1 July 2009

Curious Kitty Hunt

Start Date : July 1st
End Date : July 31st

You are looking for pawprints

Starting Location
Pawprint 1 : Head to Alices room, Notice all of Alice's childhood toys! Snuggle the bunnies, ride the train and play with the jacks! Butremember, not all is as it seems in the vast room! And.....somewhere near those childhood memories hides a pawprint in pink with gifts to bestow!
Pawprint 2 : Please don't ask for a hint, store owners move them very regularly.
Pawprint 3 : Pop a Squat...but not on a couch or chair
Pawprint 4 : Read the signs!
Pawprint 5 : I don't want to head in, its to hot, i'll sit around the door like the paw.
Pawprint 6 : Flower Paw, how naughty, get to the corner
Pawprint 7 : Please don't ask for a hint, store owners move them very regularly.
Pawprint 8 : Nice window view! (It is working, left click!)
Pawprint 9 : Cats like to hide where other cats gathe
Pawprint 10 : Stay grounded, you will find it there.
Pawprint 11 : Take a seat and admire the view!
Pawprint 12 : Monotones keep your prize.
Pawprint 13 : Everyone wants to live in a crate... aww home sweet crate.
Pawprint 14 : I'm to the southeast in the shadows looking out a window
Pawprint 15 : Here is some advice! Walk into the light...but don't let the bed bugs bite!
Pawprint 16 : Mind the gap! "between two walls"
Pawprint 17 : Texture yourself like an animal and get to the corner!
Pawprint 18 : Shocking pink! Check whats for sale.
Pawprint 19 : Who wants a new 'outfit'
Pawprint 20 : Stay grounded, have a nice seat and admire the tails.
Pawprint 21 : This paw looks new to me.
Pawprint 22 : Sitting near the dock of the bay, watching tv.
Pawprint 23 : Hey Mr bear, give it back!
Pawprint 24 : Curl up in your basket like a good kitty!
Pawprint 25 : This paw loves midnight, don't you?
Pawprint 26 : I just had a blood bath and now im hiding
Pawprint 27 : This paw is so dominant, it wants you to sit in the corner!
Pawprint 28 : Look up high, not down low. After all, that's where kitties like to go. Out in the open air, i can see you, way down there!
Pawprint 29 : This cat needs some assitance please!
Pawprint 30 : I need some customer service please.
Pawprint 31 : Empty shelves? I would prefer to live in the woods!
Pawprint 32 : New 'outfit' anyone?
Pawprint 33 : Metacard anyone? Perhaps your feeling lucky!
Pawprint 34 : Kittehbear has it
Pawprint 35 : Phew! If you're as tired as I am, take a rest in that cute cat tree!
Pawprint 36 : Read the signs (I cant buy it or touch, so move on to the next)
Pawprint 37 : I love freebies, so do Nekos!
Pawprint 38 : copy, mod, no... wtf is that?
Pawprint 39 : All men need good jeans!
Pawprint 40 : Time to reflect everyone! (couldnt buy or touch this one either)
Pawprint 41 : Sleepy kitty watches you from on high, guarding the prize well.
Pawprint 42 : Clue #1 - Halt and percieve the scent through the olfactory nerves of the prickly-stemmed, pinnate-leaved, showy-flowered shrubs!
Clue #2 - Join in the fun of the hunt at Blooma's!
Pawprint 43 : Follow the kitty steps to claim your prize.
Pawprint 44 : Don't mind the trash around you, just sit back for a while and relax.. u are only on half way!
Pawprint 45 : Hi five Kitty cat!
Pawprint 47 : Get your paws off of my boobies!!!
Pawprint 48 : This foot came off of one big kitty.
Pawprint 49 : Go to the correct store, you can't miss it.
Pawprint 50 : Head up and lounge around.
Pawprint 51 : Subscribe to my group to get free gifts, and maybe you'll end up finding the Curious Kitty gift too.
Pawprint 52 : I am lucky to find cakes laying around.
Pawprint 53 : I am the human hamster
Pawprint 54 : 1/2 : Loving these belts, don't miss the paw though. 2/2 : Not found.
Pawprint 55 : Peircings
Pawprint 56 : A neko Loves to play, A neko loves to climb, A neko has their ways behind this little stand of mine.
Pawprint 57 : Kitties love to play Under the Covers!
Pawprint 58 : I am so thirsty
Pawprint 59 : Take a rest at the base, don't head up to the summit.
Pawprint 60 : This paw is in "high" spirits
Pawprint 61 : No trees to climb, but perhaps a mushroom will do?
Pawprint 62 : Oh noooooes, graffitti!!!
Pawprint 63 : Have a toke, Kitty =^.^=
Pawprint 64 : I can climb dah trees.
Pawprint 65 : Don't miss out for your GOLDEN chance to find out your horoscope!
Pawprint 66 : Subscribe to me
Pawprint 67 : You feeling lucky? I am.
Pawprint 68 : It's time to relax and smell the flowers
Pawprint 69 : Might as well face it, I'm addicted to love
Pawprint 70 : This is a drama free zone
Pawprint 71 : Hey - you are sitting on me !
Pawprint 72 : If a black cat crosses your path... just stare it down.
Pawprint 73 : Those old trucks have no sense of fashion...
Pawprint 74 : Care to watch some tv with me?
Pawprint 75 : Careful not to fall in!
Pawprint 76 : Do a little dance....