31 July 2009

Fall Fun Hunt

Your looking for leaves.

Start : 1st August
End : 31st August

1 : wwwwweeeeeeee escalators are fun
2 : Every girl needs a little black dress
3 : Up, up and away by the waters that meet
4 : Over the bridge and thru the woods. (also in a red and yellow leaf
5 : Every Master Vamp should have one of these...Spikes or Torches?? Which will it be?
6 : Assitance please.
7 : Leaves and beautiful dresses, go together well :)
8 : Follow the boat through Emerald Bay
9 : A view by the sea
10: Ok, it's a little dusty up here but she wanted to wear the latest in fall fashion.
11 : Tattoos are so sexy, don't you think, wearing one makes me fly ceiling high.
12 : Hunt high and Low <========= MY STORE WOOOOOOOOOOOO 13 : Look under the desk, or rather, behind and under the desk! Easy!
14 : It rests above the glow of a globe.
15 : Admire the statuary...she's a little shy, that's all
16 : Take the stairs and be sure to open your EYES!
17 :You can have your cake...and hunt prize too:)
18 : Go and sit in the corner!
19 : Custom photos and custom leaves.
20 : Don't let this elephant obscure your view.
21 : Take the weight off your bones...
22 : I have a 'rocky' relationship with this leaf, so I think i may sit on the stairs.
23 : You feeling lucky? PUNK?
24 : Find the correct store look around the roses and you will find the gift
25 : Bear, wheres your hat?
26 : Your impending demise lies just inches from your prize.
27 : Study hard hunters, you may just find it.
28 : Orange on orange, sit and admire.
29 : Leaves are attracted to other leaves , Look around its nearby
30 : Turn on the lights...don't walk in the dark
31 : On edge
32 : You will have to FALL to find this leaf!
33 : Works of Art
34 : Watch your paws
35 : Check high and LOW
36 : Take a load off your weary feet.
37 : Make a wish!
38 : Take a drink of my leaf everyone.
39 : Need a TP?
40 : Don't forget to flush
41 : Look for the room with the neons and see there the canadian leaf
42 : Illuminating!
43 : It is time to feed the Swan
44 : It's a little fishy
45 : A leaf is a part of a plant, right?
46 : If you feel like they are falling down...The suspenders will hold them up
47 : You never know what you'll find in my basement, be verrrry quiet though, you don't want to wake up the "residents."
48: What goes up, might "FALL" down
49 : Leaves like to fall on shelves, maybe looking up will help
50. : The store has some pretty nice views from its windows
51 : Clutching at a rainbow of fun
52 : There's something about Maria
53 Are you a pillar of society?
54. : This leaf enjoys midnight.
55 : Take a load off your weary feet.
56 : There are purple flowers
57 : Sit round the couch!
58 : I know it's around here somewhere....did you check the garbage??
60 : Fall is right around the "corner"....soon leaves will change color and fall but some are still "green"
61 : Search High and Low
62 : You feel toasty warm when sitting near this
63 : Follow the leafs....enjoy the quiet moments near the Unicorns
64 : Can't find the leaf? Use your ears, not your eyes.
65 : Follow your leaves.
66. : RIP dead tree, you served us well.
67 : You feeling lucky?
68 : Searching for this leaf is more fun then a barrel of monkeys
69 : COULDNT FIND IT (look for a leaf covered box)
70 : Follow the sound of the Windchimes
71 : The fireplace will keep you warm as Fall approaches
72 : Follow the leaf trail and look for the blue snail
73 : Follow the path and sit among the roses
74 : I know your feet are weary after all that walking and hunting. Come in. Sit down. Put your feet up and relax. Enjoy the store and I am sure you will find what you seek... Good luck fellow hunters.
75 : Do chickens eat leaves?
76 : Very easy to find...wanna fight about it?
77 : It's not a fig leaf but it works for this cat lover
78 : I can hear the birds and crickets from here
79 : This leaf is high, and its such an asshole, the Tshirt says so!
80 : Take your time and Look around, Upstairs, Downtstairs, a leaf falls down.
81 : Ask the bear to show you where
82 : Mmmmm....cookies!
83 : Choo - Choo! All aboard!
84 : Don't trip over it, on your way in!!
85 : Automatic stairways to heaven :) I love them.
87 : Beyond the place of limitless groups, you will find what the wind has hidden.
88 : I feel sleepy, zzzzzzzzzzzz.
89 : NEW STORE IN HUNT< href="http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sessrumnir/195/193/21">90 : Pink Black and Purple what pretty colors eeny meeny miney mo, I wonder if all those shoes come with those.
91. Time to climb but not to high.
92 Leaf this leaf alone, its with its friends, having a good time down there.
93: We'll Have a barrel of fun
94 : This leaf has a good view, dangling down like that
95 : Are you feeling lucky?
96 : New Dresses are all the rage---Look around You might find one on a page
97 : Kick back, watch some tv and relax.
98 : Don't let this butterfly flutter by
99: Fall is in the air, and in the trees.
100 : Frosting is sweeter in the fall!
101 : Doesn't this leaf look a little out of place?
102 : Finding this leaf has me puzzled.
103 : Golden fireplaces made with gold leaf are great places to hide a golden leaf!
104: Make sure all of your things are put away
105 : I'm where I should be in the Fall.
106 : Time to lounge around!
107 : Oh my, that is about the weirdest cleavage I've ever seen! ;)
108 : Zig Zag your way to the leaf.
109 : Who says an ant can't move a rubber tree plant?
110 : I'm shattered, I think I will sit for a while.
111 : Up not down, it perches on high.
112 : The stage, relax and read a book!
113 : To and fro and up and down , You've gone from here to there. When all you really need to do, Is simply stop and stair.
114 : I'm not bad, I just like hanging out in corners looking down on the situation.
115 : I'm sitting up here and am enjoying the view, surrounded by black, pink and yellow, my favourite colours.
116 : Everyone loves a bit of window dressing
117: Revolutionary Nail HUD
118 : I've been bad, but gravity seems to be "broken"and forces me to hang on.
119 : That tree gives me an idea.....an idea tree
120 : Anyone need to sleep? perhaps the leaf does.
121 : Sexy leaf action, rawr.
122 : Mirror Mirror, whos the fairest of the fall?
123 : Need shirt? Leafy does
124 : Follow the sound of the birds
125 : With proper time, you'll see there is more to one of the vines.
126 : Roll out the red carpet, and don't forget the red curtains to match.
127 : In your dreams
128 : A blossom breeze took the leaf with it.
129 : Lady in reeeeeeeeeeed is dancing with leaf, cheek to stem.
130 : A lonely leaf fell. Beside the STREAM. And holds the gift for you.
131 : Look low and you will see it.
132 : If you get greedy you will get lucky
133 : Wake up and smell the roses
134: Blue rabbit... join our group
136 : Check your displays, you may find it there.
137 : Modesty forbids me to tell you where I hid the leaf, but Eve knows and Adam likes it.
138 : Does this leaf cluck? A lot?
139 : You will find this leaf in nature where it belongs
140 : Sit back, put your feet up and relax
141 : I see a sign... and a leaf!
142 : I love Cotton Candy
143 : Follow your trail, but don't get "collared" on the way.
144 : Time to watch some tv
145 : You will find it floating on crystalline and something refreshing
146 : Follow the path to find your golden leaf, camoflaged well.
147 : Illuminating
148 : Don't let this leaf get eaten by one of its enemies.
149 : Lady in red steals my leaf again
150 : Take a seat, on my bag of beans.
151 : Take a Leaf out of this Book
152 : Sit and dine, and you shall find, the final key, that sets you free.

Most of these clues are from the official site, much love goes to them for taking over this hunt after some v bad people took entry money and ran away with it. If you can't find it using a clue on here, please check HERE to see if the match with the official one.