll find in my basement, be verrrry quiet though, you don't want to wake up the "residents."
48: What goes up, might "FALL" down
49 : Leaves like to fall on shelves, maybe looking up will help
50. : The store has some pretty nice views from its windows
51 : Clutching at a rainbow of fun
52 : There's something about Maria
53 Are you a pillar of society?
54. : This leaf enjoys midnight.
55 : Take a load off your weary feet.
56 : There are purple flowers
57 : Sit round the couch!
58 : I know it's around here somewhere....did you check the garbage??
60 : Fall is right around the "corner"....soon leaves will change color and fall but some are still "green"
61 : Search High and Low
62 : You feel toasty warm when sitting near this
63 : Follow the leafs....enjoy the quiet moments near the Unicorns
64 : Can't find the leaf? Use your ears, not your eyes.
65 : Follow your leaves.
66. : RIP dead tree, you served us well.
67 : You feeling lucky?
68 : Searching for this leaf is more fun then a barrel of monkeys
69 : COULDNT FIND IT (look for a leaf covered box)
70 : Follow the sound of the Windchimes
71 : The fireplace will keep you warm as Fall approaches
72 : Follow the leaf trail and look for the blue snail
73 : Follow the path and sit among the roses
74 : I know your feet are weary after all that walking and hunting. Come in. Sit down. Put your feet up and relax. Enjoy the store and I am sure you will find what you seek... Good luck fellow hunters.
75 : Do chickens eat leaves?
76 : Very easy to find...wanna fight about it?
77 : It's not a fig leaf but it works for this cat lover
78 : I can hear the birds and crickets from here
79 : This leaf is high, and its such an asshole, the Tshirt says so!
80 : Take your time and Look around, Upstairs, Downtstairs, a leaf falls down.
81 : Ask the bear to show you where
82 : Mmmmm....cookies!
83 : Choo - Choo! All aboard!
84 : Don't trip over it, on your way in!!
85 : Automatic stairways to heaven :) I love them.
87 : Beyond the place of limitless groups, you will find what the wind has hidden.
88 : I feel sleepy, zzzzzzzzzzzz.
89 : NEW STORE IN HUNT< href="http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sessrumnir/195/193/21">90 : Pink Black and Purple what pretty colors eeny meeny miney mo, I wonder if all those shoes come with those.
91. Time to climb but not to high.
92 Leaf this leaf alone, its with its friends, having a good time down there.
93: We'll Have a barrel of fun
94 : This leaf has a good view, dangling down like that
95 : Are you feeling lucky?
96 : New Dresses are all the rage---Look around You might find one on a page
97 : Kick back, watch some tv and relax.
98 : Don't let this butterfly flutter by
99: Fall is in the air, and in the trees.
100 : Frosting is sweeter in the fall!
101 : Doesn't this leaf look a little out of place?
102 : Finding this leaf has me puzzled.
103 : Golden fireplaces made with gold leaf are great places to hide a golden leaf!
104: Make sure all of your things are put away
105 : I'm where I should be in the Fall.
106 : Time to lounge around!
107 : Oh my, that is about the weirdest cleavage I've ever seen! ;)
108 : Zig Zag your way to the leaf.
109 : Who says an ant can't move a rubber tree plant?
110 : I'm shattered, I think I will sit for a while.
111 : Up not down, it perches on high.
112 : The stage, relax and read a book!
113 : To and fro and up and down , You've gone from here to there. When all you really need to do, Is simply stop and stair.
114 : I'm not bad, I just like hanging out in corners looking down on the situation.
115 : I'm sitting up here and am enjoying the view, surrounded by black, pink and yellow, my favourite colours.
116 : Everyone loves a bit of window dressing
117: Revolutionary Nail HUD
118 : I've been bad, but gravity seems to be "broken"and forces me to hang on.
119 : That tree gives me an idea.....an idea tree
120 : Anyone need to sleep? perhaps the leaf does.
121 : Sexy leaf action, rawr.
122 : Mirror Mirror, whos the fairest of the fall?
123 : Need shirt? Leafy does
124 : Follow the sound of the birds
125 : With proper time, you'll see there is more to one of the vines.
126 : Roll out the red carpet, and don't forget the red curtains to match.
127 : In your dreams
128 : A blossom breeze took the leaf with it.
129 : Lady in reeeeeeeeeeed is dancing with leaf, cheek to stem.
130 : A lonely leaf fell. Beside the STREAM. And holds the gift for you.
131 : Look low and you will see it.
132 : If you get greedy you will get lucky
133 : Wake up and smell the roses
134: Blue rabbit... join our group
136 : Check your displays, you may find it there.
137 : Modesty forbids me to tell you where I hid the leaf, but Eve knows and Adam likes it.
138 : Does this leaf cluck? A lot?
139 : You will find this leaf in nature where it belongs
140 : Sit back, put your feet up and relax
141 : I see a sign... and a leaf!
142 : I love Cotton Candy
143 : Follow your trail, but don't get "collared" on the way.
144 : Time to watch some tv
145 : You will find it floating on crystalline and something refreshing
146 : Follow the path to find your golden leaf, camoflaged well.
147 : Illuminating
148 : Don't let this leaf get eaten by one of its enemies.
149 : Lady in red steals my leaf again
150 : Take a seat, on my bag of beans.
151 : Take a Leaf out of this Book
152 : Sit and dine, and you shall find, the final key, that sets you free.

Most of these clues are from the official site, much love goes to them for taking over this hunt after some v bad people took entry money and ran away with it. If you can't find it using a clue on here, please check HERE to see if the match with the official one.

Ok Hunters...

A round up because WOW theres a lot of hunts to be doing in August.

On going Hunts

Pirates Treasure Hunt : Start (Ends September 6th)

Starting 1st August

Sci - Fi and Fanstasy Hunt : Start (100 approx. stores)
Hybrid Hunt : Start
Black Pearls Hunt : Start
Satisfashions Hunt : Start
Poppy Hunt : Start
Fall Fun Hunt : Start

Starting 8th August

Crayon Hunt : Start
Gorean Grid Wide Hunt : Start
Diversity Hunt : Start

Starting 1oth August

Skipping Stones Hunt : Start

Starting 15th August

Proposers Hunt : No start Location as of yet.
Black Keys Hunt : Start
The Lovebirds Hunt : No start Location as of yet.

30 July 2009

Coming up on the 1st of Aug

Fall Fun Hunt.

I want everyone to show this hunt there support, the original organisers took our vendor entry fee and then never came back :( . This hunt was taken over very recently by Dawn who has pulled it back from failing, who has had no monitary gain from this. All her and her teams hard work was for free so that the hunt wouldnt fail and you get to have a month of goodies.

So lets turn out in force on the 1st and show them that we appreciate the effort it takes to take over a hunt that was almost set to not happen.

Mally xx

http://fallfunhunt.blogspot.com/ <= These people are the BESTESTEST

29 July 2009

Horror Night Hunt.

Start Location : Miniascape

Head over the blood bridge, follow the lanterns to the island and go under the archway, take the LM given to you, TP to that place. Then happy hunting.

Start: Now
End : Unknown

You need to find 7 items. They look like gravestones, some only contain notecards.

You need to find 3 Hints from items during the hunt (these will help with the final puzzle)

As it is sent out like a linear maze, I wont be handing out clues, I will however hand out the floor they are on so you can make sure you don't miss out.

Stone 1 Secret area you go to when you get to the final puzzle (use the correct tp - Get all the hints and press them in the correct order)
Stone 2 Secret area you go to when you get to the final puzzle
Stone 3 3rd Floor
Stone 4 1st Floor
Stone 5 1st Floor
Stone 6 Top Floor
Stone 7 1st Floor

TO GET TO SECRET AREA : Collect all 3 hints around the haunted house, head to the final puzzle area, press the eye to get the tp box, sit on it, press the symbols in the right order according to your hints and hey presto you TP to the correct area.


Ok I am sick to the back teeth of abusive comments being left on this blog. THIS is why I now moderate and screen things.

I have a few things to reply to the last message I deleted for calling me a "bitch" who deserves basically to "nailed" (whatever that means) by all hunt people.

1. I DIDN'T MAKE THE ALL MALE HUNT, so why your yelling at me for making it I don't know. I AM ADMIN ON IT.

2. I WORK IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE ORGANISERS NOT AGAINST THEM, so why they should "nail" me for telling people hints I don't know. They actually ASK me to hint it, its free advertising for them. I have also been asked to help organise several hunts with people, and do there own personal hunt blog and maintain it for the duration of the hunts.

3. Perhaps you should look at the blog before you blame me for giving locations away. I never ever ever give out direct locations, nor direct TPS to the items ever. I give out hints as to where too look. Nothing more, nothing less. So accusing me of giving away locations is as far from an accurate statement as you can get.

I do this for free, unpaid. I don't need bitter and twisted trolls thinking its big and clever telling me i'm a bitch, that i'm killing the SL economy, me and all my evil hunts.

Myself and the hunt organisers work hard to let everyone else have a good time in SL. I gain nothing but people sending me abuse.

If you don't like hunts, think they are ruining the economy and don't like my blog then 1. DONT VISIT NOR COMMENT ON MY HINT BLOG, pretty pointless if you do, and 2 dont do the damn hunts, no ones asked you to do them.



Mally x

27 July 2009

Addiction Hunt (1st Sept)

Ladies and Gentlemen, myself and my friend Amoureuse are organising this fine hunt. We have 85+ top quality vendors already. If you are interested in taking part please IM myself or Amoureuse Gervasi and we will get back to you.

We want this a top notch, high quality hunt so we are taking a look at the products you sell to see if it fits in with what were trying to achieve.

Mally xx

24 July 2009

The Golden Sarcophagus Hunt

You will be collecting 50 sarcophagi hidden in the participating stores and around the sim.
Inside each sarcaphogus will be either a phrase, a gift, or both. Each one of the phrases you collect is part of a whole paragraph that talks about Cleopatra. Sarcophagi may move around from day to day. Put the paragraph together CORRECTLY, and you are eligible for the Grand Prize Drawing!!!.

Start :
July 15
End : Aug 5

Start Location : University City

Due to the highly competative nature of the hunt, and the fact that these sarcophagi will not remain in the same spot for more than a day, there will be no hints.

50 Sarcophagi to find in total

* Grand Prize is L$5,000
* Cash Prizes
* Gift Certificates from our participating stores
* Skins (value L$4000)
* and more….

Participating Stores (How many items to locate)
AFantasy (3)
Art In Motion (2)
Athena’s Antiquities (2)
Avila Sterling Jewelry and Art in Motion (2)
Babele Fashion Italian Style (1)
Dark Crystal Rose Designs (1)
DragonLady Designs (2)
Gadgeteria (1)
Jessop Creations (2)
Kiko Life (1)
Moon’s Bazaar (1)
Sara’s Jas Elegant Gowns (2)
Sexon’s WB ( 1)
Shellylove Designs (4)
Steelheart (1)
Wishedon’s (2)
Wolf Island Studios
Univercity City (20) - This means any not in a store, just in the surroundings.

Icepop Hunt at Magia

Start : July 1
End : July 31

Start Location : Magia

Your looking for icepops

Icepop 1: If your big choker doesn't choke you maybe an icepop in your mouth will.
Icepop 2 : This lolly is sexy, just don't get it on your ears!
Icepop 3 : Belly chains and icepops, brrrr cold.
Icepop 4 : Happy Valentines daaaaaaaay.. oops im a bit late.
Icepop 5 : Take a seat but don't let the flower eat it!
Icepop 6 : Watch the gears turn
Icepop 7 : Capris like lollys? Hope I can get the stain out.
Icepop 8 : Open your shirt and take a load off!

Treasure Hunt at Pout

Start: July 22
End : July 27

Location : Pout Main Store

You need to locate 12 flowers inside and out of there main store. Follow the instructions outside the store to see precisely what you have to do.

Flower 1 : Animal print is in!
Flower 2 : Take centre stage
Flower 3 : I don't like getting changed infront of people
Flower 4 : This flower doesn't like public nudity either
Flower 5 : Take a load off!
Flower 6 : Plants like to stay with there own kind.
Flower 7 : Take a seat on the dead flat trees and enjoy the view!
Flower 8 : Warm yourself by the fire
Flower 9 : This big fat palm has shed a... flower?
Flower 10 : Is this flower on sale too i wonder?
Flower 11 : Wonder if this fell like a coconut
Flower 12: Another coconut flower, hope it didn't break on its fall.

As Stated above please read the instructions at the door of the store as to how the hunt works. The flowers are empty and the instructions tell you how to do the hunt.

22 July 2009

Just for the Guys PARTY!!!!!!

You asked for it in group, so here it is! We will be having a party to celebrate the success of the Hunt.

When: August 2nd 1pm - 3pm SLT & 5pm - 7pm SLT

Prizes and giveaways, L$, clothing, and more!!

(LM will be sent that day)

IM Jo with questions :D

A personal note I have enjoyed working closely with Jo on this hunt, one of the loveliest people i know. Much lurve

21 July 2009

A Slice of not worth doing.

Oh the maturity, these muppets have taken legal action against me, so there we go, I am a polite person but FUCK THEM and there hunt.

Freedom of speech isn't that free! When your opinion written down leads to legal action

And FYI, I didn't "copy" there hints. I used it as a base, altered more than 2/3's of them to sound better than the ones they origionally had and credited there website also.

17 July 2009


Ty everyone sending me notecards, however, I can't open them as I don't have access to second life, so at this time while Dell is being a DUFUS, please could you write your updates in IM to myself. Then I get it in emails.

Please do the same process, Name what hunt your hinting then the number and a clue/description.

eg. JFTG 14 Some witty ass hint goes here.

15 July 2009


Dell sent be BACK my laptop... BROKEN. So i am still offline with v limited internet. WTF peeps, is DELL always this bad??????????????????????

I am one ANGRY MAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 July 2009

Still No Laptop

Ok guys and gals, I still have no laptop so can't get in to update things, but as soon as my laptop arrives i'm gettting it sorted.

On a more personal note, I don't need people abusing me for the help I give out. I work damn hard, every day for this blog.

If the stress and abuse continues I will shut down commenting on here so I don't have to deal with that anymore.

I have deleted some abusive stuff today.

People need to realise I am a human being too, when I hint these hunts, they are accurate at the time. I do not have mind reading powers and I can't detect when a vendor has moved a item.

I can only update my blog and my information when I am informed that one is moved, and thank you very much to those few inworld that send me regular updates so I can go check out the new locations. Your help is grately appreciated.

I wish to be updated inworld because it is where I am most of the time, and I will be able to sort it immediately. On here they WILL get missed and I don't want an unconfirmed hint posted, as sometimes people aren't right.

I am usually in close contact with the organisers of hunts so I am well informed. But some hints just get through the net, I am after all only HUMAN.

Many thanks to people who acutally do appreciate the time and effort I put into this.

Mally xx

6 July 2009

Computer Problems

Ok hunters, Mal is Malfunctioning.

My laptop has decided to depart from this world and Dell is taking it to intensive care to bitch slap some life into it.

Until then I will not be able to get in to hunt.

Have fun without me my lovelies.

Don't miss me too much.

The Blog..

Ok people are writing there new hints on the blog itself, can you please refrain from doing this, I dont usually accept new hints to update until I have checked the new location .

People posting there own hints basically is making my time v difficult as a lot of people are contradicting each other.

From now on I will be deleting all none checked hints (ie. ones posted up on here in comments).

If you have a new hint for me please NOTECARD the hint.

Call the notecard : (Name of hunt) Update
Then please give me the following information 1, Number of the item i need to check. 2, Describe where it is in simple terms so I wont spent 30mins looking. 3. A hint you think is appropriate.

4 July 2009

Magika Running with Sciccors Hunt

5 golden scissors hidden in there new store (Giving out 5 free hairs WOOOOT)

Store Location

Scissors 1 : When you enter look on high, these empty boards hold greatness on top of them.
Scissors 2 : Display your dresses with pride, but don't drop your scissors on the ground!
Scissors 3 : Take a seat up here, but don't let things slip down the back.
Scissors 4 : Amy has them, she feeling pretty "low".
Scissors 5 : Whilest cutting my new hair, i dropped my scissors, anyone found em?

3 July 2009

Gone Fishing Hunt

Starts : July 1st
Ends : July 31st

You must fish for the items at the respective 7seas locations.

You fish in one spot, then when you get the catch, within the item is the next LM to the next location and fish there, and so on and so forth.

Start Location

I wont be blogging all the locations.

Passion's Gridwide Hunt

Start : July 1st
End : July 31st

You will be hunting down hidden hearts.


Start Location

Heart 1 : *Sniffs the rose*
Heart 2 : Glad this is here, if it were dark i wouldn't of found the store.
Heart 3 : I feel so studious
Heart 4 : We have a romantic little magic garden with a nice froggy lair ,
you like froggies? Teleporter is helpful too ;-)
Heart 5 : Stroke the big salamander.
Heart 6 : Time to take a nap
Heart 7 : Puuuuuuuur this big kitty doesn't like it floating over it's head.
Heart 9 : Can i get assistance from the pretty flowers.
Heart 10 : McKinsey lives like Harry Potter, look after her heart.
Heart 11 : I hope this doesn't choke me.
Heart 12 : Take a seat but don't squish me!
Heart 13 :
Heart 14 :
Heart 15 : Dropped out
Heart 16 :
Heart 17 : Mmmm ocean deep clevage.
Heart 18 : I loooooove capri pants
Heart 19 : Teddy loves his heart, he huggles it close.
Heart 20 : This heart wants you to step up!
Heart 21 : Tye has a big heart, she loves you.
Heart 22 : Time to do my makeup.
Heart 23 : Assistance please!!
Heart 24 : n/a
Heart 24 :
Heart 25 :
Heart 26 :
Heart 27 :
Heart 28 :
Heart 29 :
Heart 30 :
Heart 31 : Closed
Heart 32 :
Heart 33.:Not Avaliable
Heart 34 : Will you all marry me, let me buy you some bling!
Heart 35 :Not Avaliable/Closed
Heart 36 :Not Avaliable/Closed
Heart 38
Heart 39
Heart 40
Heart 41
Heart 42
Heart 43
Heart 44
Heart 45.-Location Does Not Exist
Heart 46
Heart 47
Heart 48
Heart 49
Heart 50
Heart 51
Heart 52
Heart 53
Heart 54
Heart 55
Heart 56
Heart 57.-Closed
Heart 58
Heart 59
Heart 60
Heart 61

82.Ora Trei Designs
83.Black Frost
84.New York Couture
86.MaXeyes Creations
87.Lemania Indigo Designs
88.*~*Dirty Dollies*~*
94.Puppy Dog Tails
95.Karnal Rage
96.Ali Couture
The Freebie Forrest
98.Bizet's Gadgets Furnature
99.New York Couture for Men
101.Unique Needs!
102.Just Me
103.Timmy's Junk
106.Burning Chrome
108.Bethany's Boutique
109.Love Lost
112.Shirly XI
114.Simply Shelby
115.Flowers Palace
116.Hummingbird Designs
117.Photography by Christee Lutrova
119.HJS Designs
120.Ell's Wedding Creations
122.Freya's Finest Jewels
123.Kitten Caboodle
124.D & T Designs


1 July 2009

Cinderella Hunt

Start : July 1st
End : July 31st

You are looking for a shoe in each store

Start Location

Shoe 1. : Cinderella loves shopping for Couture.
Shoe 2. Who came first the Chicken or the Egg?
Shoe 3. Cinderella lost her shoe while stopping to sniff the roses
Shoe 4. Cinderella lost her shoe while running away from a Yucky Monster!! Don't fall through!
Shoe 5. Find the Pink Vase it may be filled with Fairy Dust.
Shoe 6. I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes-
Shoe 7. I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes-
Shoe 8. Fear not, for it is very near, follow the fairy dust sprinkles into the main building doorway, look up and wish upon a star ;)"
Shoe 9. I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes- 2nd floor
Shoe 10. This is potted! Stay on the 1st floor.
Shoe 11. mmm...im hungry *checks the cupboard*
Shoe 12. Need to shead some fairy dust on the lost slipper... Only a Mod Rocking girl can be ready for the ball
Shoe 13. Oh no did the Manatee eat Cinderella??
Shoe 14. Sitting Purdy on a pedistal
Shoe 15. It dangles from on high
Shoe 16. Needs a gown. so i run around and around
Shoe 17. Don't forget to tie your laces
Shoe 18. I'm stuck inbetween the Midnight Mania boards and Necklaces,.... which way do i go
Shoe 19. Look down the stair among the brides friends fair
Shoe 20. Aaah comfy ...*kicks shoe off*
Shoe 21. I go by the book!
Shoe 22. While u are getting ur group gift stop and get me also!!
Shoe 23. To find what you seek, put your party feet on and dance away under the lights.
Shoe 24. I am under where cinderella fled
Shoe 25. I can sit on this and under there may be a rose
Shoe 26. Check the table
Shoe 27. Feeling lucky lucky
Shoe 28. This shoe is so pretty; it's kissable!
Shoe 29. How the prince found it I'll never know, he must have been cunning to have looked too and fro, but if you look to the east, under the place that she fled, you'll find the slipper...enough said.
Shoe 30. 2 rights and 1 rack up
Shoe 31. no shoe
Shoe 32. Right where it belongs
Shoe 33. Subscribe to me!
Shoe 34. Ride the elevator to the second floor, and look high above on a rack where the dresses hang
Shoe 35. Maybe a nice fan for the ball?
Shoe 36. Don't go far from the hunt sign.
Shoe 37. Look for the stairs cinderella fled 1st floor
Shoe 38. I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes-
Shoe 39. Things that are lost are never hidden...you have to look up and down and in every LITTLE corner...even in plain site you must face the right way...and colors can disguise... this red slipper should be easy if you turn and look for color and corners
Shoe 40. mmm i think i will study and read on the desk....
Shoe 41. Find something potted and look above
Shoe 42. Look for me high to the left close to something snuggly soft
Shoe 43. Up up up and away up where they chirp and play
Shoe 44. Go to the clothing, and look for a cheshire cat?
Shoe 45. Flutter by - yellow butterfly
Shoe 46. She must have been looking at purchasing the Cuddle Cottage when she lost the slipper
Shoe 47. Seek high and low, go out and in. You will find your treasure with a grin
Shoe 48 . Pink shoe likes corners
Shoe 49. Go inside her shop dear, find the mushroom, go down stair and it is among one of the flowery bushes. Make sure you set your pray before you go on search for it. all the best and good luck
Shoe 50 : I really need that collar - unscripted or not
Shoe 51 : No hint as of yet
Shoe 52 : Feeling studious? Perhaps you should sit at the table and learn things.
Shoe 53 : Check under things in the courtyard.
Shoe 54 : QUACK!
Shoe 55. Time for a quick nap.
Shoe 56: On the stairs to the inner store outside
Shoe 57. No Shoe D:
Shoe 58..Do you like Unicorns???....just find the Unicorns...they are near ;-)
Shoe 59. Don't cry~!"
Shoe 60: Is upstairs; well camoflaged! So many shoes!
Shoe 61. All boxed up
Shoe 62. I'm a book worm
Shoe 63. Over the counter.
Shoe 64. I just 'love' these chairs and this table set, move over noob your in my seat!
Shoe 65. Its a new craze, wear your shoes on your head!
Shoe 66. Bewilderment abounds..Slippers belong on feet!"
Shoe 67. I want a window seat
Shoe 68. What did Cinderella flee down at the Stroke of Midnight?
Shoe 69. Big kitties poop shoes don't ya know!
Shoe 70. No sign of hunt item or sign here
Shoe 71. No sign of hunt item or sign here
Shoe 72. Time to go to bed and put my shoes away.
Shoe 73. Check the table
Shoe 74. May all your flowers be in bloom this summer.
Shoe 75. Look under the place where cinderella fled
Shoe 76. Close to castles and treasures Magia keeps the slippery object.
Shoe 77. "To Be the prettest you can be... You must first feel pretty and to help this..You Must Wear PR!TTY Clothes.. The pink Slipper Holds your key..
Shoe 78. Your shoe is in the boxbot's shoe (the one she kicked off to try on the glass slipper)
Shoe 79. I have my coffee, im by the fire, can't beat it.
Shoe 80. Laid out nicely for you if you find the right store.
Shoe 81. Shorts are in this season!
Shoe 83. Its where the shoe of cinderella fell off (sorry guys this is the official hint so i had to use it)
Shoe 84. Read the signs inside before out.
Shoe 85. Remember where the prince found Cindy's shoe? Look there and you can find one too ( I personally cant find it)
Shoe 86. Beachwear, its that time of year.
Shoe 87. Walk around where the letters abound!
Shoe 88. I dropped my shoe to the left somewhere!
Shoe 89. New releases ROCK! (set to 1L to purchase BEWARE)
Shoe 90. Right infront of your nose :)
Shoe 91. You will find it one the second floor after the commercial break
Shoe 92. Its a touch gift - im stuck on a platform where the staircase winds around and around.
Shoe 93. New Summer nights is a great place to rest my shoe.

A lot of the hints taken from the Official Site

Cinderella Hunt coming tomorrow.

I will work hard to get this hunt finished for you tomorrow.

Curious Kitty Hunt

Start Date : July 1st
End Date : July 31st

You are looking for pawprints

Starting Location
Pawprint 1 : Head to Alices room, Notice all of Alice's childhood toys! Snuggle the bunnies, ride the train and play with the jacks! Butremember, not all is as it seems in the vast room! And.....somewhere near those childhood memories hides a pawprint in pink with gifts to bestow!
Pawprint 2 : Please don't ask for a hint, store owners move them very regularly.
Pawprint 3 : Pop a Squat...but not on a couch or chair
Pawprint 4 : Read the signs!
Pawprint 5 : I don't want to head in, its to hot, i'll sit around the door like the paw.
Pawprint 6 : Flower Paw, how naughty, get to the corner
Pawprint 7 : Please don't ask for a hint, store owners move them very regularly.
Pawprint 8 : Nice window view! (It is working, left click!)
Pawprint 9 : Cats like to hide where other cats gathe
Pawprint 10 : Stay grounded, you will find it there.
Pawprint 11 : Take a seat and admire the view!
Pawprint 12 : Monotones keep your prize.
Pawprint 13 : Everyone wants to live in a crate... aww home sweet crate.
Pawprint 14 : I'm to the southeast in the shadows looking out a window
Pawprint 15 : Here is some advice! Walk into the light...but don't let the bed bugs bite!
Pawprint 16 : Mind the gap! "between two walls"
Pawprint 17 : Texture yourself like an animal and get to the corner!
Pawprint 18 : Shocking pink! Check whats for sale.
Pawprint 19 : Who wants a new 'outfit'
Pawprint 20 : Stay grounded, have a nice seat and admire the tails.
Pawprint 21 : This paw looks new to me.
Pawprint 22 : Sitting near the dock of the bay, watching tv.
Pawprint 23 : Hey Mr bear, give it back!
Pawprint 24 : Curl up in your basket like a good kitty!
Pawprint 25 : This paw loves midnight, don't you?
Pawprint 26 : I just had a blood bath and now im hiding
Pawprint 27 : This paw is so dominant, it wants you to sit in the corner!
Pawprint 28 : Look up high, not down low. After all, that's where kitties like to go. Out in the open air, i can see you, way down there!
Pawprint 29 : This cat needs some assitance please!
Pawprint 30 : I need some customer service please.
Pawprint 31 : Empty shelves? I would prefer to live in the woods!
Pawprint 32 : New 'outfit' anyone?
Pawprint 33 : Metacard anyone? Perhaps your feeling lucky!
Pawprint 34 : Kittehbear has it
Pawprint 35 : Phew! If you're as tired as I am, take a rest in that cute cat tree!
Pawprint 36 : Read the signs (I cant buy it or touch, so move on to the next)
Pawprint 37 : I love freebies, so do Nekos!
Pawprint 38 : copy, mod, no... wtf is that?
Pawprint 39 : All men need good jeans!
Pawprint 40 : Time to reflect everyone! (couldnt buy or touch this one either)
Pawprint 41 : Sleepy kitty watches you from on high, guarding the prize well.
Pawprint 42 : Clue #1 - Halt and percieve the scent through the olfactory nerves of the prickly-stemmed, pinnate-leaved, showy-flowered shrubs!
Clue #2 - Join in the fun of the hunt at Blooma's!
Pawprint 43 : Follow the kitty steps to claim your prize.
Pawprint 44 : Don't mind the trash around you, just sit back for a while and relax.. u are only on half way!
Pawprint 45 : Hi five Kitty cat!
Pawprint 47 : Get your paws off of my boobies!!!
Pawprint 48 : This foot came off of one big kitty.
Pawprint 49 : Go to the correct store, you can't miss it.
Pawprint 50 : Head up and lounge around.
Pawprint 51 : Subscribe to my group to get free gifts, and maybe you'll end up finding the Curious Kitty gift too.
Pawprint 52 : I am lucky to find cakes laying around.
Pawprint 53 : I am the human hamster
Pawprint 54 : 1/2 : Loving these belts, don't miss the paw though. 2/2 : Not found.
Pawprint 55 : Peircings
Pawprint 56 : A neko Loves to play, A neko loves to climb, A neko has their ways behind this little stand of mine.
Pawprint 57 : Kitties love to play Under the Covers!
Pawprint 58 : I am so thirsty
Pawprint 59 : Take a rest at the base, don't head up to the summit.
Pawprint 60 : This paw is in "high" spirits
Pawprint 61 : No trees to climb, but perhaps a mushroom will do?
Pawprint 62 : Oh noooooes, graffitti!!!
Pawprint 63 : Have a toke, Kitty =^.^=
Pawprint 64 : I can climb dah trees.
Pawprint 65 : Don't miss out for your GOLDEN chance to find out your horoscope!
Pawprint 66 : Subscribe to me
Pawprint 67 : You feeling lucky? I am.
Pawprint 68 : It's time to relax and smell the flowers
Pawprint 69 : Might as well face it, I'm addicted to love
Pawprint 70 : This is a drama free zone
Pawprint 71 : Hey - you are sitting on me !
Pawprint 72 : If a black cat crosses your path... just stare it down.
Pawprint 73 : Those old trucks have no sense of fashion...
Pawprint 74 : Care to watch some tv with me?
Pawprint 75 : Careful not to fall in!
Pawprint 76 : Do a little dance....