12 October 2009


Starts: 1st Oct
Ends: 31st Oct

Your are looking for intertwinded male and female symbols.

00. X-clusives Animations - have you ever had a secret rendezvous with a virgin?
01. Tryst - for the third time up against the wall
02. Persephone's Grove - Roleplay is more fun when you are properly dressed for it.
03. Collared - "The Bronze man hides the treasure."
04. Onyx - Subscribe to me
05. Vextra Design - Look up the miniskirts!
06. Vmotional Anim - look in my bush
07. Lovebird's - Doorway of BDSM/Lesbian Section (Right Side of the TP point)
08. Xcite Beds - look under the Office desk you are standing near
09. Alli Island - in the art gallery, near the mm board, you will find that which you seek
10. Lokota's Closet - Second level of the mall. Boots galore.
11. A&A Designs - Your love will be found - oh wait "No Vacancy"
12. LnL's Villa - Check LnL's newest releases!
13. Ignition - fun in the kitchen
14. OC - NO HINT
15. Intimate Life - Its straight back next to the Goodnight Kiss Door display
16. P!NK - Sit on the circle- it will take you to where the shape shifting is possible, and also to the item you seek
17. Timani - Where the flowers Grow
18. Juicy - Do you feel the need to dance?
19. Aidoru - your love warms me so nicely
20. Amaya's - NO HINT
21. Bound & Bitten - check the discounted art it's nice!
22. VM Detail - NO HINT
23. Hestia's House - he warm desert sun, and a tropical breeze shelter an item of interest, Look carefully, and you will see Im surrounded by beauty on both sides.
24. Brawler's - Latex - Lack - Leather