17 December 2009

Curse of the Black Pearl Hunt

Starts : Dec 15th
Ends : Jan 15th

Your looking for a pearl in a shell.

1 Start here.... pray for help......
2 Methinks Vanessa was a Pirate in a past life, she keeps steeling the pearl and hiding it near her feet, hahaha.
3 look around the green and blue
4 The porpoise of light...
5 smell the pine and look behind the pool
6 tired of hunting, take a load off and put your feet up
7 click the HInt Board as you TP to the store
8 Search for the Black Pearl at the Treasure Island
9 SEA & ROCKS' picture this
10 had to drop out of hunt proceed from 9 to 11 please....
11 What's on TV?
12 Click the Hint Box at the Landing Point for your clue.
13 Watch out you may step on me
14 Get a hint from the greet at landing
15 Must use the teleporter and landing to shop ------hint: Beneath the moving waves
16 My Hut is my Castle {be careful when u click on pearl.....}
17 I love going on these at the fair
18 Upon a shelf I sit. Next to a hat that is a perfect fit.
19 Baby polar bears are nice
20 Find the costumes and you may get cursed
21 when pigs fly
22 search for the temple of doom and the pearl will appear!
23 Pearls are a great accessory!
24 Stay within the store and look to the trees
25 Tiss the season to give a gift?!
26 Red Sky at Night, sailor's delight.
27 "Run to the back of the ship and grab a boot to bail water with"
28 The pearl likes to take a spin on the dance floor. Waltz anyone?
29 Think Black and OH don't forget to SUBSCRIBE :)
30 "Diamonds aren't a ladies best friend, pearls are"
31 you wont fall through if you look here.
32 Come Take A Dip In The Pool
33 Come inside, head one floor up. Where does it hide? Check in a cup
34 It is all about treasure.
35 Ya pirates looking for the loot? Find the right skull to find your booty!
36 look behind the tree covered in moss
37 Look at that pearl in the window
38 Look around the corner
39 under the fish tank
40 Fenced in
41 Search near christmas colors
42 Under The Christmas Tree We Go"
43 Make a bid and find me
44 A pearl tends to stair at colorful Jewels around Midnight
45 deep in the sea, the wreckage they found, perhaps some of the treasure is still on the ground
46 Look underneath the stairs
47 Skip around for now...... to 48
48 Into the vintage store you must go, there's more treasure here than just shoes you know!"
49 An epic battle lies between you and your prize
50 The hint will be blurb, brrrr, cold, blurb
51 Who likes short shorts?
52 When lights twinkle, pearls can be found
53 Annex room of formal matey's.
54 Make sure you clam "up" so your pearl doesn't "fall" out
55 dead men tell no tales
56 " Why dont you have a sit for a spell but make sure to look around our u might miss something.
57 'Bathe and Boat and let thoughts be purged. you can Boat in a bath and then find things submerged'.
58 Having a blue Christmas?
59 Your prize is in the NW corner of the store,On the first floor. A little bookish area.
60 when you go up look down
61 yummy love a good sweet snack, If you have a sweet tooth look behind me.
62 I'm doin the pee pee dance! Where is the restroom?
63 Shining in the light of the candles
64 Up the stairs times 2 then find a tiny seat and woohoo!
65 Water runs and pearls thrive.
66 It is desparate to light up your life
67 Butterflies flutter bye but don't be distracted
68 Don't eat to many of these, they may give you wind ;) (or behind the german couple having sex cause thats what was going on when i was here... MADNESS)
69 Don't get burned!
70 Flutters
71 Hunt ye high or hunt ye low, it's to the ship you'll need to go.
72 The Curse of the Black Ornament!
73 Let us know if you need to get in shape!!
74 A Star will guide them.
75 Beware the "Shark"
76 Its neither here nor there, to reach it, you would have to stand on a chair
77 where gifts are at christmas
78 Seek the corner
79 stear your ship carefully to the third floor and find items that relate to the open waters
80 Ring the pearl
81 Where treasure if ment to be hidding...
82 Look near the bed and you will see your gift..
83 I gaze at thee thro a flowing rum the Frog has it! horning in
84 Who decided that fins were optional features?
85 Im in a bit of a spin
86 Where does a pirate hide his treasure? Crouching behind a couch perhaps?
87 The pearl will always be in the spotlight
88 Such a long hunt deserves a break ..please have a seat and look around
89 I am Cursed in True Darkness
90 In plain sight
91 Roses are red, but sometimes blue, i love weddingcakes and i want to share it with you!
92 Like to like, and round they be. What's hardly there, but all can see?"
93 Down by the boardwalk under the sea...

A HUGE thank you to Kaffe for giving me this information, much love to the Curse of the Black Pearl Hunt <3