2 November 2009

Shining Stars Gridwide Hunt

Starts : Nov 1st
Ends : Nov 30th

You are looking for a Gold Star

1. Merry Go Quack
2. No crushin my bones, k?
3. [Out of Hunt]
4. I'm a star at heart.
5. EYE spy a piggy.
6. Stars belong up high.
7. I think I may be *too* skinny to be a model.
8. If you cant wish upon a star, seek your fortune.
9. Get some awareness.
10. Buy me, I'll light up your life.
11. Stars are at the center of the universe.
12. [No Star yet]
13. I'm ready for the movies!
15. How Insulting!
16. Read your signs very closely.
17. Time to go window shopping
18. At the stroke of Midnight...
19. [No Star Yet]
20. No hint due to store owner request
21. I'm with the bride, just check the store's site, you'll see.
22. Look at me, all demure :)
23. The signs will show you the way.
24. Find the Correct Store and you cant miss it.
25. Near a moving curtain of water.
26. Disco lives! I still have my striped socks.
27. Framed beautifly with red and black surrounding.
28. It's FAR OUT there.
30. Laying here watching the other stars fall.
31. Have a seat while you decide on your curtains.
32. Under Construction
33. I grew from the Ugly Duckling.
34. Very Cheeky!
35. In this case, look up when you watch your step.
36. With some of it's kind.
37. Necklaces are pretty, arent they?
38. Pet the pretty kitty, he'll tell you where to find the star.
39. Coffee?
40. Everyone wants to be a star! Who doesnt love getting their photo taken.
41. Look Up High, Not down low, this star is being dazzled.
42. Ready for a ride!
43. This Star was misbehaving, so it was put in the corner, at least it was still able to fly a little bit.
44. Head south for the winter, and climb up high to stay warm
45. WHo can resist champagne and strawberries?
46. Coming Soon to a Store near you!
47. Aw, Nuts!
48. I'm on top of the world
49. Couldnt decide which bracelet, so i'll take them all!
50. [Out of Hunt]
51. October was breast cancer awareness month. Be aware.
52. Just renewed my prescriptions.. these are new.
53. Star Light, Star Bright, So High In the sky at night....
54. You're the Star in my Eye.
55. Let these light your way.
56. Just sitting here waiting for the show to start.
57. Dont step on me, I'm with my friends.
58. Round and Round You go, This Star is GRAND!
59. Did you read the sign?
60. All boxed up and ready to go.
61. What time is it? Gotta be close to Midnight by now.
62. Just hangin here. I'm practicing to be a painting.
63. Caged. like an animal
64. With my idol, I'd love to be that big someday.
65. Pretending to light up the room from above.
66. tick tick tick tick
67. Ooo what other hunts are here too?
68. This star is impersonating mistletoe.
69. Skylights!
70. Wouldnt you like a subscription?
71. Cant have stars without some moons.
72. Resting my tired feet.
73. Stars may not grow on trees, but they do on bushes!
74. This star went to hang around with flying things attached to a string!
75. Skipped
76. Princess Diana has seen what you're seeking.
77. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.
78. I reached for the stars and caught one!
79. Going down......
80. [Bad LM - Missing Store]
81. Mind if i borrow your umbrella? It looks like rain.
82. When you got grunge, flaunt it!
83. Sometimes you feel like a nut...
84. Round and Round and Round the Lindens
85. Dessert anyone?
86. Everyone needs a good pair of black boots, they go with everything.
87. Elizabeth Taylor is my kind of woman!
88. Takin a break.. putting my feet up.
89. Just hangin here with Verotika.
90. All Stars love Polaroids!
91. I think I may have dropped the star while watering the plants.
92. Hehe, this star thinks he's at the beach.
93. Straight on til Morning.
94. Ooooo Fire.
95. Everyone get on the story rug, gather around now.
96. Up Up and Away! Follow the paths of stars to where this star is getting clean.
97. Skipped
98. I want to be a rockstar!
99. Time for a rest again.
100. Roofs are best for star gazing
101. This star is very patriotic.
102. Tired again, hand me that pillow?
103. Just need something for my feet...
104. Always take time to stop and smell the flowers.
105. Need assistance?
106. Wont you join us?
107. This Chest holds a Star with a treasure!
108. Nom Nom, just mixing it up.
109. Mommy and Daddy know I'm a star!
110. Hang me around your neck.
111. Too early to pretend i'm fulfilling my Christmas Destiny?
112. New!
113. Dont step on my tail.. I just fixed it!
114. Almost time for Gingerbread!
115. She's keeping an eye on the full moon, I'm keeping an eye on her... and the lady next to me with the fangs!
116. They tried to separate us, but we needed each other for our TRIPPS.
117. Follow the path to the stars
118. Ew, Fungus!
119. Better warm your hands while you can, this star is warming it's butt.
120. Safe from mosquitos but can still see the stars.
121. [No Star]
122. Shhhh He's sleepin.
123. Did you remember to wash your hands?
124. Trim up high, please.
125. Just like the yellow brick road, follow the starry path to the full moon.
126. Flamenco Dancing?
127. Stars can wear pants too, right?
128. Holiday Store.... I'm a Star... where do you think I'd be?
129. Money may not grow on trees, but stars do.
130. Rest your head on the pillow and take a break.
131. I see flowers, are they for me?!
132. Ah, Buddha.
133. Mmmmm chocolate
134. Hand me that hanger would ya?
135. Somehow I smacked my head on a beam.