24 July 2009

Treasure Hunt at Pout

Start: July 22
End : July 27

Location : Pout Main Store

You need to locate 12 flowers inside and out of there main store. Follow the instructions outside the store to see precisely what you have to do.

Flower 1 : Animal print is in!
Flower 2 : Take centre stage
Flower 3 : I don't like getting changed infront of people
Flower 4 : This flower doesn't like public nudity either
Flower 5 : Take a load off!
Flower 6 : Plants like to stay with there own kind.
Flower 7 : Take a seat on the dead flat trees and enjoy the view!
Flower 8 : Warm yourself by the fire
Flower 9 : This big fat palm has shed a... flower?
Flower 10 : Is this flower on sale too i wonder?
Flower 11 : Wonder if this fell like a coconut
Flower 12: Another coconut flower, hope it didn't break on its fall.

As Stated above please read the instructions at the door of the store as to how the hunt works. The flowers are empty and the instructions tell you how to do the hunt.