10 July 2009

Still No Laptop

Ok guys and gals, I still have no laptop so can't get in to update things, but as soon as my laptop arrives i'm gettting it sorted.

On a more personal note, I don't need people abusing me for the help I give out. I work damn hard, every day for this blog.

If the stress and abuse continues I will shut down commenting on here so I don't have to deal with that anymore.

I have deleted some abusive stuff today.

People need to realise I am a human being too, when I hint these hunts, they are accurate at the time. I do not have mind reading powers and I can't detect when a vendor has moved a item.

I can only update my blog and my information when I am informed that one is moved, and thank you very much to those few inworld that send me regular updates so I can go check out the new locations. Your help is grately appreciated.

I wish to be updated inworld because it is where I am most of the time, and I will be able to sort it immediately. On here they WILL get missed and I don't want an unconfirmed hint posted, as sometimes people aren't right.

I am usually in close contact with the organisers of hunts so I am well informed. But some hints just get through the net, I am after all only HUMAN.

Many thanks to people who acutally do appreciate the time and effort I put into this.

Mally xx