4 November 2009

Top Hat Hunt

Start : Nov 1st
End : Nov 31st

1. Ready to start?
2. Do Angels wear hats?
3. Got distracted checking out the new outfits, I may have placed my tophat somewhere nearby.
4. Sat the hat down on my way to the picnic.
5. Have a seat and warm yourself.
6. [no hat]
7. No Hint Needed
8. Hey, Jack! Can i have my hat back?
9. Halloween is my favorite Holiday to decorate for!
10. Skipped
11. Was getting all nice and cozy by the fire and fell asleep. Whoops!
12. Turn on the lamp to help you find what you seek.
13. Have you checked the directory?
14. Well, I couldnt bathe with the hat on...
15. Jack stole my hat again!
16. You need a hat if you really want that Castle.
17. We already have dessert, why dont you bring some bubbly?
18. Dining Alfresco tonight?
19. Feeling Lucky?
20. I stumbled on my way to the shape dept. I think that's where I may have lost the hat
21. By the stroke of twelve...
22. Stroll on in, cant miss it.
23. Was playing with the frogs, and I think I got stuck
24. No Hint needed.
25. Need some shoes to match my hat!
26. Now, how did that get up there?
27. So, was resting my feet and noticed the STRIPES! Love it!
28. What color pants go best with a tophat?
29. No Hint needed
30. No Hint Needed
31. So many top hats, one got stuck in a spidey web!
32. Reach out and touch the Orient
33. (1 of 2) Lacey borrowed it. She said it went with her new dress.
(2 of 2) Heating up my hat so it keeps my head even warmer!
34. Hints provided in the shop
35. Hat was too heavy, It knocked him down.
36. Those shoes will go with the hat. Dont trust me? Try the Demo, you'll see.
37. Find the correct store and you cant miss the hat.
38. Remember to subscribe to the group while you're hunting.
39. Aw Everyone loves a cute puppy!
40. This hat does a trick, to find the prizes it has in store, you may want to check below the floor.
41. First Jack, now the bartender stole it!
42. Phew! I need a rest after all that walking!
43. A Shadow came over the place, how'd that happen?
44. Was tryin to find the basement, but cant find any down stairs...
45. I was bad, they made me stand in the corner.
46.That darn Jack - always stealin my hat!
47. Decided a picnic would be nice. Care to join us?
48. Avoiding the mob.
49. no hint needed
50. I saw this thing that looked like a piano keyboard, and followed it.
51. Have I told you I used to be a Magician? See the bunny?
52. Look at little closer where you got your info for the hunt.
53. There's that darn shadow again. (Check the hint board when you land)
54. Without flesh I NEED this hat to keep me warm.
55.Find the corrct store and you cant miss it.
56. Seems like as good a place as any to rest.
57. Got Caught bein naughty again.
58. Take off your hat when you salute your flag!
59. Get Comfy
60. [No Hat]
61. [Couldnt find]
62. Dont be blinded by bright colors, try things on first.
63. I have a date with the Queen of the Butterflies!
64. No hint needed.
65. [No Hat]
66. Skipped
67. The flies are annoying huh? Just swat at them.
68. Follow the little box's instructions, then ask Zhakiri for the rest of the way.
69. Thank You, Captain Kirk!
70. Can you build too?
71. Aw man, There's claw marks in my hat now!
72. You know what to do if you want group updates.
73. Oh, Thank Goodness, it didnt get wet!
74. Caution: Slippery when wet.
75. First, make sure you're in the right store then... HEY! Is that a giraffe?
76. Looks empty except for the purple spermies, but take a closer look.
77. Decided on taking a little nap
78. I've always been afraid of winged things.
79. No Hint Needed
80. You hold me up, Baby.
81. I can see all the world outside from here!
82. She's keeping an eye on the blood.
83. [Couldnt Find]
84. Ever used a bow and arrow to hunt?
85. I love this hunt, how many naps have i taken so far?
86. Dont get ashes on my hat!
87. Poor Hat is confused... Thinks it's a bat.
88. No Hint Needed
89. A Home is somewhere to rest your hat.. I mean head.
90. You Feel Lucky?
91. It said for sale.... so i took it.
92. [No Hat]
93. Well where would you expect to find a top hat?
94. Hang on, I need to jot this down quick
95. Diesel or Gasoline
96. Nice kitty.
97. [No Hat]
98. Look into my beautiful Red eyes
99. Sorry, you need a top hat to get into the bar area.
100. I dont care if the invite said casual or not, i'm wearing my hat!
101. [Missing Hat]
102. Hello, Kitty.
103. No Hint Needed
104. Have a seat, hunting is tiring.
105. I was undercover but had to move. Dont worry, i didnt go far.
106. Ask the Shadow Man.
107. Dont forget to water the plant while you're hunting
108. I may just be a City Chick but i love my hat!
109. [Couldnt Find]
110. Dont worry, top hats dont melt.
111. A tophat can be the cornerstone of the perfect formal outfit.