24 July 2009

Icepop Hunt at Magia

Start : July 1
End : July 31

Start Location : Magia

Your looking for icepops

Icepop 1: If your big choker doesn't choke you maybe an icepop in your mouth will.
Icepop 2 : This lolly is sexy, just don't get it on your ears!
Icepop 3 : Belly chains and icepops, brrrr cold.
Icepop 4 : Happy Valentines daaaaaaaay.. oops im a bit late.
Icepop 5 : Take a seat but don't let the flower eat it!
Icepop 6 : Watch the gears turn
Icepop 7 : Capris like lollys? Hope I can get the stain out.
Icepop 8 : Open your shirt and take a load off!