1 July 2009

Cinderella Hunt

Start : July 1st
End : July 31st

You are looking for a shoe in each store

Start Location

Shoe 1. : Cinderella loves shopping for Couture.
Shoe 2. Who came first the Chicken or the Egg?
Shoe 3. Cinderella lost her shoe while stopping to sniff the roses
Shoe 4. Cinderella lost her shoe while running away from a Yucky Monster!! Don't fall through!
Shoe 5. Find the Pink Vase it may be filled with Fairy Dust.
Shoe 6. I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes-
Shoe 7. I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes-
Shoe 8. Fear not, for it is very near, follow the fairy dust sprinkles into the main building doorway, look up and wish upon a star ;)"
Shoe 9. I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes- 2nd floor
Shoe 10. This is potted! Stay on the 1st floor.
Shoe 11. mmm...im hungry *checks the cupboard*
Shoe 12. Need to shead some fairy dust on the lost slipper... Only a Mod Rocking girl can be ready for the ball
Shoe 13. Oh no did the Manatee eat Cinderella??
Shoe 14. Sitting Purdy on a pedistal
Shoe 15. It dangles from on high
Shoe 16. Needs a gown. so i run around and around
Shoe 17. Don't forget to tie your laces
Shoe 18. I'm stuck inbetween the Midnight Mania boards and Necklaces,.... which way do i go
Shoe 19. Look down the stair among the brides friends fair
Shoe 20. Aaah comfy ...*kicks shoe off*
Shoe 21. I go by the book!
Shoe 22. While u are getting ur group gift stop and get me also!!
Shoe 23. To find what you seek, put your party feet on and dance away under the lights.
Shoe 24. I am under where cinderella fled
Shoe 25. I can sit on this and under there may be a rose
Shoe 26. Check the table
Shoe 27. Feeling lucky lucky
Shoe 28. This shoe is so pretty; it's kissable!
Shoe 29. How the prince found it I'll never know, he must have been cunning to have looked too and fro, but if you look to the east, under the place that she fled, you'll find the slipper...enough said.
Shoe 30. 2 rights and 1 rack up
Shoe 31. no shoe
Shoe 32. Right where it belongs
Shoe 33. Subscribe to me!
Shoe 34. Ride the elevator to the second floor, and look high above on a rack where the dresses hang
Shoe 35. Maybe a nice fan for the ball?
Shoe 36. Don't go far from the hunt sign.
Shoe 37. Look for the stairs cinderella fled 1st floor
Shoe 38. I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes-
Shoe 39. Things that are lost are never hidden...you have to look up and down and in every LITTLE corner...even in plain site you must face the right way...and colors can disguise... this red slipper should be easy if you turn and look for color and corners
Shoe 40. mmm i think i will study and read on the desk....
Shoe 41. Find something potted and look above
Shoe 42. Look for me high to the left close to something snuggly soft
Shoe 43. Up up up and away up where they chirp and play
Shoe 44. Go to the clothing, and look for a cheshire cat?
Shoe 45. Flutter by - yellow butterfly
Shoe 46. She must have been looking at purchasing the Cuddle Cottage when she lost the slipper
Shoe 47. Seek high and low, go out and in. You will find your treasure with a grin
Shoe 48 . Pink shoe likes corners
Shoe 49. Go inside her shop dear, find the mushroom, go down stair and it is among one of the flowery bushes. Make sure you set your pray before you go on search for it. all the best and good luck
Shoe 50 : I really need that collar - unscripted or not
Shoe 51 : No hint as of yet
Shoe 52 : Feeling studious? Perhaps you should sit at the table and learn things.
Shoe 53 : Check under things in the courtyard.
Shoe 54 : QUACK!
Shoe 55. Time for a quick nap.
Shoe 56: On the stairs to the inner store outside
Shoe 57. No Shoe D:
Shoe 58..Do you like Unicorns???....just find the Unicorns...they are near ;-)
Shoe 59. Don't cry~!"
Shoe 60: Is upstairs; well camoflaged! So many shoes!
Shoe 61. All boxed up
Shoe 62. I'm a book worm
Shoe 63. Over the counter.
Shoe 64. I just 'love' these chairs and this table set, move over noob your in my seat!
Shoe 65. Its a new craze, wear your shoes on your head!
Shoe 66. Bewilderment abounds..Slippers belong on feet!"
Shoe 67. I want a window seat
Shoe 68. What did Cinderella flee down at the Stroke of Midnight?
Shoe 69. Big kitties poop shoes don't ya know!
Shoe 70. No sign of hunt item or sign here
Shoe 71. No sign of hunt item or sign here
Shoe 72. Time to go to bed and put my shoes away.
Shoe 73. Check the table
Shoe 74. May all your flowers be in bloom this summer.
Shoe 75. Look under the place where cinderella fled
Shoe 76. Close to castles and treasures Magia keeps the slippery object.
Shoe 77. "To Be the prettest you can be... You must first feel pretty and to help this..You Must Wear PR!TTY Clothes.. The pink Slipper Holds your key..
Shoe 78. Your shoe is in the boxbot's shoe (the one she kicked off to try on the glass slipper)
Shoe 79. I have my coffee, im by the fire, can't beat it.
Shoe 80. Laid out nicely for you if you find the right store.
Shoe 81. Shorts are in this season!
Shoe 83. Its where the shoe of cinderella fell off (sorry guys this is the official hint so i had to use it)
Shoe 84. Read the signs inside before out.
Shoe 85. Remember where the prince found Cindy's shoe? Look there and you can find one too ( I personally cant find it)
Shoe 86. Beachwear, its that time of year.
Shoe 87. Walk around where the letters abound!
Shoe 88. I dropped my shoe to the left somewhere!
Shoe 89. New releases ROCK! (set to 1L to purchase BEWARE)
Shoe 90. Right infront of your nose :)
Shoe 91. You will find it one the second floor after the commercial break
Shoe 92. Its a touch gift - im stuck on a platform where the staircase winds around and around.
Shoe 93. New Summer nights is a great place to rest my shoe.

A lot of the hints taken from the Official Site