8 December 2009

Jingle Bell Hunt

You are looking for a Jingle Bell.

1 Presents arent the only things here.
2 Check out what other hunts to look for awhile you're here.
3 Warm yourself.
4 What's in your future?
5 [Couldnt find]
6 You're abominable.
7 A present?! For me?!
8 Cherokee?
9 You're definitely Irish.
10 This ship has sailed.
11 What do you see when you look into my eyes?
12 Life is a rose garden.
13 Just another gear in the machine.
14 Dont you want to be part of the group too?
15 Santa's already been here obviously.
16 This bell rings high.
17 It's dark in here. Check the lightbulb?
18 The idea was shelved.
19 [Couldnt Find]
20 Dont step on me.
21 Something must be propping this up.
22 Shopping is an Indulgence.
23 And in my spare time I belly dance.
24 Check and see if Santa's been here.
25 Dont forget stocking stuffers.
26 [Missing store]
27 O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree
28 I always liked SATIN better than silk.
29 [Empty Stores]
30 Just about half I'd say.
31 [Extremely Laggy, no sign]
32 I think Valentine's might be my favorite holiday.
33 Ask Santa if you're been naughty.
34 Dont mind the polar bear, he's just keeping an eye on the bell.
35 Does Hello Kitty like Crossbones?
36 You're invited!
37 I'm a star.
38 Always on display.
39 Just chillin with Frosty.
40 [No hunt sign visible]
41 Have a seat and chat with Santa, while you're at it, check out the shoes.
42 I love your hat, Mrs Frosty.
43 Matchy Matchy, Red Squared.
44 Which to choose? Traditional or white?
45 Have a chat with Vanessa.
46 Jingle Bell, or Jingle ball?
47 Posted.
48 Bright, Shiny and NEW
49 [couldnt find]
50 [Find Collision's] White or red bow goes better?
51 In a room guarded by Soldiers and Candy Canes, Seek the nature girl.
52 Simply Tired.
53 This bell thinks it's misletoe.
54 Before climbing, choose a color. Red, Silver, blue, fuschia, or teal?
55 Ornamental
56 Feelin lucky?
57 A ring for Frosty.
58 Be sure to salute the flag.
59 I'm Gaga over you.
60 Just a paperweight.
61 Stars, balls, and candles.
62 Raising the bar.
63 :What's the store called again?
64 Teaparty anyone?
65 [Store gone]
66 Pinned!
67 A bell makes a great mantlepiece.
68 Illuminating.
69 Did you wash your hands?
70 Be sure to subscribe.
71 Pucker up!
72 Dont step on me.
73 It's almost Celestial.
74 You have my heart.
75 No woman can have enough shoes.
76 Now's a good time to lounge for a rest.
77 Share some bamboo with her, and she may give you the bell.
78 The leather squeaks, I found the bell when I was looking for the remote.
79 Gimme a quarter! I want a prize!
80 Which way do you choose at the T in the road?
81 Need to get some footwear to match this gown.
82 Sometimes the best things really are found in the basement.
83 Save your drama for the Llama!
84 Look closely, what may appear to be a ball, may really be a bell.
85 You got to keep them separated.
86 Just stocking up for December 25th.
87 Your frontdoor would be bare without one of these.
88 This bell is waiting for Santa.
89 Sharpen your pencil!
90 I'm just going to have a seat while you look.
91 Santa's gonna burn his butt.
92 Gaze into the stars.
93 Support Autism Research.
94 That's very Thomas Kincade of you.
95 Demos really can be your best friend.
96 Have you been here in the past?
97 I've called for them, they take awhile to get around, must be all the crimefighting.
98 Nothing prettier than a lit up Christmas Tree.
99 Beware of this cupid.
100 Comments? Questions?
102 Got nothing between his ears.
103 Dont discount it.
104 All Alone
105 New Round things!
106 Little sparkles of light join this bell.
107 No hint needed.
108 You need something to finish that outfit off.
109 Who doesnt want to live amongst Palms?
110 Did you remember to water the plants before you left?
111 Just like a present, waiting for Christmas Day.
112 Tell Santa what you want.
113 On the stroke of Midnight....
114 Find the fractions. (XX/XXX)
115 All bottled up.
116 (1 of 2) Meiou has what you're seeking. (2 of 2) Couldnt find.
117 Hold this.
118 Just hanging here watching the tree.
119 Plant hope and watch it grow.
120 Read about the power of submission, and see if it rings your bell.
121 Read Bethany's signs carefully.
122 Being warmed by candles and holiday spirit.
123 GO Green.
124 Boughs of Holly.
125 Read the sign closely.
126 Strung up like misletoe
127 It may be winter, but i'll still wear my shorts!
128 Trust me, pigs do fly.
129 Every girl loves Roses
130 Cant miss me, but can you find the correct one?
131 Where would you look for presents?
132 Art in Motion
133 Feeling lucky?
134 You're my heart.
135 Perfect for a sleigh ride together with you.
136 Ready for take off
137 [couldnt find]
138 Reach for the sky
139 Who's turn to set the table for dinner?
140 [Couldnt find]
141 What an adorable hat!
142 Hearts, bows, candles.
143 Bell doesnt fall far from the tree!
144 Sit here and wait for Santa to show up, watch the coals though.
145 Do you take marshmallows in your cocoa?
146 Family Tradition is to watch the Nutcracker!
147 [Also #112, repeat? Couldnt find 147]
149 [Couldnt Find]
150 Go Diving.
151 [No sign, no bell]
152 She taught him to climb, he taught her to dangle. Where?
153 [Couldnt find]
154 [No Hunt Sign]
155 Instead of watching where you step, as you climb, watch your head.
156 Climb up to the rock, and look around, cant miss the bell.
157 [Couldnt find]
158 I'll just sit here and wait for you.
159 See Helen for current hints.
160 What a view!
161 Oooo A home for the sky?
162 Set of points.
163 Tree Trimmer.
164 I'm moody with the blues.
165 Look out to see what the weather is outside
166 [Unable to access]
167 Overlooking your teleports.
168 So many presents!
169 Bathtime
170 Head on up.
171 It's not a cactus, it needs watering
172 The stockings have been stuffed.
173 Spikey
174 While you're keeping your eye out for mistletoe, ring the bell.
175 Wink at the soliders and slip past to talk to Santa.
176 Wrapped all pretty.
177 Camoflaged well,
178 Grungy
179 No one can tire of looking at Christmas trees!
180 Be part of the group!
181 Flamenco Dancing anyone?