1 November 2009

Pilgrim Hunt

Starts: Nov 1st
Ends : Nov 31st

This hunt starts HERE
Your looking for a pilgrim style hat.

NOTE: This hunt gives out the items in a very annoyingly odd way all over your inventory, makes Mally angryful to have to organise after every store. :(

001 : Don't get red in the face, take a seat.
002 : Tweet goes the bluebird.
003 : Time to cuddle your cock :O Shocking!
004 : Rest in Peace hunters.
005 : Put on your hat hatty :)
007 : Everyone loves lego right?
008 : Don't feel blue, take a seat.
009 : Look down on the flowers!
011 : These hats are nice n warm, ask the chickens...
012 : Do you have a virtual voice?
013 : Spiral upwards
014 : Check your signs hunters, it may be found there.
15. Who doesnt love dollarbies?
16. Have a pretty good view of the store from here.
17. I'm a Tiki Pilgrim.
18. Make sure you're counted before it locks down!
19. Just me and my shadow
20. And the water ran red as if blood...
21. Dont forget to sign the guestbook while you're here.
22. Oh good, Updates
23. Have a seat.
24. No Hint Needed
25. When they Said a BUN ON THE SIDE, i thought they were talking about dinner.
26. So I was heading to check out the mens stuff and my hat just flew up and away.
27. Just warming my brim by the fire
28. Now All I need is a fog horn and I'm all set
29. What's at the end of your rainbow?
30. Last thing I remember is taking the hat off before bed, maybe the pinup girls know?
31. No hint Needed
32. Every little kid loves to ride the Carousel.
33. I'm the opposite of floored.
34. [No Hat Found]
35. Want to see my new wardrobe?
37. I'm melting the polar icecaps.
38. You light up my life.
39. Cant relax on the patio without my iced tea, I'll just wait longer.
40. You like stripes? I LOVE Stripes!
41. Here Fishy Fishy!
42. Alice, Do you have the time?
43. It's easier to gesture if you remove your hat first.
44. A Door to nowhere... hm, better grab my hat first
45. Do Pilgrim hats scare crows?
46. That IS a great axe, but I'm gravitating toward the Maori Hammer.
47. Quick, he's sleeping, grab the hat.
48. FLICK your eyes upward.
49. Who doesnt love glimmer?
50. [Couldnt Find]
51. [No Hat]
53. Got the Pumpkin and a mixing bowl, Pumpkin Pie time!
54. I feel FUNKY
55. Climb the stairs and search for the hunt sign, then take a break, maybe some coffee?
56. No Hint Needed
57. I am getting soaked, but far not near.
58. Find the correct store and you'll find the prize
59. I let Teddy borrow the hat.
60. I love the summer, can it be AUGUST FOREVER?
61. Did you ask the Pilgrim Puppy? He's very wise.
62. What better way to watch a Thanksgiving Parade than on the big screen?
63. Not sure what they're strokin.....
64. Aw, Man! I'm gettin rained on again.
65. Online or offline?
66. Gobble Gobble
67. Follow the hunt signs to the shops, then just hang out and wait for dinner.
68. Goin Camping?
69. Did you join the group?
70. EEEK A spider!
71. I dont have the heart.... to hurt you....
72. Who doesnt love new things?
73. [Couldnt Find]
74. RUnning toward the cupcake!
75. Shall we dance?
76. Ok, Mom, I'm ready for school.
77. Play a tune and check your surroundings.
78. All DRESSed up with no where to go
79. Did i HEAR something about pie? Or can I not believe my EARS?
80. Monica's so purty :)
81. I have a PASSION for PINK
82. Did you remember the sleeping bag?
83. That's a very large window sill.
84. Nothing better on a fall night than laying back with a glass of wine in front of the fire.
85. Do you like purple? I like purple.
86. No Hint Needed
87. Do you have a temperature?
88. Strong Cornerstones hold us up.
89. [Couldnt find]
90. If I'm out past this time, will i turn into a pumpkin.
91. (Female) Plaid and Net look GREAT with a Pilgrim hat. (Male) With no skin or hair, you'll need this hat to keep you warm.
92. Pump it up!
93. Coming Soon to a Store Near You
94. [Store Not Found]
95. They have Thanksgiving in Egypt too, RIght?
96. [Store Missing]
97. Have you met my friend the Angel?
98. Just a FORMALity
99. Mm, I smell Lavender
100. My love is supported by pillars.
101. HELP!
102. A Winning Work of Art
103. Captain Jack decided to change his hat this year.
104. I love the sound of the ice cream cart coming my way.
105. Find the store and you'll find the hat.
106. Epona has a nice shape.
107. I ran out of flower pots, so I had to make due.
108. [No Hat Found]
109. Dont forget to place your vote.
110. Excuse me Mr Guardian, may I use these stairs?
111. It's my lucky day.
112. Nice... Puppy, thing...
113. What a toothy Grin
114. Time for carving
115. Hope the candle's flame doesnt single my brim.
116. After months on a ship, I'd be DYING for one of these.
117. [Couldnt Find]
118. Coffee Anyone?
119. Every girl needs a little black dress.
120. If you turn on the lamp, you may be able to see better.
121. Hehe, Oh, Santa.
122. [Couldnt Find]
123. Skipped
124. [Couldnt Find]
125. I'm not going anywhere without my stuffed animals.
126. Careful I'll grab your ankles as you climb
127. And it comes in a rainbow of colors!
128. [Couldnt Find]
129. He's looking rather skinny, climbed too many flights of stairs would be my guess.
130. Skipped
131. She has a date with the Queen of Diamonds and the Queen of Spades.
132. Going Tribal
133. Aw! Look at the kitty!
134. Practicing it's bat skills as you climb upwards.
135. I roared and I RAMPAGED
136. Ah, a place to rest my tired body.
137. Hey! THis isnt Trailer Trash
138. Got Herb?
139. FADING fast.
140. This hat thinks it's a hover craft.
141. Hm, What do you get if you mix a recliner and a Lounge chair? A Chaise?
142. Hay! Or.. Straw..
143. Naughty Hat
144. [No Hat]
145. The Indians wanted Revenge.
146. Almost done, take a seat and enjoy the store.
147. This hat is masquerading as a present.
148. Bellydancers would LOVE these.
149. Skipped
150. The Pilgrim Puppy is all knowing.
151. Beethoven is my favorite composer.
152. Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but RUBIES are her second best.
153. Skipped
154. Strike a Pose.

Finally done, now you best go organise your now messed up inv.