1 July 2010

Hunts I will be Blogging over the next few days....

Aim for the Game Hunt -1st Item seems to be on the poster, not set to sale, and I have no way of seeing the next store, as there is no info on the blog. If anyone has any further information on this one, please let me know.

DONE Beach Loving Hunt - Filling in the gaps, see HERE for hints/SLURLS

Can't Fight the Moonlight Hunt

Don't Fall Asleep Hunt No item at start location it seems

Mad as a Hatter Hunt

Mad Duck Hunt
Can't find the start location

There seem to be a lot of Kinks in these hunts, making starting any a real struggle for me. I have the Addiction Hunt to organise on top of doing these.
I will check tomorrow and try get them blogged asap

If you know of any more which need to be done please let me know