29 July 2009

Horror Night Hunt.

Start Location : Miniascape

Head over the blood bridge, follow the lanterns to the island and go under the archway, take the LM given to you, TP to that place. Then happy hunting.

Start: Now
End : Unknown

You need to find 7 items. They look like gravestones, some only contain notecards.

You need to find 3 Hints from items during the hunt (these will help with the final puzzle)

As it is sent out like a linear maze, I wont be handing out clues, I will however hand out the floor they are on so you can make sure you don't miss out.

Stone 1 Secret area you go to when you get to the final puzzle (use the correct tp - Get all the hints and press them in the correct order)
Stone 2 Secret area you go to when you get to the final puzzle
Stone 3 3rd Floor
Stone 4 1st Floor
Stone 5 1st Floor
Stone 6 Top Floor
Stone 7 1st Floor

TO GET TO SECRET AREA : Collect all 3 hints around the haunted house, head to the final puzzle area, press the eye to get the tp box, sit on it, press the symbols in the right order according to your hints and hey presto you TP to the correct area.