20 October 2009

Casper and the SL Ghosts Hunt

I can't supply SURLS due to the organiser request.

01. Casper always likes to trick or treat

02. This lil ghost decided he was gonna walk the runway.

03. Caper thinks the world of you

04. What is this hunt again? Sign says it all.

05. Around the "lake" u could see your hidden price

06. LiL Casper loves to soar in the clouds and smell the flowers.

07. Follow The Ghost ... Even Ghost Love Jeans

08. Flollow Janelle's gaze

09. Casper wanted a make over but wasn't sure if one would suit him. So, he picked up some demos to try 1st.

10. Ghost take a break on the windowsill


12. I like to hang by this bird and get some fresh air.

13. Go straight for it its in plain sight

14. I thought I 'SAW' a ghost!!!

15. Casper wants to try on some makeup o.O

16. Was that a bat I saw fly out of there?

17. Follow Janelle's Gaze

18. Casper needs a new shirt

19. You'll need to take another "flight" to find casper

20. Downstairs, a star is born

21. They All Float down here.

22. Casper hides where the store gets support.

23. For rent?!?!?

24. He lurks in a corner as ghosts often do checking out classics wouldnt you?

25. I'm in luvv with a stripperrrr

26. Look to the roof

27. Casper sure likes that Jag

28. If only you could rez that silly ghost!

29. Casper likes women in blue

30. Feel lucky and get a group gift too!

31. Hmmm I wonder how you get upstaris?

32. Casper flys by his friend fairy kisses as they go on world wide journey stopping for snapshot along the way

33. This Casper likes to hang near his twin.

34. Don't forget to subscribe.

35. How dare you insult Casper like that!

36. Did someone just shout the stream at me?

37. If you look where these wags yull find Casper.

38. Casper like kittenboxes


40. Casper has gone crazy


42. I'm not far from where you start

43. OMG there is more than 1 Casper here!

44. I love the green fairy

45. A PEARL is a girls 2nd best friend

46. This casper likes to hang with the bigger

47. Casper likes a good cat fight

48. Want some lindenbies, then check the sign

49. Have a seat and get comfy

50. I hear Casper likes to picnic :D