24 July 2009

The Golden Sarcophagus Hunt

You will be collecting 50 sarcophagi hidden in the participating stores and around the sim.
Inside each sarcaphogus will be either a phrase, a gift, or both. Each one of the phrases you collect is part of a whole paragraph that talks about Cleopatra. Sarcophagi may move around from day to day. Put the paragraph together CORRECTLY, and you are eligible for the Grand Prize Drawing!!!.

Start :
July 15
End : Aug 5

Start Location : University City

Due to the highly competative nature of the hunt, and the fact that these sarcophagi will not remain in the same spot for more than a day, there will be no hints.

50 Sarcophagi to find in total

* Grand Prize is L$5,000
* Cash Prizes
* Gift Certificates from our participating stores
* Skins (value L$4000)
* and more….

Participating Stores (How many items to locate)
AFantasy (3)
Art In Motion (2)
Athena’s Antiquities (2)
Avila Sterling Jewelry and Art in Motion (2)
Babele Fashion Italian Style (1)
Dark Crystal Rose Designs (1)
DragonLady Designs (2)
Gadgeteria (1)
Jessop Creations (2)
Kiko Life (1)
Moon’s Bazaar (1)
Sara’s Jas Elegant Gowns (2)
Sexon’s WB ( 1)
Shellylove Designs (4)
Steelheart (1)
Wishedon’s (2)
Wolf Island Studios
Univercity City (20) - This means any not in a store, just in the surroundings.