16 October 2009

Armada Haunted Hunt

Starts : Oct 15th
Ends : Nov 7th

There are a total of 22 ghostly rats around the sim. See if you can find them all!

Sim is located here.

1. Check with the bony guy in the Commons.
2. Go for a ride at the carnival!
3. This rat wants to run away to the circus!
4. On a houseboat by the oil rig.
5. Also on the houseboat!
6. Have you checked out the low-rent shacks by the rig?
7. The Royal Sovereign's hold is full of rats, and not all of them are alive ...
8. Girasol's, and check on top of things.
9. Bar rat!
10. Look around Deadwool; it's a small shop.
11. Bar rat again! Only this one's a smoker.
12. Big wheel, keep on turnin'!
13. Find a barrel with an axe.
14. Shop with the fishes!
15. Another rat, same shop as #14.
16. Sidney Arctor's, and you need to take the elevator.
17. Look around the Cursed Shack on the rig.
18. Something's nibbling around the market stalls on the Royal Sovereign.
19. Look around Sprocket's; it's a small shop.
20. Visit the Pride of Armada.
21. At Atomic Owl, look up.
22. You'll have to get wet for this one. Scan the wildlife.