18 November 2009

Chasing the Stax

Starts : Nov 1st
Ends :Nov 30th

Your looking for stacks of cash

1. What was this store called again?
2. (F) To the left to the left (M) To the right to the right
3. Time to make the donuts.
4. (1 of 3) Balcony seats are the best in the place. (2 of 3) Feelin Lucky? (3 of 3) What girl in her right mind would turn down shoes?
5. Round and round and round.. it's hypnotising....
6. What's in your shopping bags?
7. I need a new pair of heels.
8. Close my laptop for me, will ya?
9. Polo anyone?
10. Grab the papers off my desk for me?
11. I'll take a blueberry Muffin please.
12. Joe's Ink
13. Money is never left on the floor
14. This stack must have fallen out of your pocket when you sat down.
15. Keep your eyes low, cant miss it.
16. Kneel and Pray, maybe you'll come into money
17. Put your feet up, take a break
18. Flirts
19. Let these light your way to the Stax.
20. Like Jenga with boxes
21. A little bit Rock N Roll...
22. Watch where you step, this must have been dropped.
23. Ooooo Blue Square Seats.
24. Hm, Hat, bag or bracelets? I'll take them all, and this stack of cash. Thank you!
25. I am BLUE, someone rescue me from the DARKNESS.
26. (1 of 2) Enjoy the arts. (2 of 2) Whoops, fell off the table again.
27. That stone would be PERFECT for my engagement ring.
28. What's wrong SUNSHINE?
29. A little of COLUMN A....
30 (1 of 2) Pumpkin Pie anyone? (2 of 2) Custom is the way to go.
31. Are you a joiner?
32. The sound of the waves is so soothing.
33. No hint needed [Stax doesnt work]
34. Thigh highs or tights?
35. [No Hunt Sign, No Stax]
36. Decisions Decisions... Rings or Bracelets....
37. Dont be a hater.
38. I saved up for the new releases, just waiting for them to come out.
39. Have a seat.
40. Gold, Red, Gold, Fushia, Teal
41. Big Ole Pile of Chop Zuey
42. I have a date with the Mad Hatter for tea.
43. Is it 420?
44. No Hint Needed